Aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship

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aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship

Aarushi Talwar was killed at her house on the night of May , in Noida. Hemraj Banjade (45), a citizen of Nepal, was initially suspected to Aarushi and her father was being linked to his alleged affair with Durani. AARUSHI TALWAR & HEMRAJ BANJADE- 10 Years and 10, her parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are acquitted by the court. . And not one staunch evidence that proves Aarushi spoke to Anmol of her father's affair?. Banjade was killed along with his employer's daughter Aarushi a close relative of Hemraj Banjade in connection with the murder case.

Rajesh Talwar and his wife Nupur have been accused of murdering their daughter Aarushi. As there were no eyewitnesses, special CBI judge Shyam Lal heavily relied on a chain of circumstantial evidence in pronouncing the dentist couple guilty in The three were first arrested when CBI was called in to probe. The agency had conducted a lie-detection test, psychoanalysis and narco analysis on the three.

Dr Anita Durani Dr Anital Durani drew attention because the rift between Aarushi and her father was being linked to his alleged affair with Durani. The police said it was nothing suspicious but definitely worth probing. Neighbours said that she was a frequent visitor to the residence of the Talwars.

Aarushi-Hemraj murder case: A who’s who, from accused parents to ‘bumbling’ cops

A day before the murder, the two had spoke at length. Uttar Pradesh Police The police was left red-faced after claiming that Hemraj, who was reported missing at the time, was the prime suspect for killing Aarushi. Noida Police claimed days after the murder to have cracked the case but officers failed to explain some very basic details of the investigation and what led them to conclude that Dr Rajesh Talwar was the killer.

There were accusations of not collecting crucial evidence and failing to seal the crime scene. Investigators at the terrace of the Noida flat in which the Talwars lived. He had a reputation as an ace investigator and was involved in other high-profile cases such as the Nithari killings, Badaun murders, assassination of late Punjab chief minister Beant Singh, and death of RTI activist Shehla Masood, according to this report.

Kaul joined the CBI in as sub-inspector. He died of a cardiac arrest in Here's what is known: Tuesday, May 15,10 p. Just two more days of school, then the big birthday bash: A sleepover party on May She loosens the strings of her blue pyjama, the elastic is enough. Her mother enters, "to switch on the Internet router for daddy". Rajesh wants to work some more on the computer in Aarushi's room, his laptop isn't functioning.

He sends out a few emails, while mother and daughter chat. Then they leave, forgetting to lock her door from outside, as they do every day. Wednesday, May 16,6 a. Every morning when Bharti rings the bell, Hemraj greets her. She pushes at the outer grill door and rings the bell over and over. Nupur, groggy-eyed, finally opens the wooden door and asks through the inner grill gate where Hemraj is. Bharti says, "I don? Will you throw the key down?

It's jammed, not locked. But the inner grill gate is latched from outside. As she enters, she finds Rajesh and Nupur crying.

Nupur hugs her, weeping: Nupur cries out, "See what Hemraj has done.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship

Aarushi's body is taken for a post-mortem around 9 a. Gautam has clicked ample photos and fingerprints that morning, yet 22 of 24 fingerprints are fuzzy; 23 of his photographs do not match the negatives.

He has no photos of blood-stained footprints on the terrace, where Hemraj's body was found, because "of a large crowd".

What about the bloodstained whiskey bottle with fingerprints? His images do not "match anyone's. His new claims have made him a prime witness to the charge of destruction of evidence. Gautam, a retired DSP, decides to drop by at his neighbour Talwar's place. On a policeman's hunch, he starts checking the flat: Why are three bottles of Sula wine, Kingfisher beer and Sprite lying in Hemraj's room?

Have there been more people in the flat that night? What about the three glasses? Why is Hemraj's bed dented, as if three people were sitting on it? Why is there so much urine in Hemraj's bathroom?

Excited, he follows the trail of bloodstains on the stairs near the terrace and finds a bloody terrace, a blood-soaked handprint, a cooler filled with blood-red water and a decomposed body lying in a corner, head bludgeoned like Aarushi's, throat similarly slit, and many injury marks on the body.

On the night of the murder, Rajesh is awake till late, he says, as the home Internet router is on till 3 a.

CBI questions Hemraj’s son-in-law | delhi | Hindustan Times

He hears a sound from Aarushi's room, finds Hemraj in her bed, and incensed with rage, clubs both to death. Nupur helps him to complete the crime: They slit necks, drag Hemraj?

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And one of the biggest problems of the case was the perception of the parents. In the days immediately following the discovery of the murders, the behaviour of Talwars was viewed as unusual by police and by the public. For days, when Nupur maintained a stoic silence, TV channels went: It's also a cultural process. Across the world, societies differ in what they regard as normal grief.

AARUSHI TALWAR & HEMRAJ BANJADE- 10 Years and 10, questions later.. – Happily Average After

Nupur practised in both places. It helped to have Nupur's parents? Nupur came from a cosmopolitan Maharashtrian family, says her cousin Shree Paradkar, a Canada-based journalist. Nupur spent the first few years of her life in England, when her father, now a decorated war veteran of the Indian Air Force, was posted at the High Commission in London.

After graduation, they had the option of moving to the US. But they decided to stay back. Happy and confident, with dignified smiles.

aarushi talwar and hemraj banjade relationship

By Junetheir photos in the media show two people, expressionless and unblinking: Rajesh being taken to jail or Talwars going in for lie-detection, psychological, brainmapping or naro-analysis.

But the case goes through a very different spiral as the CBI takes over from May On July 11,Rajesh is released and domestic workers become the prime suspects. His team has inspected the Talwars'f flat using scientific equipment, like polylight, for tracing blood or semen not visible to the naked eye.

Dummy sound tests have revealed that nothing can be heard in the Talwars bedroom with the ACs on. Nupur and Rajesh are wearing the same clothes the night before and morning after. And cleaning up of crime scene has been done with the permission of the Noida police. But by SeptemberArun Kumar is removed from the case. Within 15 days, critical changes appear in the case: From post-mortem evidence, new weapon of offence, and cleaning up of crime scene.

2008 Noida double murder case

Finally CBI files a closure report, naming Rajesh as the main suspect, but unable to prove it: The three domestic workers, however, are absolved. The Talwars file a protest petition, challenging each finding of the report and asking for further investigation. Charges are framed against the Talwars and Nupur, who has not been an accused, now becomes one.