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See more ideas about Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride and The longest ride Check out Luke and Sophia in this exclusive new clip from LongestRide. The movie based on Sparks' novel “The Longest Ride” was In the book, Luke Collins and Sophia Danko met at a rodeo in after Luke. Reviews: Chappie, Cinderella, The Longest Ride and The Gunman Luke meets Sophia (Britt Robinson), a studious girl who never got into.

Audiences miss what makes Luke a real person. The introduction to this love story is the only one the film got right. The two love stories collide when Luke and Sophia rescue Ira from his car after it spun off the highway on a rainy night. Ira is much older when the two find him, and he urges Sophia to retrieve a box from his passenger side seat before the car explodes.

The wicker box was filled with letters Ira had written to his beloved, late Ruth throughout their marriage. The letters were a portal Ira used to transport himself back to his longest ride — his life with Ruth.

Of course, the story cannot be told on screen like it is in the book — each chapter from the view of one character. But this is another area where the movie loses the essence of the novel. The point Spark makes in his book is that love transcends through time and there will always be sacrifices.

Ira and Ruth and Luke and Sophia are similar in the fact that both the man and woman come from different worlds. Ira, in the film and book, loves what his wife adores. Ira tried to push Ruth away, but she chose to love him over her dreams. You know there will be beautiful scenery with lots of sun, lots of greenery, lots of rain literally and metaphoricallylots of tears and lots of very fine looking people.

And finally, you know there is always a core theme of love and that boxes of tissues are required viewing accouterments over popcorn. Luke Collins is a champion bull rider.

The Longest Ride TV Movie Trailer

Wanting to reach the pinnacle of success and surpass the legend of his father in order to earn enough winnings and endorsements to keep the family ranch, Luke is the salt of the earth. We first meet him when he is thrown from the most vicious bull on the rodeo circuit, Rango, and quickly jump ahead in time to him trying to re-ignite his career. His journey back from the life threatening accident plays out during the course of the film.

And of course, he does more than a double take when he sees her. As old-fashioned romance ensues — Luke brings flowers to Sophia on their first date, he does the asking instead of her, he takes her on an afternoon turned moonlit evening lakeside picnic — but not without some trouble. Sophia determines to stay at the hospital with the man while Luke takes off.

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The man they saved is Ira Levinson. The box they saved contains a lifetime of letters from Ira to the love of his life, Ruth, starting with their meeting in pre-war North Carolina. It is through these letters and a precious friendship that develops between Ira and Sophia that we see the love and history of Ira and Ruth repeat itself through Luke and Sophia.

With each letter we are visually transported back in time and watch the love, and heartaches, of Ira and Ruth unfold.


But is the love of Sophia and Luke strong enough to bring them together the way that of Ira and Ruth? When it comes to performances, all are rock solid, starting with Scott Eastwood.

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With a casual ease, he commands the screen with few words. He sits a horse or a bull with easy confidence. His charismatic masculinity infused with a gentility melts the heart while his blue eyes will make every woman go weak in the knees. Brit Robertson is more than a match for Eastwood, but beyond Eastwood, she delights when playing opposite Alan Alda. Bringing a determined freshness to Sophia, she lights up the screen and is particularly effective when placed in freeing exterior settings.

And when with Alda, the chemistry is tender, poignant and very familial.