The ghost and darkness hospital scene from meet

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the ghost and darkness hospital scene from meet

The first challenge was to find a location that would meet all the physical As the movie's director, Stephen Hopkins, explains, "The hospital should be further the cast and crew of THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS were forced to cope with. The Ward is a American supernatural psychological horror film directed by John The film was shot on location at the Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake, It is Carpenter's first full-length feature film since Ghosts of Mars in ; as of The local police take her to North Bend, where she meets the other patients in. The Ghost and the Darkness tells the story of the man-eaters of Tsavo as they The scene we see next is one where Robert Beaumont, a character played Going back to the movie, Colonel Patterson arrives in Africa to meet a few new characters. The hospital would be three-quarters of a mile away from that, and so on.

Paramount Pictures The Scene: When the lions inevitably arrive, they do so with a remarkable sense of stealth, moving about the enclosed hospital without being seen, though they make sure to growl a bit and knock on a few panels to scare the main characters. This keep the men on their toes as the scan the darkness outside, nervously pointing their weapons and sometimes firing aimless shots into the walls, and ceiling. The creatures seems to be everywhere at once, and the hunters are clearly not prepared for the speed and agility of the animals.

Feeling out of his depth and not wanting to lose control over the situation, Remington tells Patterson to take off the lock on the front door and allow whatever is outside causing all the ruckus to come indoors and face his double-barreled shottie. When the door swings open, there is nothing there. The lions have learned the the real hospital is on the other side of the camp and they have merely distracted the hunters while they go in for the big kill.

Or rather the big one bites the doctor. The entire work force jumps on the first train out of the camp. The scene in the bait hospital is without a doubt, the most tense in the film, with the unseen lions being their most intimidating.

the ghost and darkness hospital scene from meet

The men with guns seems like babes with toys, utterly no match for the ferocious predators, apparently imbued with mystical powers. The moment is claustrophobic with the thins walls of the structure keeping the men in a tight space, the quick-moving lions constantly forcing the hunters to question their position and tactics, even getting them to fire erratically in fear.

The livestock they have tied up inside with them adds much to the tension as they skitter in panic as the lions scratch and claw at the walls and ceiling. It is in this scene where we can no longer doubt that they are something more than animals. They are cunning, resourceful, seemingly invulnerable, and especially vengeful.

They make a conscious decision to avoid the easy meals inside the old hospital, and instead, after tricking the hunters into thinking the beasts are nearby, head to the new hut where the injured and many others are in hiding. Looking simply to kill, the lions massacre dozens, never feeding, only slaughtering. The place is a charnel house.

the ghost and darkness hospital scene from meet

The hint of a devil is infinitely more terrifying than the sight of one. As the lions test the fences, so to speak, the sickening sounds of their deadly claws on the tin walls and roof are the stuff of nightmares, easily identifiable as a demon from the dark. And just how many creatures are out there? We took six lions to Africa, and one attacked one of the actors and dragged him off.

But we were able to get him off, then sent him the lion home.

Man-Eaters of Tsavo

Because of the intensity required in some of the lion scenes, Hackenberger had originally suggested the use of some animatronic movie magic to enhance the action and lighten the burden on the lions, particularly in the case of the staged hospital wholesale slaughter.

Hackenberger explains, "That was tricky. But it was a disaster. They spent a fortune and only one shot was used.

You must remember that it is easier to create dinosaurs; no one has ever seen one, so we have no point of reference. With lions, it's different, it doesn't work. Hackenberger elaborates, "We were really pushing the envelope with what the lions had to do, but in the end we got a lot more work, and the French trainers were exceptional, so we were able to pull it off.

But it was tricky. There were moments when we had to say, 'Okay guys, we've got to wrap for half an hour, 'cause these lions are just too warm right now; someone is going to get hurt. Although all the scenes in the movie involving the lions do use real lions, the action was enhanced even further in some instances through the use of blue screen technology.

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For safety reasons the lions and victims were filmed separately at Constellation Stages in nearby Badplaas. Sony Pictures Image Works was employed to capture one hundred and twenty-five different effects shots. In order for the finished product to be believable, it was essential that the camera moves involving both lion and victim be perfectly matched.

To accomplish this, a remarkable new innovation called the Stealth Dolly was employed. This special camera actually remembers the physical space it has moved through and can play back each exact move as required. The lions were filmed first since they are the most unpredictable element. That said, it was not Coppola who generated the line: The Annotated Godfather While the history behind this little tidbit of Hollywood magic is indeed fascinating, the line itself stands out because, in tandem with the scenes around it, it condenses so much about the values on display in The Godfather: This short sequence personalizes the larger mob family and conveys many of the themes found in the film: There are kids playing in the street and driveway, and we can hear laughter and joyous voices.

This seems to be the very life that Vito left Sicily for. When are you going to be home? Look at my sweet husband! The camera cuts in to the doorstep, and Clemenza talks with his wife.

They speak in the rhythm of a couple married for many years. Paulie is no actor, while Clemenza has a cold and routine manner.

the ghost and darkness hospital scene from meet

Paulie has seemingly betrayed Vito—and thus the family—by selling him out. In The Godfather, this kind of betrayal is the worst of all sins. From fake cough to a hit planned In the middle of deliberations about the fate of the family, Paulie enters the room with a message, handkerchief in hand, coughing a very pitifully fake sounding cough.

the ghost and darkness hospital scene from meet

As soon as Paulie leaves the room, Sonny sternly orders the hit, telling Clemenza to make it the first thing on his list.