The blue and white nile rivers meet in paris

Nile River - An “artery” of life and magic

the blue and white nile rivers meet in paris

Every movement in Egypt leads towards the Nile River, on which millions of from where the Blue and White Nile correspondingly stem from. The two rivers meet in Sudan, where they create the Magnificent Nile, which reaches Cairo. . Palestine · Palmyra · Pamvotida · Paris · Parnassus · Patras · Pella. The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, and is the longest river in the The river Nile has two major tributaries, the White Nile and Blue Nile . The White The two rivers meet just north of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. The main tributaries of the world's longest river meet in Khartoum, Sudan. Its main tributaries—the White Nile and the Blue Nile—meet in.

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the blue and white nile rivers meet in paris

You may want to look at the photos throughout this lesson for inspiration! North of Khartoum the river passes through a series of six major cataracts through which it drops from to 90 meters above sea level en route to Aswan Egypta distance of km. This stretch of the Nile traverses the Sahara desert, where it receives no input from rain or tributaries.

Lesson 4: The Nile River - An Overview

The major S-shaped bend in the Nile occurs here as well, as the river has carved deep trenches through hard sandstone bedrock in the stretches between the cataracts. The cataracts themselves are not waterfalls but rather long stretches of fairly steep rocky terrain e.

The cataracts reflect the gradual erosion of the Nubian sandstone—a fairly soft and horizontal rock unit that underlies the flat, broad portion of the Nile—and the resulting exposure of the underlying granitic rocks, which are much harder and tend to erode in narrow channels. The cataracts in southern Egypt.


In this area, the Nile broadens to a width of up to 16 km and flows through a channel it has cut in its own silty deposits. These sediments were laid down annually during flooding—triggered, of course, by the local arrival of influx from the Ethiopian highlands—until the completion of the first Aswan dam around The Nile in Cairo.

the blue and white nile rivers meet in paris

These form part of the great Nile delta, which is composed of fine silt from the basalts of the Ethiopian highlands. At one point, Abubakr asks: At other times, the transition is less evident: Lucy, who will go live in Juba, fears not being able to see her sister, who married a man from the North. And through the tears of Lucy and her mother, it is the trauma of an entire nation that takes shape.

White Nile

But the film does not stop with the day of independence. When Lucy and her husband a northerner with Ethiopian and Eritrean origins move to Juba, a grim reality kicks in.

the blue and white nile rivers meet in paris

The cramped, impersonal container in the UN compound which they were lucky to get, being employed by the organization feels less like a home than their comfortable house in Khartoum. The euphoric chants from the independence ceremony become perplexed frowns in the face of the struggles that lie ahead.

Martha, an MP in South Sudan, believes in a bright future for her country. Having narrowly escaped being a child soldier in the s, sent off to Cuba before moving to Canada, she has returned with a medical degree and defiant enthusiasm.

Where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile

Up North, in an amputated Sudan, many challenges remain. And, just like its waters, Sudan and South Sudan remain locked in an embrace of suspicion and failed negotiations. Margaux Benn is a French and Canadian journalist and student. After writing her MA thesis on South Sudan and working for various media and non-governmental organizations in France and overseas, she spent six months as a freelance journalist in Sudan in She is currently pursuing a degree at the Sciences Po Journalism School while working for a documentary production company in Paris.