Steven and connie meet

“Steven Universe” Recap: “Bubble Buddies"

steven and connie meet

Dr. Maheswaran meets Stevonnie. Connie's voice echoed from her room upstairs, though Steven thought she sounded a bit apprehensive. Click here to see more of Connie Maheswaran's quotes. Connie Maheswaran is Steven's best friend and a member of the Crystal Gems. Since then, Connie has become a skilled swordswoman and often aids the Crystal Gems during times of conflict. Connie says that kids cannot drive because it is against the law, but Steven mentions that they were not kids when they met Kevin, and Connie understands.

I'd be pretty mad if somebody lost Lion. I should have controlled myself better.

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I'm sorry I called you a runt. You can leave if you want. I didn't like that you were mean, but you're not stupid, and I forgive you. She smiled softly, an odd, doubtful expression in her eyes, and her own palm came to rest under his jaw. And then she was moving closer.

steven and connie meet

It was more of a peck than a true kiss, a soft touch of her lips to his as if she thought she would scare him away. She pulled away and looked at him again, asking the question with her eyes. Steven didn't really understand what was happening, but he didn't need to respond with words, either. All he had to do was close the distance.

Connie seemed to become frantic at that point, mashing her lips to his and tangling her fingers through his hair. He matched her ferocity, hugging her tight, but eventually backed off when her tongue swiped across his lips. They held each other at arm's length, taking deep breaths that became shakier by the second. Connie sighed back, and chuckled. Steven snorted as he took in another breath, which set Connie into full-blown laughter, and he joined in.

They leaned against each other, cackling in glee and relief. Suddenly, Connie stiffened with a gasp. They spend the rest of the day together.

Later on the same day, Connie and Steven are stargazing when she decides to confess that she was worried that they would not be able to grow up together and that she was relieved to see that she was wrong. This revelation causes Steven to lose control of how old he feels and revert into a baby.

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Connie gets desperate and takes Steven to Greg. She tells Steven that she will always be with him no matter what age he is, which makes him stop crying.

She wakes up the next day to find Steven back to his normal age. She notices a single hair on his face and is relieved to see that he is growing up, although slowly. Connie nervously runs over, excusing Steven by saying that Kevin looks like another guy they know. Greg asks if the two know Kevin, and Connie explains the events of what happened when they formed Stevonnie before.

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Connie then continues that it was uncomfortable when Kevin kept asking them to dance, and Steven adds that Kevin did not even care about their feelings. Greg says that if he is causing this much trouble, then there's no point to even thinking about him, and she thanks Greg. Steven is still mad at the incident with Kevin, but Connie is somehow thinking about the situation and wishes that she could just say something big to Kevin to get him to think.

Steven says that he wishes he could race against Kevin, and rub the winning ribbon in his face.

steven and connie meet

Connie says that kids cannot drive because it is against the law, but Steven mentions that they were not kids when they were Stevonnie, and Connie understands Steven's metaphor. As they race Kevin, Stevonnie eventually unfuses after becoming unstable. Steven and Connie are shown in the back seat, asking each other if they are ok after they were unfused.

“Steven Universe” Recap: “Bubble Buddies”

Connie asks what they explained to Steven that all they have been doing for that past day is because they are obsessed with Kevin. The two decide to finish the race, but for themselves instead of to beat Kevin.

Steven takes lots of pictures with his phone per Mr. Connie thanks Pearl for allowing her to come along to help them find a corrupted Gem and takes it as an honor to work along Pearl.

Pearl complements Connie about her impressive 'sword fighting' which have exceeded beyond her expectations, she also states that with her careful supervision, she is confident Connie will be able to accomplish a simple Gem recovery mission.

Connie thanks Pearl and promises she'll not let her down. As Connie asks how they would know whether a corrupted Gem is nearby, a huge roar is heard, and the corrupted Snow Monster appears. Pearl exclaims that Connie and Steven have to work together; Connie quickly takes out her sword, Steven summons his shield, and they ready themselves to battle but when they were just about to face the beast, another Corrupted Gem Biggs Jasper appears, but they run.

Connie tells Pearl that they should split up. Pearl tells Connie that she is her pupil and knows that her combat skills are excellent but states it is too risky because she has never been in a real fight before. Steven tells Pearl about the Gem Mutants they fought in the Hospital and quickly interrupts Pearl by taking out a Cookie Cat Walkie Talkie to help communicate with each other when necessary, and Connie takes out a survival guide book that she read at least 20 times.

Both look at Pearl, who, having lost a battle of will, decides to allow it under the condition that they would communicate with her the very moment they find the monster because she does not want them fighting her alone.

The two find tracks in a humanoid shape along with the Corrupted Gem's paw-shaped tracks. A blizzard comes, so Connie and Steven take shelter in a hollowed tree. They hear a roar and follow more tracks to the Aquamarine-colored Corrupted Gem. Steven and Connie attempt to be quiet, so they will not attract her attention, but Pearl calls on the Walkie Talkie, which attracts the Corrupted Gem's attention.

Connie takes the Gem's growling as a sign of aggression, and she draws her sword; the sword's glint causes the Gem to attack them, and she manages to pop Steven's bubble, pushing them out of the Gem's reach. Connie throws a snowball at the Gem to bring her attention to her, but she hesitates to attack, saying that she was not prepared for this.

She slides past the Gem, recovers the Walkie Talkie and calls Pearl, informing her that they have found the Gem just as Jasper appears. Connie realizes that the Gems were running from Jasper. Pearl tells Connie she would not have brought her on the mission if she knew Jasper would be present. Connie considers her mission a failure since she found herself unable to fight earlier.