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smallville clark and lois first meet

Smallville season 4 ep 1. Lois meets Clark for the first time. The relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane has developed slowly over the "So, Kent, do you always bowl women over the first time you meet them?. That's their first meeting — and he has no memory of being Clark Kent. He's Kal- El One flight. TVGO: What's Lois Lane doing in Smallville?.

Lionel John Glover discovers the truth and sends someone to kill her, but Lois and Clark stop the would-be killer, allowing Chloe to testify. Before Lois can leave Smallville, her father Michael Ironside informs her that she failed to achieve all of her high school credits and that he has enrolled her in Smallville High so that she can complete her twelfth-grade year. Her story is bought by the Inquisitor, a tabloid newspaper that gives her a job as a reporter.

Her attempt to craft a news story out of the situation lands her a job at the Daily Planet—in the basement alongside her cousin Chloe. She eventually discovers Chloe's whereabouts and arrives, alongside Clark, to save her. In the same episode, she almost shares a kiss with Clark before being interrupted by the arrival of Clark's ex-girlfriend Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk.

During the fight, Lois picks up a Legion ring that falls out of Clark's desk and is instantly transported to another time and place. Clark finally confesses his secret to her in "Isis" and they begin their relationship again free of secrets. Lois convinces the US military not to bomb Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolipsallowing Clark to finally embrace his destiny and defeat Darkseid himself. They wanted an actress who was "pretty", "smart", and who came with some "wit". As executive producer Greg Beeman describes Durance, "She had a toughness about her.

She was tough and sexy and direct. Under the initial agreement, Durance was only to portray the character for a total of four episodes, but, after a discussion with Peter Roth over how they planned to use the character on the show—insisting that she and Clark would not be having a romantic relationship—the feature film division then cleared the character for more episodes. After the character was cleared for more episodes, the creative team decided to plant her in the Kent home so that she could provide a constant annoyance to Clark.

To separate the physical appearance of Lana and Lois from each other, the producers had highlights added to Durance's hair, as she and Kristin Kreuk both shared a similar brunette coloring. So when you're introducing his future love interest, why not introduce her, not as an enemy, but as the one who is constantly going to butt heads with him, where they're not gonna like each other at all at first?

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I think that because we chose such a different take on her, it wasn't that intimidating. She could grow into the person that everybody sees on-screen later. Writer Kelly Souders felt that if tabloid beginnings were good enough for Perry White —an additional character established in season three's "Perry"—then they are good enough for Lois Lane. It adds depth to the character by showing how she struggled before becoming "the reporter we all know and love".

As Lois steps closer to her ultimate destiny at the Daily Planet, the writers have continued to evolve the character by having her grow out of the "black and white" mindset and have her begin seeing shades of gray. The writers wanted the character to realize that there is sometimes a middle road that has to be taken.

In this case, Lois is acting more mature, taking charge in being a mentor to Clark as he transitions into his new job. As Durance explains, "[Lois has] got her confidence as a journalist and on the inside, she's going oh my god I'm truly in love with [Clark], more in love than I've ever been with anyone. Todd Slavkin describes the character as having a "sophisticated, worldly experience", and was considered to be more of an adult than the rest of the cast.

Clark quickly re-established contact with Lois as the Blur, this developed into a "connection" where both Clark saw a different side of Lois, one that he was comfortable with telling Chloe talking to Lois felt right for him.

His connection with her as the Blur helped him stay human and prevented him from drifting away from his friends and his dual identity. Soon Clark realized talking to Lois as the Blur put her life in danger, when she was kidnapped by John Corben who wanted revenge on the Blur for his sister's death.

Lois was knocked unconscious by Corben but Clark saved her. As she awoke, Lois saw the Blur in the shadows and pleaded with him to reveal his identity but Clark supersped away, much to Lois' disappointment. After this, Clark decided to cut off contact as the Blur with Lois and returned to work as Clark Kent. Lois confessed to Clark that when she had spoken to the Blur, she felt a connection that she hadn't felt with anyone else.

He was moved by her feelings, but didn't tell her his secret. The Blur calls Lois. Later on, a series of botched saves occurred in the Blur's name.

Clark discovered that this was the work of Zan and Jayna and when they were in Watchtowerthey damaged Chloe's phone-jacking equipment whilst Clark was on the phone with Lois as the Blur. The damage that the twins caused deactivated Clark's voice scrambler, revealing his identity to Lois. She was shocked but hinted to Clark that she knew the truth, although he denied it.

Things got out of hand when Ray Sacks declared the Blur a threat, thus triggering Clark's decision to reveal himself to the press, but Lois stepped in and told the crowd that the Blur was a symbol of hope - a light in the darkness. Ray was furious when this happened and his thugs threw her off the roof of the Daily Planet, but she saved herself by grabbing onto a flag-pole.

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Clark attempted to save her without revealing his powers but she confessed that she knew the truth. Sacrificing herself to keep his identity secret, Lois let go and she fell into the mist. Fortunately, Zan had transformed himself into fog and took her to safety. Lois assumed that Clark had saved her and she thanked him, but Chloe called her as the Blur while Lois stood next to Clark.

Lois then accepted that Clark and the Blur couldn't be the same person. Lois and Clark as the Blur. Lois and Clark's relationship continued to grow but they were both keeping secrets from one another. After returning from a romantic vacationLois was contacted by Major Zodmasquerading as the Blur. Lois's relationship with the Blur then began to cause problems in her relationship with Clark.

Clark, Lois and the Blur

When Clark discovered that Lois was being used by an impostorhe tried to uncover the identity by asking Lois to tell her who he was. Lois interpreted Clark's uncalled behavior as jealousy, rather than him showing concern for her safety as he claimed, and was angry at him for this. To make matters worse for the couple, the newest editor Franklin Stern had issued a friendly rivalry challenge that threatened both of their jobs. Lois and Clark attempted to save their careers by doing an expose on the recently early release of former D.

Ray Sacks, who was still gunning for the Blur. After causing an embarrassing scene at the welcome back party held for Sacks that landed on the front page of Metropolis Inquisitor newspaper, Stern fired the couple from the Planet.

Lois was then kidnapped by Maxwell Lord who used his powers to try and discover the identity of the Blur from her mind, but she subconsciously fought his power. As the Blur, Clark saved Lois, and they had another encounter in which Clark was almost prepared to reveal himself. By this point, however, Lois decided that it was best that she didn't know his identity, as villains would use her to get to him. To protect her from impersonators and from those who would use her to get to him, Clark called Lois as the Blur and ended their relationship in an emotional goodbye.

In a dinner on the rooftop, Clark and Lois tried to reconnect but she was devastated by the loss of the Blur. Clark asked Lois that now the Blur was gone whether he'd be enough for her, but she didn't answer.

Lois and the Blur share a passionate kiss. Lois decided to break up with Clark when she saw that she and Clark weren't working out as a couple around the time Martha Kent made an unexpected return back to Smallville with her boyfriend Perry White. For a short time, Lois claimed that everything was perfect in her relationship with Clark to Martha until during dinner, she revealed that she and Clark were fired from the Daily Planet and their relationship was currently in turmoil.

Clark confessed to Martha that, as the Blur, he discovered a different side of Lois that made him fall deeper in love with her, despite the fact that she hadn't shared this side with Clark Kent.

She chose to snoop through Clark's personal belongings, discovering Virgil Swann 's Kryptonian journal and Clark's drawing of the Book. She rendezvoused with Zod, and she found out that he wasn't the Blur due to the difference of his touch on her shoulder.

She refused to give him the Book, and Zod turned on her, pushing her away with super strength into a nearby phone booth. Clark saved her and passionately kissed her while hidden in the shadows, mistakenly believing that his secret was still safe, but Lois found out that it was him after he departed.

Season Ten Lois saves Clark Lois found Clark's lifeless body on the ground below and pulled out the blue kryptonite knife, giving him a chance to be resurrected back to life by the dawn of the sunrise. Lois chose to protect Clark by not revealing her awareness of his secret until he willingly chose to reveal it to her all on his own.

Taking cover in a nearby alley, Lois observed with great admiration as the rays of the sun healed Clark's wounds and restored his powers. She and Clark shared a brief reunion at the Daily Planet archive room, where she revealed to him her reaction to the Blur's passionate kiss in an attempt to get a reaction out of Clark, who was pleased on how his alter-ego managed to leave a lasting impression on her. Lois realized that Clark was at the Planet archives for a reason and purposely dropped her pen behind a desk to give Clark the opportunity to use his abilities freely without her knowledge.

Clark saves Lois After kidnapping her and stringing her up as a scarecrow with a red 'S' painted on her shirt in the exact same field Clark was made as the ScarecrowLuthor believed Lois to be Clark's greatest weakness and attempted to hurt Clark by causing her death, and set the field on fire.

Clark then saved Lois, using his speed to extinguish the fire surrounding the field and getting Lois to safety. Lois awakened to see that she had been rescued and, without his knowledge, encouraged Clark to stop Lex.

Lois decided to head to Africa, believing herself to be a hindrance to Clark from fulfilling his destiny. She left him a brief letter that Clark read, and was upset by her departure. While in the middle of the desert, Lois was sorrowfully gazing at a picture of herself and Clark as a happy couple.

During Lois's stay in Egyptshe encountered Carter Hallwho was sent by Clark to keep an eye on her. Carter quickly discovered that Lois knew about Clark's identity and powers as the Blur. Carter could also see that Lois was in love with Clark as was Clark with her and that they were meant to be together.

He decided to tell Lois a story of two star-crossed lovers, Shayera and himself, to convince her to return to Clark. Meanwhile back in Metropolis, Clark contemplated on going to Egypt himself to be with Lois; he showed Oliver the plane tickets he had. However he came to realize that maybe it was the best way he could protect her from his life as the Blur. Lois discovered that Carter's story was actually his autobiography about his own life with his wife Shayera Hall. Carter told her that Clark needed her in order to become the hero he was destined to become.

Lois and Clark discuss their different views about the Blur Lois returned to Metropolis and offered Clark moral support for his alter-ego when Gordon Godfrey launched a smearing campaign against the superhero community, causing the citizens to turn against their heroes.

When Godfrey began to take cheap shots at the Blur, Lois was ready to defend The Blur during a press conference.

smallville clark and lois first meet

Unfortunately, the billboard collapsed and Kara Kent caught it, revealing herself to everyone in the process. Clark saw everyone's reaction and began to question if he had revealed his identity as the Blur when he first appearedthe people would trust him and Godfrey's antagonism against heroes wouldn't be as effective, but Lois pointed out that the Blur couldn't afford to do so, saying that he was meant to be a symbol of hope and if he revealed his identity he'd place everyone he cared about in danger.

Lois discovered that Godfrey was going to reveal Oliver's identity as Green Arrow to the world. She devised a plan to get incriminating evidence against him by disguising herself as a dominatrix and proceeded to obtain self-incriminating evidence against Godfrey, and he held her hostage due to this.

He hanged Lois with ropes and would have almost killed her, but Kara and Clark saved her from choking to death. Back at the Planet, Clark believed that she went too far in trying to discredit Godfrey. Lois countered his argument, but did admit she was terrified.

She then admitted her greatest fear was living in a world without heroes. Clark conjured up a theory that perhaps the heroes were placed on too high of a pedestal, to which Lois responded that the heroes are people too. She claimed that the Blur was different, and that she believed he would work out his fears and always be there for her.

Clark and Lois dance Clark began to doubt himself when the world around him begins to turn against his hero persona as the Blur and the other heroes around.

He decided to end his career as the Blur by not appearing for several weeks. Lois realized Clark could use some encouragement to brighten his life, suggesting they attend their high school reunion at Smallville High. Upon arriving at the celebration Lois and Clark encountered the new reporters for the Torch Zoe and Clayton, who had taken up Chloe's Wall of Weird legacy and have theorized that the Blur originated in Smallville.

Lois tried to throw the two cub reporters off the trail of discovering Clark's secret when Zoe pointed out that Chloe wrote about all of these strange super incidents that happened before the Blur made his debut in Metropolis. Clark informed them that the Blur had gone away and may not be back, and Lois tried to cover for him by expressing how great it was to see that the Blur has inspired a new generation of followers.

Clark's future with Lois is revealed Still in a state of depression from his memories of his past, Clark was eventually cured by Brainiac 5who allowed him to see and experience his inevitable future as Superman, with his partner and wife Lois.

After realizing how his fear of the future and mistakes from the past was keeping him from seizing the moment, he staged a dance with Lois at the barn, coincidentally the same place where he had danced with her during Chloe's wedding when they were interrupted by Lana's return. Clark admitted his love to Lois, and she returned his love. Not long after, Clark began to float in midair without his or Lois' knowledge.

This was a signal that he had now started leaving the darkness within him, gained closure of his fears, his past mistakes and not forgiving himself for the death of Jonathan Kent.

Clark reveals his secret to Lois After coming home from a bright future where Lois knew his secret and accepted him, Clark was eager to tell her and with Oliver's support, he tried although Lois was possessed by Isis at the moment of his confession. After her spirit was exorcised, Lois and Clark talked about the Blur.

While initially hesitant, Clark mustered the courage to take another momentous leap toward the future he saw in their relationship and revealed to her that he was the Blur. She pounced on him in a romantic embrace, kissing him passionately and asking what took him so long. Although surprised, Clark smiled, as they could finally have an honest relationship. Notes Destined Soul Mates In the Superman mythology, before Lois was fully aware of Clark Kent's true identity as Superman, she was involved in a love triangle with two men who turned out to be the same man, Superman and Clark Kent.

At first Lois was madly head over heels in love with Superman and totally ignored Clark. However both Clark Kent and Superman were love struck with this woman from the very first sight.

smallville clark and lois first meet

Eventually Lois began to take a huge interest in her Daily Planet partner when she came to the realization that being in a relationship with Superman could never be because he belonged to the world and she wasn't going to let him forsake his destiny for her. As her relationship with Clark deepen into a strong friendship it eventually blossomed into a full blown romance and Lois saw there was more to the mild mannered reporter than she had realized at first.

It was then Clark chose to ask for her hand in marriage to which Lois agreed and Clark revealed to Lois he was in fact Superman. In the re-vamped DC Comics line post New Lois Lane once more learns the secret of Clark's duel Identity.

However unlike previous incarnations of the tale, Lois from the beginning of Superman's first exploits had been complying a detail database that she had figured out his identity and had remained silent until Superman Vol 3 42 Sept where she confronted Clark.

My days of covering yawner press conferences are all but over. I didn't realize you had an old one. I'm gonna use my expert tracking skills and find this camera-shy superhero. Good luck with that. Mark my words, Clark Kent.

I won't stop until I land the first worldwide exclusive interview. Season EightIdentity Lois: Some people spend their entire lives looking for a way to stand out When you first told me who you were I've known enough guys to know that you can be born on terra firma and be light-years from normal.

Lois, you don't have to explain. How can someone with x-ray vision be so blind? I've been down the hero road before.

And every time, I made a giant u-turn. And this time, it will be different, Lois. When I do this, no one's gonna remember who I am. And when you hit your reset button Why should I think I'm special? Lois, you don't understand. It's because you are special. I have to go. Season EightInfamous Chloe: I had no idea you were such a groupie of the red, bold and blue. The man has reinvented the American hero.

He's mysterious, completely unavailable. What part of that doesn't scream "Lois Lane"?! God, you seriously have a crush on him, don't you? Is this Lois Lane, the reporter? Who wants to know?