Sam and dean meet metatron alan

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sam and dean meet metatron alan

4 days ago Metatron takes Castiel's grace from him to use in a spell to cast all the and lives with and marries a woman called Daphne Allen for a year, with no After Dean attacks Gadreel with the First Blade, Sam and Castiel find the. -Alan Rickman as Metatron, from the movie “Dogma” (). So of course we meet Metatron in this episode. We've met Sam and Dean get a video from Kevin, telling then he must be dead if they're seeing it. Kevin is not. Metatron proposes a trade, Castiel for Gadreel. When he arrives at the meeting place, he lets himself fall into a holy fire trap set by Sam and Dean to show that.

The first trial is to murder a Nephilim. Castiel, however, is unwilling because the Nephilim in question, Jane a waitress at the restaurant the two angels are conversing at appears to be innocent. However, Jane later shows her true nature when she fights back against Castiel and Metatron while they are following her, but she is defeated and killed by Castiel, finishing the first trial.

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In the season finale "Sacrifice", Metatron and Castiel try to complete the second trial to close Heaven find a Cupid's bow. However, they are ambushed by Naomiwho kidnaps Metatron. Following Naomi's torture, Metatron mocks her, asking her if they thought he would let them kick him out of Paradise and get away with it.

By the episode's end, Metatron reveals his true colors, murdering Naomi and later holding Castiel at knife-point with an angel blade. He reveals that the trials to close Heaven aren't trials but a spell to expel all angels from Heaven. Season 9 Metatron returns in "Holy Terror", where he meets up with Gadreelthe angel possessing Sam and posing as Ezekiel.

He reveals it was he who had freed Gadreel, as the angel-banishing spell had freed the disgraced angel from Heaven's cells. Metatron also reveals he was getting lonely upstairs and had decided to try a new plan where he would let a select number of angels back up, claiming it would make the Heaven God intended, although he planned to take over as leader.

He played on Gadreel's guilt of his own crimes and convinced him that he would be safe; the angel agreed to join Metatron, but Metatron revealed that Gadreel first had to prove his loyalty and forced him to murder Kevin as well as steal the angel and demon tablets from the Winchesters. Later, in "Road Trip", Metatron sends Gadreel after Thaddeus, another angel who happened to be Gadreel's old jailer and torturer.

Gadreel killed Thaddeus and returned to Metatron, handing over the tablets he had stolen and telling Metatron that Kevin was dead. Metatron reveals he had fixed it upstairs so there would be no more Prophets, but reprehends Gadreel on learning that he had left Dean alive.

As another test of loyalty, he sent Gadreel to kill one more angel, not telling him the angel in question was Abner, his best friend. Later, Metatron waits for Gadreel to arrive, only for Gadreel to arrive after being expelled from Sam's body by Sam himself and possess his original vessel, the bartender. An angel appears and attempts to out Metatron for being a fraud, but the followers defend him and ambush the angel, one of them killing him with the angel blade that Metatron kicked over.

Dean confronts Metatron and attempts to fight him, but Dean is easily overpowered due to Metatron's strength from the angel tablet.

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Metatron fatally stabs Dean in the chest with the angel blade as Sam looks on. Back in Heaven, Metatron finds Castiel sitting in his office and handcuffs him to the chair and Metatron brags about killing Dean and how the angels are just "sheep" who will follow Metatron wherever he leads them no matter what he's done to bring them under him.

Castiel is revealed to have broadcasted their conversation over the "angel radio", effectively turning all of the angels against him and as the season ends, he is imprisoned in Heaven by Castiel. Hannah is shocked, but Metatron mocks her, asking her what else he would ask for. He then promises that he doesn't care about the Earth any more, he'll leave, he'll find somewhere else in another galaxy and never bother them again. Hannah is tempted, but she is interupted by Castiel himself, angry for her listening to him, he denouces Metatron a liar and warns her that listening to him will end badly.

Turning to Castiel, Metatron admits he was right and he is a liar, but he wasn't lying about the Grace. He tells them that they need the First Blade. Afterwards, he refuses to cooperate and continues to tuant him. Dean, under the mark's influence, tortures him and comes close to killing him. He was stopped by Sam and Castiel.

sam and dean meet metatron alan

Castiel takes Metatron back to Heaven, with Metatron threatening that he would rather die the next time they ask for his help. It is later revealed that he lied about how to remove the mark, but he knew where Cas' grace was.

sam and dean meet metatron alan

Castiel later removes Metatron's grace and has Sam shoot him in order for him to help them. The angel then takes Metatron prisoner and has him locate his grace. Castiel and Metatron continue their road trip to retrieve Castiel's grace. Metatron starts to enjoy his new humanity, but annoys Castiel with his antics, resulting in Castiel punching Metatron.

Eventually they stop for food which Metatron enjoys but turns out to be lactose intolerant and makes a mess. However, this doesn't endear him to Castiel as he'd hoped. Reaching a library, Metatron reveals that it is where the grace is hidden as no one visits a library anymore. While Castiel is able to sense that his grace is actually there, he can't sense its location and Metatron reveals he doesn't know it either. Under threat, Metatron explains that he had another angel hide the grace, even from him so he couldn't give up its location under torture.

However, he had the angel hide clues in the books and he and Castiel search finding the first clue: Metatron reveals that the clues are actually book titles and that he's there to retrieve Castiel's grace as well as the demon tablet which is hidden there also. Metatron retrieves the demon tablet, but finds that Castiel has gotten to his grace first so he flees with just the tablet. Castiel also lies to Dean about how he got his grace back, saying that Hannah got it out of Metatron and not telling him about Metatron's escape despite the threat it poses.

Season 11 In "Our Little World", while watching a news clip of a violent crime, Castiel spots that the videographer is Metatron from his reflection in a car's mirror. Metatron films the aftermath of a shooting, stealing the man's wallet and money only to discover that he is still alive. As Metatron tells the man that he's "not that guy" anymore and can't save him, Castiel appears behind him and tells Metatron that he can save the guy.

Castiel heals the man's wound as Metatron video tapes, explaining that he found Metatron by scanning the police radio and then getting to the scene of the crime before the cops.

sam and dean meet metatron alan

Seeing Metatron recording him, Castiel knocks the camera out of his hand and breaks it, to Metatron's annoyance as he had to steal and pawn a lot of stuff to pay for his camera and felt the footage of a real-life angel would get him more than a homicide.

As a police car arrives, Castiel grabs Metatron and drags him away. Castiel takes Metatron to an old warehouse where he is disgusted by what Metatron is doing for money. Finding them full of books, Sammy gets back to the room, pulls out his phone, dials Dean, and promptly passes out. After an ice bath courtesy Dean, Sam tells him that he knows where Metatron is. He can hear him! Sam is remembering all kinds of ancient details about his childhood.

He thinks that he knew as a little kid about the demon blood, and he is sure that this illness brought on by the trials is purifying him. It feels sad to me, but it gives Sammy the strength to get through it all. I kinda like the idea myself. You thought it too. Now I love Curtis Armstrong, and I am thrilled anytime she gets a good gig, but it took me a few minutes to get past the fact that Booger is Metatron.

Seems Metatron has been reading every story ever. After a quick recap of all that Metatron has missed, he realizes that Sammy is doing the trials. Sam seems to be resonating with Metatron or the Word of God or something mystical.

Metatron maybe sorta says that God really left the building ages ago. I wonder which demon the Winchesters will pick.

And just as Sam and Dean drive off in Metallicar, they find Cas in a crumple on the road. He toys with the fake brothers a bit more, sending them off on an errand for the tablet, leading them right into a devils trap. Having heard of his trick, Crowley makes a visit to a very confident and cocky Kevin. Remember when the archangel came and saved Chuck when he was threatened back in season 5?

Now we know, his angel, Metatron, had been hiding out in a hotel room reading books.

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He looks tired and disheveled. Cas goes to comfort her and is nabbed by the angels. Which as we find out later, will be quite an impossible task. Cas is very upset to figure out that those two sneaks have been working together.

Crowley has cleverly melted down an angel sword and made it into bullets. He shoots Castiel in the gut and brings him to his office to question him. After some exposition blah blah blah, Crowley has figured out that Cas has stashed the table inside himself!