Sam and dean meet castiel

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sam and dean meet castiel

In Metamorphosis, Dean gave Castiel his nickname "Cass" when telling Sam how .. When he meets up with Sam and Dean again, Castiel admits that he heard. Synopsis. Directly following The Man Who Knew Too Much, Bobby, Dean, and Sam prepare to bow down to Castiel, who has declared. Castiel waits for Sam, Dean, and Bobby to show their respects. Bobby goes to his knees, and motions for Sam and Dean to.

This revelation hurts Castiel, who renounces his faith in God and disappears Castiel showing Sam "the whore of Babylon" When Sam figures something is not right in a town, he calls Castiel in for help 99 Problems. When Castiel shows up drunk, he tells Sam he finds his voice grating.

Sam notices Castiel is drunk and asks what happened to Castiel. Castiel answers he found a liquor store and "drank it". Sam attempts to help Castiel from wobbling, and asks if he's okay. Castiel leans over and tells Sam not to ask stupid questions. Sam tells Castiel about the demon attacks around town and the "prophet" Leah Giden. Castiel tells Sam that she is no prophet because all the names of the prophets are seared into Castiel's brainand then Sam asks then what Leah is.

Castiel later reveal that "Leah" is actually the Whore of Babylon. When Castiel brings a weapon to kill her, he tells them that only a true servant of God can use it to kill her. Castiel continues on by saying he can't do it, and, neither can Sam since he's an abomination because of the demon blood.

Sam looks slightly hurt, but understands.

sam and dean meet castiel

Castiel uses his powers to send Dean to Bobby's house. Like Sam, Castiel is angry at Dean for giving up, so they both work together to make sure Dean doesn't leave Bobby's. Castiel also agrees with Sam questions about the angels' change in mind to Adam Milligan the Winchesters' half-brother. When Dean does escape, Castiel brings Dean back unconscious.

Sam asks Castiel what happened and Castiel answers "Me".

sam and dean meet castiel

Later on, Sam decides to bring Dean along on a mission to save Adam, despite Castiel not wanting to Dean to come along. Castiel can't understand Sam's blind faith in Dean. As the final showdown comes along, Castiel comes once again to aid the Winchesters.

Castiel is amazed how useful guns can be. Then in Swan SongCastiel says an awkward goodbye to Sam, as Sam prepares to have an internal battle with Lucifer in his head.

After Sam trapped Lucifer and Michael into hell at the cost of himselfCastiel who was resurrected and promoted to Seraphim used his new powers to successfully raise Sam from Lucifer's cage. Unfortunately, Sam's soul was left in the cage. Season 6 After Sam returned from Hell, he called Castiel many times, but Castiel never answered him, so Sam stopped calling. Um, look, I would hug you, but--" "That would be awkward. Sam continues by saying that he's been calling Castiel all this time and Castiel only comes when Dean calls him.

Sam continues by asking if Castiel likes Dean more. Castiel answers by saying he and Dean share a more profound bond. Castiel also withholds his involvement in Sam's return by telling Sam he has no idea who brought Sam back from the cage, or why. When Sam tries to get more information, Castiel angrily replies "What part of I don't know escapes your understanding?

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Castiel examining Sam in Family Matters. In Family MattersCastiel is trying to figure out what is wrong with Sam.

Castiel starts asking Sam questions, and finishes with asking how Sam feels emotionally. Sam answers he doesn't know. Castiel tries to feel Sam's soul, only to find out Sam doesn't have one.

Sam looks shocked at this discovery. Castiel tells Dean whoever brought Sam back, left his soul behind. When Dean asks if "Sam" is still even Sam, Castiel answers that it is an interesting philosophical question. Castiel continues to help in the quest for Sam's soul in Caged Heat.

Although he doesn't come right away. Sam tricks Castiel into coming down and calls Castiel an idiot for believing his lie. Sam asks Castiel to help, but Castiel refuses due to the civil war.

sam and dean meet castiel

Sam continues by saying Castiel owes him and if Castiel doesn't help, Sam will find a way to kill Castiel pointing out the extra time to do so since Soulless Sam doesn't sleep. Castiel is not fazed even daring him to try in a threatening way but he agrees to help. Later on, Castiel seemingly threatens Crowley to get Sam's soul back, but when Crowley says he can't, Castiel toasts Crowley's bones.

Castiel reassures Sam they will find another way to get Sam's soul back. Castiel tells Dean that Sam's soul felt like it had been skinned alive. Later on in the episode, Sam awakes and recalls Castiel being killed while Lucifer possessed him but Dean and Bobby tell him he was resurrected, to his relief. Sam calls Castiel and he appears while telling Sam its good to see him alive and attempts to hug Sam who sits down to avoid it.

Sam tells Castiel he would hug Castiel, but it would be awkward. Sam goes on to talk about how its been a crazy year and how he just talked to Bobby about it. Castiel tells Sam he's surprised Sam even survived. Castiel asks Sam how it feels as Sam looks confused. Castiel explains, "to have your soul back". Sam is shocked to hear this news and plays along so he can get more details from Castiel about what really happened.

Sam then learns from the angel that he returned from the cage but without his soul for a full year. Sam, I am the one who raised you from perdition! Castiel still protects Sam and Dean despite these doubts. Then when Castiel's betrayal comes to light, they trap Castiel in a ring of holy fire. In there, Castiel tries to maintain his loyalty to them even revealing that he was the one who brought Sam back from the cage.

Though surprised, Sam asks Castiel if he meant to bring Sam back soulless. Castiel tells Sam he didn't mean to he didn't even know until Family Matters. Although Castiel doesn't show himself, he answers Sam's prayer. In order to detour Dean, he breaks down the wall inside Sam's mind and Sam goes into a coma. Castiel says he'll save Sam, only if they back off.

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Sam does wake from his coma, and comes to Dean's rescue. Sam stabs Castiel only to find out that Angel Blade doesn't work on him. Season 7 Sam tries to help a severely weakened Castiel. He's in there somewhere, Dean. Despite Dean thinking Castiel won't listen, Sam calls Castiel, and tells him they can help. Although Castiel doesn't answer right away, he comes to Sam's call and asks for help.

Sam sets out with the others to help Castiel. The last moment they have together is when Castiel tells Sam where to find the blood cocktail meant to open Purgatory. Later, Castiel is overcome by the Leviathans, and Sam watches Castiel disappear into the water. Castiel attempts to right his wrong by attempting to fix Sam's mental state, but fails.

Castiel deeply regrets what he did to Sam, and he states that he can't fix it. Then the idea hits Castiel to switch places with Sam's mental state. Castiel takes on Sam's insanity, and begins to see Lucifer. Now sane, Sam is shocked to see Castiel alive, and becomes worried about how he's acting. Sam is a bit shocked that Dean wants to leave Castiel in the mental institution. Sam promises to help find a cure for what Castiel took on. Castiel tells Sam that he doesn't need to fix anything and that taking on Sam's pain gave him purpose.

Castiel also mentions that he doesn't see Lucifer anymore since it was Sam's own hallucination. Sam is sad to hear Castiel doesn't think that he's broken. Season 8 Sam inquired about what happened to Castiel in Purgatorybut got no answer from Dean. Sam is excited to see Castiel's return and he has regained his sanity.

sam and dean meet castiel

Sam is less suspicious of Castiel than Dean. When Castiel brings himself and Sam into the mind of Fred Jones, Castiel can relate to Sam, as he too, has been running from his problems, and makes a decision to return to Heaven, but is shot down by Naomi.

In Clip Showwhen Castiel's relationship with Dean is strained due to Dean's anger over Castiel's lack of trust in him, Sam comforts Castiel, trying to convince him that Dean just needs time.

He also gives Dean his approval of Ezekiel helping, saying Ezekiel is a good soldier and indicating they are friends. Afterwards, Castiel is excited by the idea of Sam and Dean being his guides to being human, but Dean is forced to ask him to leave to save Sam who "Ezekiel" threatens to leave and let Sam die if Castiel doesn't go.

However, this time, Dean partially explains why to Castiel who continues investigating on his own. After learning from Malachi that Ezekiel is dead, Castiel escapes and calls Dean to warn him that the angel who helped Sam isn't really Ezekiel. Unfortunately, his warning comes too late. In " Road Trip ", after the angel possessing Sam kills Kevin and takes off, Castiel comes to aid Dean with saving him.

While Dean is originally going to kill Sam to kill the angel, Castiel presents the solution of going to Crowley for help to get him to do what he did with Samandriel to bring out Sam and get him to expel the angel. After finding "Sam", Castiel knocks him out and watches as Crowley tortures the angel to get information, admitting to Dean that its not easy for him to watch. He is also able to confirm that the angel did in fact heal most of the damage to Sam's body from the Trials.

Castiel is furious to learn that the angel is actually Gadreelthe angel that allowed evil into the Garden of Eden and thus started all of the chaos on Earth. Dean eventually asks Castiel to possess Sam to help him force Gadreel out, but Castiel can't do that as he needs Sam's permission. While waiting to see if it will work, Castiel reassures Dean.

Finally, with Crowley's help, Sam expels Gadreel and Castiel heals the wounds he got from the torture, promising to finish Gadreel's healing of him though it will take time.

When Dean leaves, Castiel stays with Sam. In " First Born ," Castiel stays with Sam in the bunker, trying to enjoy human things such as a sandwich but having a hard time as an angel. He also pushes him to make up with Dean. Castiel has nearly finished healing Sam and when he goes to give him his next treatment, he discovers that Sam still has some of Gadreel's grace inside him.

Castiel discovers that they can use the residual grace to track Gadreel from the Men of Letters files and painfully starts extracting the grace from Sam. Castiel soon discovers that losing the grace is causing Sam to start to revert to the state he was in before Gadreel possessed him, but Sam insists they keep going as he wants to make up for his past which Castiel reluctantly agrees to.

Eventually Sam's condition deteriorates badly and Castiel chooses to finish healing him completely, destroying the rest of the grace rather than sacrifice Sam even though they might not have enough grace for the spell.

Castiel explains that being human has taught him that he was wrong in the past about doing whatever it takes to achieve what he wants and that he empathizes with Sam as he is the only one who has screwed up more times than Sam has.

Sam and Castiel

With this, Castiel officially loses any remaining disgust he holds towards Sam and his nature. After the spell fails, an appreciative Sam gives a stunned Castiel a hug and he returns it. Season 10 Following the defeat of Metatron, Castiel begins gathering rogue angels. Sam eventually calls to tell him that Dean is a demon, much to Castiel's discomfort. After Crowley provides Castiel with extra grace, Castiel rushes to the bunker to rescue Sam from a murderous Dean Winchester.

The two keep this mission a secret, and go as far as to recruit the help of Bobby Singer, Charlie, and Rowena. Castiel goes to Heaven to meet Bobby and retrieve Metatron, who is believed to know a cure for the Mark. Upon his return, Castiel delivers a letter from Bobby to Sam.

When Rowena and Charlie are asked to help, Castiel is tasked with guarding the witch to ensure Charlie is comfortable. Sam is later happy to see Castiel regain his own grace and they soon succeed in freeing Dean but at the cost of awakening The Darkness. Season 11 Some time after The Darkness was released, Sam is reunited with a sick Castiel and helps the angel search for his "crappy" car.

When the spell cast upon Castiel takes over, Sam is the one to point a gun at Rowena's head to make her undo the spell. When Sam ends up trapped inside a cage with Lucifer in " The Devil in the Details ", both Castiel and Dean rush to help him fend off the archangel.

All three seemingly escape unchanged. Sam offers the use of his soul to power a spell that can remove the warding's on the submarine, but Sam soon discovers that "Castiel" is in fact Lucifer. Lucifer takes Sam upon his offer and proceeds to penetrate his chest, causing Sam immense pain. Before Lucifer can do any serious damage, Castiel uses every ounce of his strength to regain control of his vessel and save Sam. Although Castiel is forced to surrender control back to Lucifer so the archangel can rescue Dean, Castiel was able to keep Sam out of harm's way.

Castiel refuses to believe this, and leaves taunting Raphael who is trapped in a ring of holy fire. Dean approves of Cass' taunts as they leave the scene. While Dean attempts to cheer Castiel up, he ultimately runs him off by blustering that he enjoys being alone, having parted ways with Sam earlier.

Castiel continues searching for God and helping Dean. Castiel teleports Dean away from Zachariah in the nick of time. During The EndCastiel calls Dean for his location and Dean was amused by his ineptness with a phone before he sets an appointment for him to retrieve him. That night, Dean was sent to an alternate world in the future by Zachariah and met a hippie Castiel. After Dean was sent back, Castiel rescued Dean from his brother and told Dean they had an appointment as Dean appreciated the rescue.

Dean was worried at the pain it caused Cass and let him rest. Dean also called Cass a more friendlier angel than Anna, when talking his to mother. At the end, Dean once again helps Cass after he returns to present in his weakened state. Dean was worried when Castiel was teleported by the latter. When Castiel returned battered and bloodied, Dean questioned him on where he was held as Castiel tried to warn him about the threat. After the trickster appeared, he flung Castiel away and banished him once he greeted him and Dean was angry at this.

When he and Sam got fooled by the trickster, Dean worried about Cass' location before he discovered the trick. Dean soon realized Castiel's warning and the trickster's familiarity with him was a sign that the latter was an angel. After their suspicions were confirmed with the trickster being the archangel GabrielDean forced him to bring Castiel back after threatening to pour holy oil on him when he was trapped in a ring of holy fire.

Gabriel complied and Dean asked him if he was okay as Castiel confirmed it. Castiel and Dean on the phone. When a case Dean and Sam are working on leads them to hearts with Enochian sigils carved on them, Dean calls Castiel in for assistance. While they initially believe that a rogue cupid is killing people, the true culprit, Famineaffects Castiel through his vessel, Jimmy Novakwho apparently has a craving for hamburgers.

Castiel stuffs himself throughout the episode, much to Dean's disgust, and asks Dean why he hasn't been put under Famine's curse. When Dean explains that he doesn't deny himself anything, Castiel asks, "So you're just well-adjusted? Later, after Famine is incapacitated and Sam is locked up to go through detox, Castiel attempts to comfort Dean, though it doesn't appear to work.

They find Joshua and find out that God had help them before by saving them and resurrecting Cass as well learning he knows about Earth 's problems but simply doesn't feel he should get involved. This revelation hurts Castiel, who renounces his faith in God and disappears. Following that, in 99 ProblemsCastiel arrives on the scene drunk, short tempered, and bitter. He and Dean later have a heart-to-heart about poor fathers. They try to change his attitude before Cass goes to retrieve the resurrected Adam Sam and Dean's half-brother who is suspected to serve as a replacement vessel for Michael.

With this added problem, they lock Dean in the panic room of Bobby's basement to stop him from leaving. The feelings of betrayal come to a head when Dean escapes Bobby's home by banishing Castiel away and attempts to contact the angels. After a man prays to angels for Dean, Castiel appears and beats Dean within an inch of his life, venting his frustration. He later goes on a suicide mission, stating that he would rather die than watch Dean crumble and fail.

Castiel later returns in Two Minutes to Midnight and apologizes to Dean for not having more faith in him. Dean forgives Cass, and they reconcile. However, Castiel admits that, technically, he is human, having depleted his "batteries" during his suicide mission.

Despite this, Castiel still comes to Dean and Sam's rescue and cuts off Pestilence's finger. In Swan SongCastiel is shockingly human, displaying more emotion than ever. He appears during the fight between Michael and Luciferdistracting them by throwing a Molotov cocktail of holy fire at Michael. This allows Dean to try and get through to Sam, though it ends with an offended Lucifer causing Castiel to explode which horrifies Dean.

The angel is brought back after the battle, "new and improved"and heals Dean and resurrects Bobby. Dean suggests that God wants Castiel to be the new leader of Heaven, though they part ways on a tense note. Season 6 In this season, Dean and Castiel's friendship becomes strained, due to the war with Raphael, Castiel's allegiance with Crowley and Sam's soulless nature.

I wasn't going to mention it. Castiel comes when Dean calls him in The Third Man. He mentions in this episode that he has more profound bond with Dean than Sam. Castiel helps Dean figure out it is the Staff of Moses doing the killing and the trail leads to a rogue angel and friend Balthazar. Castiel also mentions that he needs the stolen weapons of Heaven back due to a civil war in heaven against the archangel Raphael.

Dean calls Castiel again when he's worried about Sam, but Castiel refused to answer unless it was connected to the fight he and Dean had which angered Dean. When Castiel does show up, he dismisses Dean's theory that Lucifer still inside Sam. Castiel promises Dean to make some inquiries after telling him that he, Castiel, doesn't answer Dean's prayers when they're connected to Sam because he doesn't know how to help. Dean later calls Castiel to check on what's wrong with Sam Family Matters.

Castiel reaches into Sam, and discovers that he doesn't have a soul, and explains that whoever brought Sam back left Sam's soul behind in the cage with Michael and Lucifer. When Dean questions whether soulless Sam is even still "Sam", Castiel admits that that's a good question. In Caged HeatCastiel exhibits more human urges, inadvertently watching porn, and later passionately kissing Meg, both to Dean's discomfort. Castiel warns Dean that bringing Sam's soul back could permanently damage the younger Winchester psychologically, but Dean remains firm on retrieving the soul.

Castiel is banished with a sigil when they lay siege to Crowley's warehouse, but later returns with Crowley's bones, which he promptly incinerates when Crowley admits he can't retrieve Sam's soul from the cage. Later, when Castiel admits to Dean that he is on the losing side of the civil war in Heaven, Dean assures his friend that if he needs help, all he has to do is ask.

When Sam gets his soul back, Dean calls Castiel to check on him. When Dean questions Castiel on whether or not Sam will wake up, Castiel is curt with him, and berates Dean for not listening to him. When Dean reacts defensively, Castiel angrily tells him that Sam's soul felt "as if it was skinned alive", and tells Dean that if he wanted to kill his brother, he should have done it outright, making his stance on the matter clear.

When Castiel and Balthazar go back in time to stop the Titanic from sinking, Atropos —one of the three Fates—forces Castiel to capitulate and fix the timeline by threatening the Winchesters. Castiel even threatened Fate if she did so. Atropos then counters her promise by making her sisters go after them instead, which forced Castiel to prevent Balthazar from killing her and comply.

Castiel also ensure they keep their memories of the event but doesn't tell Dean or Sam the real reason for going back in time; while he really sent Balthazar so that they would have more souls for the war, he allows them to believe that Balthazar simply didn't like the movie, or Celine Dion.

Later, the Winchesters find a way to kill Eve, using the ashes of a phoenix. However, their call for Cass is answered by his lieutenant, Rachel, who promptly loses her temper with them after they insist on speaking with Castiel.

Despite her passionate words on his behalf, Castiel appears and dismisses her, much to her chagrin. He agrees to help them go back to the Wild West, and is the first to question Dean's choice of dress, asking if wearing a "blanket" was customary. When the Winchester's search for Eve rapidly proves fruitless, Bobby suggests that Dean call Castiel. However, Castiel admits that he's had no luck either.

When the Winchesters decide to track down a monster that is loyal to the cause, Castiel finds Lenore, a vampire that has had run-ins with the Winchesters before. After she tells them what she knows, she begs them to kill her, because the call of the Mother is forcing monsters to give into their baser natures.

While the Winchesters are both reluctant, Castiel obliges. When they go to the town Lenore told them the Mother was in, Castiel is made powerless by her, much to Dean's irritation. In The Man Who Would Be KingCastiel's betrayal is slowly becoming known though Dean does not want to believe it, and remains desperately loyal to his friend. In the prequel part of the episode, Castiel attempts to explain freedom to the angels in hindsight, he describes the experience as being comparable to teaching poetry to fish, and cynically states that he should have told them that "Freedom is a length of rope.

God wants you to hang yourself with it". Raphael is less than enthused, and demands that Castiel show his support, though Castiel refuses when Raphael announces his intent to restart the Apocalypse. Castiel considering talking to Dean Castiel almost goes to Dean for help, but ultimately decides not to drag his friend into the mess, rationalizing that Dean has been through too much already.

Crowley appears and, playing on the angel's new sense of pride, manages to strike a deal with Castiel: Castiel agrees out of desperation, and while Crowley insists that keeping the Winchesters alive is dangerous, Castiel refuses to kill them, still considering himself their guardian angel. However, during this time, Castiel takes to spying on the Winchesters and Bobby, and later betrays this fact by referencing part of a conversation he'd overheard.

This leads the others to realize that he is not to be trusted, and they capture him in a circle of holy fire. After it is confirmed, Dean takes this betrayal the hardest. He also learns it was Castiel who brought Sam back from the cage but is distrustful since he may have brought him soulless on purpose. Despite this, Castiel has Dean and the others run when Crowley shows up. Later, Castiel goes to Bobby's in an attempt to explain his actions, but refuses to back down, even when Dean threatens to fight back.

When Dean is about to be killed by a demon he's interrogating, Castiel steps in and saves him. Dean is still hurt by Castiel's betrayal, and reacts with hostility. Castiel tells Dean that he too considers them to be family, and tells Dean that after all he, Castiel, has done for the Winchesters, Dean should trust Him.

Even when Dean says he can't, Castiel tells him that he will find Lisa and Ben, who have been kidnapped by Crowley. They part on a hostile note, with Dean telling Castiel that he doesn't want his help. Later, Castiel comes by Lisa's hospital room, and despite Dean's exhausted hostility, heals Lisa without prompting. Dean, though grateful, states that it doesn't change the situation, a statement that Castiel regretfully agrees with.

Dean asks for one more favor, which Castiel grants: Dean is angry at Castiel when he appears after killing Dr. Castiel tells Dean he no longer cares what he thinks, and is tired of getting his approval, but promises that if Dean doesn't fight anymore, Sam will be alright in the end. In an apparent attempt to distract Dean, Castiel breaks down the mental wall that stopped Sam from remembering his year without a soul or his soul's time in Hell.

After Castiel absorbs the souls of Purgatory, he tells Dean that, despite his doubts, Castiel was right in what he did. Dean tries to talk Castiel into releasing them.

Dean finishes his emotional plea by saying how Castiel was family once and if that still has any value to Cass, he will listen to Dean. Castiel mentions that Dean is afraid of his power implying that he isn't going to listen to Dean's pleawhich is why Dean is being nice to Castiel. Castiel informs Dean that he is no longer his family, that they never were family, and that he has no family. He proclaims himself to be the new, better God, and demands that they bow and proclaim loyalty and love, or be destroyed.

About you and what I did to Sam. Castiel spares Dean, and leaves. Dean, realizing he can't fight against Castiel, gives up until an idea to bind Death comes up. Dean and the others summon and bind Death to kill Castiel.

Dean has given up on Castiel, until Cass comes asking for help. Dean rushes to Castiel's aid. While working, Castiel apologizes to Dean for what he's done, and promises to make it up to Dean. As the door opens to PurgatoryCastiel collapses, and Dean rushes to help him stand.