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priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

PLease tell me you did not go in there!:) Dirty girl! sheltiegurl 10y. haha, ohh, but we did! ;-). Taken on June 25, This photo is public. All rights reserved. Phone, Suggest a phone number Priscilla's (Where Fun and Fantasy Meet!). 21 likes. Local Business. Fun and Fantasy Meet!) There are no stories available. By Zeba Blay and Priscilla Frank You probably formed an opinion about “A Star Is Born” long before the movie came out. Maybe you were.

I feel much more comfortable with crowds, with people and with talking', says Priscilla Presley. I want to put the record straight from my side'. Everyone has an Elvis story. The first time they heard him, the first time they saw him, the time they did a remake of one of his hits or imitated his style… Elvis was a lot of things, which makes for a lot of stories. He was rock 'n' roll and for that matter he was a parable for our country during his time. He was wild and creative, alive and vibrant, reckless, impetuous, generous, unstoppable, hypnotic and consuming.

Even at his worst moments, he seemed to be all of this. For that, some forgave him and others turned away. Like most music lovers, I've been an Elvis fan all my life. When I got the invitation to moderate a discussion of the king's life and work with Priscilla Beaulieu PresleyI was naturally floored.

Of all our stories, she is the only one to have the story of being his wife, confidant, friend, accomplice and the mother of his child. To prepare, I read her memoir, Elvis and Me. Among other things, Priscilla shares intimate details about their 18 years together, the complications of it all and the life of the king. Through the precious prism of her relationship with the legend, we learn about some of the forces at play behind the world's greatest star.

Priscilla tells the tale of a complicated man under extraordinary circumstances. She wrote the book for their daughter, Lisa Mariewho is living her own extraordinary life. But I also think she wrote it for herself, the undying love she shared with Elvis and for him too.

We still called each other, I went to his shows, I visited him at Graceland and he'd come to see me early morning hours at my home and he would always come by and show me one of his newest cars. I'm still very close to basically most of the old gang. Bill is the Sergeant there and Ali was from Germany and they lived where the sergeants lived there on the base.

And I stayed with them a lot when I went to visit him first. And we would come over and then we would go in the backyard and sit in the yard and look up at the sky. Talk about all the things we were planning on doing, like getting married, all that kind of stuff in the future. And then it was foreign to him not knowing what was gonna happen when he had to go overseas and he already knew that by now. And he was dreading that. Before his mom passed away, it was the greatest time that I ever spent with him.

He was a soldier boy and I was his girlfriend from back home and we were in love and we were together with friends.

priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

We just had a wonderful time. Dating, people didn't really bother him then and we just had a normal relationship during those days. Later, after his mom passed away, he went to this house in Killeen, Texas and I remember his grandmother was there and his dad. Elvis would do everything to keep himself busy and he invited these people -- I remember fan club presidents coming from Chicago and other places.

They would come and stay in that house. I could not believe it, they were all over the place. Every time I went down on the weekend, it was a different place. Strangers, I'd never seen these people.

Elvis didn't act like himself then. He would play on the piano and look around, 'Little are you there? Elvis was a big eater and I'm a big eater. I always have been a big eater. We like to eat. That was always a part of our day too - our night, night with Elvis. He slept in the daytime. You had to rearrange your whole schedule.

Please tell us about Elvis and his parents, Mr. Presley and how it was for them when they were all at Graceland together.

It was a fun time.


I can remember some Christmas' that we were there altogether. And we were all happy. It was a happy good time. She would look at him, and I remember to talk to him and she would grit her teeth, and talk this baby talk, and he would do it back to her.

They were gritting their teeth at each other. And it was just so much fun and Mr. Presley was loving, but not as much so as she was.

I mean I know he loved Elvis and, but he didn't show it the way she did. Of course, being a mother. And now that I'm a mother, I can understand it even more. But, because she lost Elvis' twin, she was just extremely close to him. And she would talk to me about, she wanted us to get married and she wanted us to have a little boy and to name it Elvis Jr.

And she said, 'I can just see him running up and down the driveway in his little bare feet, this little blonde-headed boy'.

We talked about things like a lot. She's trying to plan his future, not having any idea of the things that were going down. We used to always sit down, he would always fix things like some kinda of greens. And they would get some grease and get it really hot on the stove and pour it over the greens. I've never heard of that before and I don't know what it is still to this day.

But, it was good. Some kind of dark greens. Or something kind of greens. That was home cooking, it was really good and we would go visit and aunts and we would eat with them and they were the same type of people, ya know. And with Patsy, his double cousin, ya know. It was a good close family. We had a lot of family gatherings at Graceland. They would all come there. And we would go to their house too.

I remember the day we went and found Junior dead and that was really sad. Junior Smith was his cousin and he died at night in his sleep and we went over there and we were the first there.

A terrible sight, but that was just the first tragedy that happened in that family. What was Elvis' parents' reaction to his success, how did Mr. Presley was worried, concerned, she didn't like him to go on his trips. She was afraid that someone might hurt him. That he might get hurt traveling there and back. Very protective of him because she had lost the twin, you could understand that. That's all she had left and she wouldn't have any more children.

So she was extremely close and protective of him. She was not really happy about him being gone. This type of mother and this is her message to him always. They talked on the phone often at first, you know, when I first met him and the times he would leave and go to Hollywood.

And she did go out there for Loving You that was right before I met him, but I don't remember her going out there since then.

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She really got in bad health and spent a lot of time at home. What do you think was the reason for her declining health? Well, I would say because of Elvis and getting into the Army, having him join the Army and that might have something to do with it. I know that broke her heart because she did not want him to go into the Army.

She did not want him to go overseas. I mean this was foreign to her and she could not imagine him going that far away from her and being separated from him. That why after the first six weeks when they couldn't go; when I could go down there and spend so much time with them the first six weeks of boot camp that's what they call it, I think.

And when she came down there, how elated she was in the trailer, even in the trailer. And the quaint surroundings that we had down there, she was so happy to be there when she was with him, taking care of her son again, ya know. They were just a close family. He always included grandma too.

She was always there too. It was just hard. She worried a lot about him. I mean worry can make anybody sick. She did, she worried constantly about him. So it may have had something to do with her health. I don't know, she might have been having problems from the beginning, I don't know. A liver problem, they say that's what is was in the end. How about her concern with the girls chasing after Elvis and so forth?

Well she didn't much like that either. She did not much like the girls chasing him when he'd come over the house. I don't remember a lot of the girls from the gate coming up there that often. Cause they were living there and they did not want them up there. His Mother would talk to me about she hoped that we would end up together, 'You're just the girl for him.

You would take care of him, you know. I know that you will and he'll always remember his roots and where he came from' and this type of thing. She was not pleased with a lot of activity and I remember when they lived on Audubon before they bought Graceland, I remember her telling me about Natalie Wood coming to visit and she didn't much like that. She didn't like some the habits that she had and she told me all about it. I'm thinking that she had to approve of the person that Elvis really ended up with.

It meant a lot to him that his mother approved of someone a lot. When the girls were rushing the stage, was she concerned about that?

Oh yeah, always afraid he would get hurt, you know. I mean there were a lot of girls, and boys, and women, and they would rush him. Sure, I would be and she was worried and concerned about that. He can get hurt. He may have gotten hurt some of the time.

I think they jerked his shorts off and things like this, grabbing for him. So, oh yeah, she was a constant worrier. She was from a family that was not used to anything like this and it was all new and foreign to her and she did not like it. Tell us about when Elvis would go down to Goldsmith's after hours? Well a time or two, he would just say 'Okay we're going, let's downtown to Levy's or Goldsmith's'. There was another one. I can't remember the name of it right now.

He would just load up the car. We would all get into the car. And Patsy and myself, maybe Louis and Jean, some of the guys. He would say 'Okay ladies go get anything you want'.

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Well you know me, I didn't get very much. I've always been taught you don't take advantage of people. And so Eddie would tell me to get something I would maybe pick out this dress.

I like this dress or these shoes. I would not get very much. Now Elvis gave me a lot of things and that's fine. And I accepted them and I gave them all away eventually, except the ring my daughter still has on that's the only thing I kept.

But, as far as him saying go. And that's what he did and, of course, the guys would all go and just buy everything they wanted. But, I would just maybe get a few things. He'd yell out to me, 'Get em, get em, get some more, get some more'. Yeah, he was very generous to a fault I think. Tell us about the guitar Elvis gave you?

Okay, well the guitar. One Christmas he was in Germany at the time and Mr. Diskin, who worked for Colonel Tom Parkerbrought it to my home in Jackson, Tennessee and it was a guitar and it had gold letters written in it. And he had gold letters written on it, 'Too Little from EP'. Of course, I couldn't play guitar and didn't want to play guitar. It was in a very nice case and that was a Christmas gift from him that year. It was very nice. I kept it for while and then, later on, I gave it to an old neighbor of mine, Larry Worthy.

I don't know if you know him or not. He said he put it in a Museum. I don't know what he did with the guitar, but he was a big fan and a little guy so I gave it to him. Was there certain getaways that you could remember?

Well now look, I done told you a lot. We spent a lot of time at Graceland. On the grounds at Graceland, they would have roman candle fights in the backyard that were just scary as everything, at each other. I mean they had no fear. Oh man and we sat and watched this. Fighting with each other, at each other with these roman candles. Right at each other. That's one thing they did.

We would just get on the go-cart and ride around Graceland a lot. A swimming pool, we used to go swimming, they had a pool there. Elvis was not a big swimmer and did not really like, when I knew him, to get in the water that much. But, he would on occasion go out there if I asked him, 'Let's go swimming'. You know, it was hot. I remember one time, we were out there, Lamar was out there and he had me stand up here and say 'Lamar, look at her. Just look at her.

That hip is just a little bit bigger than the other hip', he said. But other than that, just look at it on her. She's just perfect, turn around Little'.

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We'd go riding in the truck; we'd go riding on the motorcycle down to Lauderdale Courts. To the Rainbow Skating Rink, I believe was the name of it back then. To the Memphian Theatre, to the Fairgrounds, like it is now. And sometimes we'd go to friend's houses. He had some friends in Arkansas that ran the theaters; we'd go see them some.

We would go to see Jean and Louise occasionally. They were close to him. Mainly, he'd just like to drive, ya know, just drive around Memphis. He'll say 'Let's go drivin'. We used to talk and listen to music, go back to Graceland, go to the music, then go to the piano room.

We had a big white piano there then, and he would sit down for hours. He went to the public library and took out a book on Mao Tse-tung. He took out a book on the Huey Long murder case. He took out a book about President Kennedy. Lee told Marina that, in 20 years, he would be president or prime minister.

He said that the child they were about to have would be prime minister. It would seem as though there were more members. He told her she was to sign under the name A. She refused, but then she agreed, and she practiced writing A. He forced her to write to the Soviet embassy in Washington and request a visa to go back and to take the baby with her.

priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

She did not want to go, and she dreaded it. This was a threat that hung over her throughout her time in the United States. He seemed quite downcast.

Marina found him in the kitchen with his legs wrapped around the back of a kitchen chair and his head on the back of the chair. She put her arms around him and tried to comfort him. They had a conversation about which city in Russia they would try to live in. So she wrote to the Soviet embassy.

She wrote him quite a chatty letter that time, asking to go back, but unknown to her, Lee added a postscript. He said please to consider his visa application separately, but he meant that they should process hers ahead of his. Because he wanted to go to Cuba, perhaps? His brain was like a stove with a front burner and several back burners. What was on the back burner could shift to the front burner. But Russia, for political reasons, would take him in, and he would join his family there.

He decided the way to go was to skyjack an airplane. He told Marina that he would sit in the front row of the airplane cabin. She would sit in the back row with June. At a certain point, he would put a gun in the back of the pilot of the aircraft. She would stand up and keep the entire passenger contingent at bay with a pistol, and would speak to them. She would speak to the crowd and tell them to be quiet.

How am I going to explain to them? Then he thought of going through Mexico. She saw Lee on the screened-in porch of their apartment in New Orleans.

He was perched on his knee with his rifle at his shoulder, and he was aiming it. She was extremely surprised at this. She hated to see him with the rifle again. But he continued to dry-fire the rifle and aim it for about three weeks — the last part of August and the first part of September, that fall, — before he went to Mexico City.

He was very enthusiastic about Castro, and he wanted to name their baby Fidel. She was the thing in his life that was happiest and best. He would put her to bed at night. It would take him about an hour and a half. He used to take baths with June. Sometimes she told him he was acting like a prince, but he loved the baby. If Marina tried to discipline her, he very often would discipline Marina.

June was the one person he lived for and whom he loved. He played with her every night when he put her to bed. He played with her during the day. When he was doing exercises to practice going to Cuba, she ran after him and laughed, and they played together. She was what he lived for. Lee was never gone from home very long. She noticed his absences at other cities where they had lived.

She knew nothing about any connections he had with anti-Castro people. He thought that it exploited people. Lee despaired of both the Soviet system and the American system. He felt that he was rather a special person, because he had witnessed both systems in operation. But he concluded that the most he or anyone could do to alter the capitalist system was to strike it a blow at the very top, to decapitate it. He wrote this before he shot at General Walker. He seemed to have it in mind the rest of his life.

priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

He liked him in civil rights. He disliked him for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. At the same time, he made it very clear that he wanted his own son, whom he did not yet have, to be president. But insofar as he spoke about Kennedy, it was to praise him.