Nice peter and epiclloyd meet obamas kissinger

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nice peter and epiclloyd meet obamas kissinger

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But the mascot is usually shown as a Confederate soldier. This is a nod to the school's original name, Southern Freehold, even though it opened in and the town had been named Howell while Richard Howell was still Governor. The name of the school was changed in He had outlived his son, Frederick, Prince of Wales. Had Frederick not died apparently of a pulmonary embolism inhe would now have been King.

Had he still been on the throne in -- he would have been 69, so it's hardly impossible -- the history of the world could have been incredibly different.

It's not clear what he would have done in the s had porphyria not already begun to drive him mad. It's also worth wondering what would have happened had said madness led him to a fatal accident before the American Revolution got going -- say, before the Boston Tea Party of -- leaving his son, still a child, as King George IV, instead of waiting until to sub for his father as Prince Regent and to finally become King.

Either way, it's possible America would still favor cricket which Frederick had helped to popularize and football soccerrather than baseball and American football. Henry Knox dies when he chokes to death during dinner in Thomaston, Massachusetts, now in Maine.

The Boston native was Army, and was chosen by him to serve as the 1st U. Fort Knox in Kentucky, site of the famous gold reserve, and Knoxville, home of the University of Tennessee, are named for him. The Battle of Balaclava is fought in the Crimean War, in what is now part of the city of Sevastopol, currently disputed by Russia and Ukraine.

Both sides lost about men, so the battle was inconclusive. But that's not how it's remembered. Lord Cardigan sent this "light brigade" to recover guns left behind by the dead Turkish troops, a task for which they would have been well-suited. But ironically, given the nature of their work a miscommunication by Captain Louis Nolan sent them on a frontal assault against Russian artillery, and they got clobbered.

Nolan himself was one of the first to die -- meaning no one was willing to blame him, so the public blamed Lord Cardigan. In response, Alfred Tennyson, then Britain's Poet Laureate, published a poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade," designed to show that the men who fought, not the men who ordered them "but to do and die," should be the ones remembered. Not only did the British public rally around their Army, but it went on to win the war a year and a half later.

No one remembers Nolan. If we remember Cardigan, it's as the namesake of a sweater. Yes, it was named for him. But while we may not remember any individuals in the Light Brigade, we remember the "noble six hundred. William Joseph Shettsline is born in Philadelphia. Bill Shettsline was not a baseball player, but he was club secretary of the Philadelphia Phillies untilwhen he was named manager.

He served untiland bought the team inselling it inand remaining as business manager today, we would say "general manager" until he died in Only in did he win a National League Pennant. The Monitors defeat the defending champion Uniques, and it isn't even close: October 25,years ago: Burke is born in Abington, Massachusetts. An outfielder, Dan Burke briefly played in the early s, although he did win a Pennant with the Boston Beaneaters forerunners of the Atlanta Braves.

Back to you, Bob! In between, as Lloyd-as-Picasso said, "I am the greatest: The modern art Muhammad Ali! And they were still playing baseball at that time of year in the s? Hey, Bud Selig's moronic scheduling was just trying to get baseball back to its roots!

On this same day, Lafayette College defeats Lehigh University in football, The Lehigh Valley rivals, separated by 17 miles along U. Route 22 the Lafayette Leopards in Easton, the Lehigh Engineers in Bethlehemwill go on to produce the most-played rivalry in college football. Intheir meeting was their th, due to having played twice and even, during World War II with travel restrictions, 3 times in some seasons.

Lafayette won it, Lehigh won last year, but Lafayette leads the rivalry, This year's game will be played at Lafayette's Fisher Stadium on November The Giants clinch New York's 1st true World Championship in any professional sport, 6 games to 2, by trouncing the St.

Louis Browns forerunners of the Cardinals Tim Keefe gets his 4th win of the series. Of course, this doesn't count amateur championships won from to by teams like the Knickerbockers, the New York Club, the Mutuals, and Brooklyn teams like the Atlantics, the Excelsiors and the Eckfords.

The last survivor of the Giants was Ledell "Cannonball" Titcomb, a pitcher from Maine, who pitched a no-hitter inand lived until Inhe pitched a no-hitter. Inhe went for the Red Sox, including 16 straight wins.

Sincethere have been 2 seasons of 31 wins, 1 of 30, 1 of 28 and 2 of 27, but 34 is not going to happen again unless rules or ballpark conditions are radically changed.

Shortly before a heavily hyped game against the Washington Senators on September 6,between Wood and the man generally agreed to be the best pitcher of the day, Walter Johnson, Johnson said, "Can I throw harder than Joe Wood?

There's no man alive can throw harder than Smoky Joe Wood! Counting the Series, he was on the year. Unfortunately, Wood injured his thumb in spring training inand he was never the same pitcher. The Red Sox traded him to the Cleveland Indians, where he was reunited with his former Boston teammate Tris Speaker and converted into an outfielder.

But he never won another game as a pitcher. Still, his hitting and fielding helped the Indians win the World Series, and he finished his career with a lifetime batting average of. No other pitcher with at least 95 wins can top that. Babe Ruth won InLawrence S.

They explained what they called "the Smoky Joe Wood Syndrome," where a player of truly exceptional talent but a career curtailed by injury should still, in spite of not having had career statistics that would quantitatively rank him with the all-time greats, be included on their list of the greatest players.

In addition to Wood himself, the players they included in this category were Dizzy Dean, Pete Reiser see the entry and Herb Score. But not Tony Conigliaro. Wood later became the baseball coach at Yale University, and died inage 95, the last survivor of the World Series. His son, actually named Joe Wood, pitched 3 games for the Red Sox indue to wartime-stretched rosters, but never really made it even at the Triple-A level, and retired at age 31 in At least, like his dad, he lived to a ripe old age, making it to 86 in Caroline Harrison, wife of President Benjamin Harrison, dies of tuberculosis at age Also on this day, Gerald Paul Nugent is born in Philadelphia.

A leather goods and shoe merchant, in he married Mae Mallen, secretary to Phillies owner William Baker. Baker died inleaving control of the team to his widow and Nugent.

Baker died inGerry Nugent had full control. But it was the Great Depression, and while he wanted to spend money to improve the team something Baker wouldn't dohe didn't have it to spend.

Byhe was forced to sell the team back to Major League Baseball, who eventually sold it to the very rich Carpenter family, which saved it.

Levi Yitzhak Shkolnik is born in Orativ, Ukraine. We knew him as Levi Eshkol. One of the founding fathers of the State of Israel, he served as Minister of Finance for 11 years until being named Prime Minister on June 26, His tenure included the country's finest hour, the Six-Day War of June But he died in office, of a heart attack at age 73, on February 26, Game 5 of the World Series at the Polo Grounds.

According to home plate umpire Bill Klem, commenting after the game, Doyle, in his jubilation about scoring the winning run, really never touched home plate. But the A's failed to notice the gaffe, and did not appeal. Nobody seemed to remember this, even though it evoked the mistake Doyle's teammate, 1st baseman Fred Merkle, made 3 years earlier in a game that effectively cost the Giants the Pennant.

But then, it wasn't caught on film or television, and it ended up not mattering, because the A's ended up winning the World Series the next day anyway. A radio magnate, he bought the Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League, the baseball team that gave its name to the city's hockey team. He negotiated with St.

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Louis Browns owner Bill Veeck to make the Leafs a Browns farm team, and followed Veeck's lead in both integrating the team and instituting wacky promotions, keeping it going even after Veeck was no longer the owner and the team had become the Baltimore Orioles. They won Pennants in, and He sold the team in Cooke moved to the U. Inafter a stroke left founding owner George Preston Marshall an invalid, his family began to sell off the team, and sold Cooke a 25 percent share.

Actually, the real reason he built The Forum was because he had outbid Los Angeles Rams owner Dan Reeves no relation to the later football coach of the same name for the right to get L.

The Kings were the least successful of Cooke's teams.

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He was told thatformer Canadians lived within a 3-hour drive of Los Angeles, but the Kings struggled at the box office, leading Cooke to say, "Now I know why they left Canada: Indeed, the Lakers lost the Finals to the Celtics in, and, after Cooke bought them, andand to the Knicks in They finally won in But it is as Redskins owner by which Cooke will be most remembered.

Byhe and Washington-based "superlawyer" Edward Bennett Williams had become the sole owners, with Cooke as majority owner, as Williams bought the Baltimore Orioles, and NFL rules prohibit a majority owner from being a majority owner of a team in another sport. They lost to the Miami Dolphins. Later in the year, the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series, making Williams the only person ever to have ownership shares in the World Series and Super Bowl titleholders at the same time.

nice peter and epiclloyd meet obamas kissinger

He sold out inmaking Cooke sole Redskins owner. After failing to get funding for a new stadium from the District of Columbia government, he built his own in the suburb of Landover, Maryland, across the Beltway from the Capital Centre arena. This stadium has been fraught with problems from day one. First, Cooke died at age 85 ina few months before it could be completed.

Then, with a capacity of 80, the Redskins went from having the smallest stadium but the best home-field advantage in the NFL to the largest stadium and the worst game-day atmosphere. Cooke's heirs sold the team and the stadium to Daniel Snyder, and he sold naming rights to the stadium, and now it's FedEx Field. The Redskins have reached the Playoffs just 5 times in the stadium's 1st 21 seasons.

Cooke has been called the best owner in sports history. Certainly, he made the Redskins an nationally iconic franchise, as opposed to the regionally iconic one they were under the racist Marshall. And he was definitely successful, winning 3 titles in the NFL and 1 in the NBA, and building 2 tremendous sports facilities. But his teams could have been so much more, and, in his declining years, his building of the stadium that no longer bears his name may have doomed the team to a generation of mediocrity.

Annis Paul Stukus is born in Toronto. The quarterback led the Toronto Argonauts to Grey Cup wins, in andin the latter season playing in the same backfield as his brothers Bill and Frank. He spent his retirement in Canmore, Alberta, and died there inage A centreback, he was selected for the England team that was to play Germany at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on May 14, But when Sir Neville Henderson, the British Ambassador to Germany, out of respect for their hosts and the betterment of international relations with one of the world's major powers at the time, demanded that all England players give the Nazi salute on the pitch before the game, and was backed up by the Football Association the FACullis refused.

He was the only England player selected for this game to do so. England won the game,thanks to 2 goals by No, not that Jackie Robinson: This one was a white forward for Sheffield Wednesday. Contrary to popular belief, Cullis was not punished by the FA, but his England appearances were limited to 12 due to World War II interrupting international play. They finished 2nd in as well. He would have more luck as manager of "Wolves. Thus, each rival denied the other the Double.

InCullis led Wolves to a win over Honved, the Budapest side that featured several of the Hungary players that had embarrassed England at Wembley and in Budapest the year before. Stan Cullis died in A statue of him now stands outside Wolves' Molineux Stadium, one of whose stands is named for him. Legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly said of him, "All round, as a player, as a manager, and for general intelligence, it would be difficult to name anyone since the game began who could qualify to be in the same class as Stan Cullis.

Leland Stanford MacPhail Jr. Unfortunately, Yankee Fans remember him best for overruling the correct ruling of the umpires in the Pine Tar Game of July 24,and giving George Brett a home run and the Kansas City Royals a win they did not deserve. Larry and Lee are the only father-son combination in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Lee was the oldest living Hall-of-Famer when he died inat age It had nothing to do with swinging a baseball bat. But he was a more effective crimefighter than Batman: He was said to be so quick on the draw, eventually men stopped being willing to face him.

He left the gunslinging life to become one of the 1st sportswriters, covering boxing and horse racing. He covered the April 5,heavyweight championship fight in Havana, Cuba, where Jack Johnson finally lost the title to Jess Willard. He played in the majors from toand lived until Arsenal defeat their North London arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur Jimmy Brain makes his Arsenal first-team debut, and scores the only goal. Early in the season, Arsenal sold him -- to Tottenham, of all teams.

But, at that point, he was 31 years old. Especially in those days, that was considered old for a forward. When Dennis Bergkamp, a later Arsenal legend, retired shortly before turning 37, it was considered a rare thing to be playing that position at such a high level at that age.

Defenders frequently last that long, but forwards usually don't. Arsenal legend Thierry Henry retired at age 37, but hadn't played in a top European league since he was Brain played 3 seasons for Tottenham, and, amazingly -- or, perhaps not so amazingly, considering that the s was the decade of the Great Depression -- kept playing until he was He later managed a couple of clubs, and died inadmired on both sides of the North London Derby.

A 3rd baseman, he was signed by the Yankees, and manager Casey Stengel said, "Brown looks like a feller who's been hitting for 12 years and fielding for 1.

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Then he was drafted into the Korean War, and by the time he returned inhe'd lost his stuff. That didn't matter, though, since he had another calling. He attended medical school during the off-season. On roadtrips, he roomed with Yogi Berra, a high school dropout, who, when asked how he liked school, said, "Closed.

How did yours turn out? He gave it up inwhen he was elected President of the American League. He came to Old-Timers' Day at Yankee Stadium every year, but, since he was representing the entire AL, he always wore a suit, never a uniform. He served in the post untiland, ever since, has worn a uniform with his old Number 6 on it for Old-Timers' Day, even though it's now been retired for Joe Torre.

At 94, he is not quite the oldest living Yankee -- 1st baseman Aaron Robinson is, just short of turning 98, and pitcher Art Schallock is 6 months older than Brown -- but he is the last surviving member of the Yankees' and World Champions. Yogi was the next-to-last in each case. With the death this year of Red Schoendienst, of the St. Louis Cardinals, Bobby is now the earliest surviving World Series winner.

A forward, he starred for Lancashire soccer team Burnley, leading them to the Football League title finishing just 1 point ahead of Stan Cullis' Wolves, denying them a 3rd straight title and the FA Cup Final. He also played for Northern Ireland in the World Cup. A right wing, he won National Championships with the University of Denver in and Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sign a treaty of alliance. A week later, on November 1, Italy's Premier, Benito Mussolini, declared that all other European countries would, from then on, rotate on the Rome-Berlin axis, thus creating the term "Axis" for this alliance.

A month later, on November 25, Germany and the Empire of Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact, and anti-Communist treaty, which Italy would sign on to the following year.

Thus did Japan join the Axis. Charles Thomas Schilling is born in Brooklyn. Schilling played for the Boston Red Sox, but in a down period for them. Chuck was a 2nd baseman, and played for them from to He is still alive. Zelmo Beaty no middle name is born in Hillister, Texas.

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He later became a teacher, and died in Robert Montgomery Knight is born in Massillon, Ohio. He always seemed to be listed as "Bobby Knight" until well into his Indiana tenure, but he seems to always be listed as "Bob Knight" now. Unlike them, Bob Knight became head coach at "Army.

He also coached the U. The best ever assembled to that point. But controversy followed him, ranging from assaulting a police officer at a preseason tournament in Puerto Rico, to sexist comments, to profanity-laden press conferences, to the infamous chair toss to protest the officiating in a loss to in-State arch-rival Purdue, to assaulting his own players, including his own son, Pat Knight.

IU finally had no choice but to fire him inbut he resurfaced at Texas Tech, and brought them more NCAA Tournament success than they'd ever had before. With wins, he became the winningest coach in men's college basketball history, although he has been surpassed by his former assistant at West Point, Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski. And not once in 41 seasons of head coaching with Army, with Indiana, with Texas Tech was he ever accused of breaking NCAA or conference rules.

And his players graduated. And, like Joe Paterno, who left under a more horrible controversy than anything that's been thrown at Knight, Knight has been a heavy donor to his schools' libraries. Top that, Rick Pitino and John Calipari. As the man in the red sweater himself -- adopting those after ditching his former plaid jackets -- said, "When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want they bury me upside-down, so my critics can kiss my ass.

Chester James Carville Jr.

nice peter and epiclloyd meet obamas kissinger

The town was named for his grandfather, who'd been a postmaster nearby. Ironically, he married Mary Matalin, who worked on the other side, having been on the senior staff of the George H. Bush campaigns of and They have 2 daughters, and now live in New Orleans, where James teaches political science at Tulane University. Mason City has 2 musical connections: Don Eddy was not a musician, as far as I can tell. He pitched in 22 games for the Chicago White Sox in and On the last day of the season, he hit a double off Bill Parsons of the Milwaukee Brewers.

It was his only major league at-bat. He died this past October 10, from cancer, in Rockwell, Iowa, a few days short of turning A center fielder, he played for his hometown Hiroshima Toyo Carp from toand managed them from toand again from to He was named MVP again in He led the Carp to Pennants in,and as a player, and in as manager. They also won the Central League Pennant this year, although he was not directly involved.

His home runs are the 4th-most in Japanese history. Alexis Sanchez, you blew it. With Internacional of Porto Alegre, he won Brazil's league in and With Palestino of Santiago, he won Chile's national cup in and its league in He was later named "best foreign player of the century" in both Uruguay and Brazil. He played for Chile in theand World Cups -- in World Cups 16 years apart, despite the team not qualifying in and He later managed Palestino, and is now a TV studio pundit in the sport.

Columbia University upsets the U. It is Army's 1st defeat in 4 years, after winning the National Championship in and '45, and being denied another due to a tie with Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium in ' Wien Stadiumis at th Street and Broadway, at the northern tip of Manhattan, in a neighborhood called Inwood, the game is nicknamed for Columbia's location, blocks south: The Miracle of Morningside Heights. No Ivy League team, not even the undefeated Dartmouth squad ofhas had such a memorable victory since.

Sox general manager Leslie O'Connor argued that Zoeterman was a private school student at Chicago Christian High School, now defunctand therefore not covered under the ban. O'Connor refused to pay, resulting in the suspension. What would have happened if Comiskey had backed his GM up? It could have meant a lawsuit. Chances are, before that case could reach court, the owners would have fired Chandler, and replaced him with a Commissioner more amenable to the Pale Hose's case. And what, you might ask, happened to the principals?

He died inat age A year later, he was signed -- by the crosstown Cubs. But he never got past Triple-A ball, and was released after the season, washed-up at He died inage 71, and I can find no record of what he did in the last 50 years of his life. October 25,70 years ago: It is a good day for an NBA center to be born.

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David William Cowens is born in Newport, Kentucky. Despite having the universities of Kentucky and Louisville in his home State, he went to Florida State. But it did bother me that, after years of not exactly packing the Boston Garden when the title-winning center was the outspoken black man Bill Russell, when the white Cowens came in, suddenly, Bostonians started packing the place and putting his poster up on their walls. Well into the s, there was a giant mural of Cowens on the side of a building near the Garden.

It wasn't until recently that Russell finally got the statue he had long deserved. Unlike Kentucky native Cowens, he did play at the University of Kentucky. UK and the Nugs both retired his Number 44 surely, if the Colonels had been taken into the NBA, they would have done so as welland he is a member of the Hall of Fame. He wasn't named to the 50 Greatest Players, but perhaps he should have been. He is the greatest wrestler in American history, and I ain't talking about that crap that C.

He won a Gold Medal at the Olympics in Munich, Germany, not allowing a single point against the best wrestlers in the world at his weight class pounds. And he was just getting warmed up. He began coaching Iowa State's biggest rival, the University of Iowa, inand from to they won 9 straight National Championships, eventually winning 15 National Championships and the Big 10 Championship all 21 years he was at Iowa, making him arguably, as hard as it would have been to believe ina greater success as a coach than as a performer in his sport.

As a coach, he was his sport's John Wooden. He coached the U. Olympic wrestling team in not competing due to the Soviet boycottand He is now retired from an active role at Iowa. But he's best-remembered as the Canadiens' general manager from toand by "best-remembered," I don't mean "most fondly remembered.

Houle was also a notoriously poor drafter, which probably hurt the team more than the Roy trade. He is now a club ambassador.

nice peter and epiclloyd meet obamas kissinger

He had no middle name, and, like most people with the name in Britain, the E is silent: He is now a radio broadcaster for Derby County matches. Hi, I'm Barack don't call me Barry, I don't go by that anymore. I'm President of the United States of America — the first African American to ever hold that position — and a member of the Democratic party. I was, ahhh, born in Hawaii America, last time I checked and have a birth certificate to prove it.

My parents divorced soon after, but hey, that didn't stop me from attending Harvard Law School, serving as an Illinois State Senator, and developing my ah, stuttery, "thoughtful", oratory style before running for president.

I rode into office in the election on a promise of change and hope for a socialist better country. During my term, I set into motion efforts to pull troops out of Iraq mission accomplished Augustkill Osama Bin Laden slam dunk, nailed itclose our special military prison Guantanamo Bay we're, ah, still working on itand fix the economy stimulus takes, ahh, some time.

I openly support gay marriage, heck, I just want everyone to be as happy as I am with my beautiful, powerful, dignified, giant of a wife, Michelle. You must be what's left. Need to stop hating on gays; let 'em teach you how to dress! You've got the momma jeans and a Mr. So rich and white, it's like I'm running against a cheesecake! Republicans need a puppet, and you fit! Got their hands so far up your rear, call you Mitt!

I'm the Head of State! You're like a head of cabbage! You're a bad man with no chance; you can't even touch me!