Naruto and goku meet

15 Times Dragon Ball Z Crossed Over With Other Series

naruto and goku meet

Naruto may be one of the strongest shinobi ever, but in terms of raw power, he comes nowhere close to Goku. The biggest villains he has faced and overcome, . The boundary Naruto will never break: Naruto's Reaction. Goku has battled Naruto in numerous different video games over the years. In , there was a more indirect crossover between the two.

Soon after Naruto left with the honorable grandson, Goku walked in the office were Anbu ninja appeared in front of him, but the Hokage waved them off. I'm getting bored just staying locked away being watched. The Hokage was take back by that statement and became curious.

naruto and goku meet

Those shinobi are the highest Anbu this village has to offer. Naruto and Sasuke argued, and then continued to glare at each other until a boy sitting in front of them accidentally bumped into Naruto, who fell forward and accidentally kissed Sasuke, much to everyone's disgust.

Shortly after, Naruto approached Sakura to have lunch, but she coldly dismissed him. Angered yet again, Naruto formulated a plan to make Sakura dislike Sasuke. Later, Naruto ambushed Sasuke through an open window.

Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, and Dragon Ball Z Meet in Jump Force – Game Rant

Then Sasuke was shown standing over a bound and gagged Naruto. Later, 'Sasuke' asked Sakura about Naruto. He nothing but a Dead Last and Failure with no skills. He's annoying to, if he's always gets between us I can't live a life with you. But, your forehead is cute it makes me want kiss it. Sasuke leaned in to kiss Sakura, but was forced to go to the bathroom. It was then shown that Naruto had actually overpowered Sasuke and tied him up.

Meanwhile, the real Sasuke, who had managed to escape Naruto's bonds, walked by Sakura. Sasuke then became angry at Sakura and left, but not before saying to Sakura that she was annoying. Sakura resolved to be a little nicer to Naruto in the future. Naruto then approached Sakura and, when Sakura tried to be friendly, Naruto thought that it was Sasuke who transformed into Sakura.

He yelled at Sakura before fleeing once more to the bathroom. Naruto, however, ran into Sasuke while heading to the bathroom. He used the Shadow Clone Technique and was about to attack Sasuke, but abruptly all of the clones had to go to the bathroom.

The Hokage briefed Kakashi on Team 7, which Kakashi would be leading. Kakashi examined a carton and declared that the milk had spoiled a long time ago, commenting about how much of a problem Naruto and Goku would be.

naruto and goku meet

Day team seven is together As the group was waiting the door opened up to reveal Goku. Naruto is a good manga, just because some people prefer Dragon Ball I personally like them evenlydoesn't mean it's stupid.

Also, Naruto has just as good plot and characters as Dragon Ball. They are both excellent mangas, and you can't really say one is better, as they are both quite different.

Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, and Dragon Ball Z Meet in Jump Force

The themes are VERY different overall, the copying is only small parts. Besides, Akira Toriyama sort of based Dragon Ball off a book. Overall, I'd say DragonBall would win if they fought, because Buu and the Z fighters would just destroy the entire planet Madara can teleport and destroy armies using only summons, Pain can absorb energy, and we haven't even SEEN what Sasuke can do yet But of course they'd have to get stronger to survive a Spirit Bomb FIY goku can lift far more than 40 tonnes to the person that said he could only just lift 40 tonnes you may read further down the page the planet where he did this was like 10 times the earths gravity making him lifting actual earth tonnes and thats like only half way through the dbz series, by the end of the series his power at least goes im 5 fold, not mentioning gt and ssj4.

I haven't actually watched naruto dont butt rape me D: But After Goku Is dead coz of the lack of oxygen orochimaru can revive him and use him to destroy his own world, as many say he is unstoppable. So even his universe cant defeat him. And we dont know sasukes powers yet. But With goku he may lose. Rikoudu May or May not live. Still he can kill atleast 10 characters stronger ones. If goku is as fast as lightning or light, Minato is faster than both of them.

I like DBZ a super lot,still naruto. Did anyone really write this? S Naruto Characters can hide in tobi's box dimension. Are you comparing the two shows, or are you saying which characters would win in a fight? Because if it's the latter, Dragon Ball Z wins no contest.

Naruto Who would win in a fight?? Dragonball z would own Dragonball Z owns Naruto in everyway. The action, characters, plot, strength of characters, etc. Goku will literally obliterate every Naruto character without going ssj.

Naruto wouldn't stand a chance. Dragonball Z sticks straight to the point and don't drag out the fights.

naruto and goku meet

Well they did drag out the Frieza Saga, but it was still awesome. In Naruto, all they do is talk and then when they fight, the fight sucks.

Also DBZ have better chracters, like Vegeta for example. They show how much he changed from a ruthless villian into one of earth's greatest heroes. With Naruto, his nine tail fox powers aren't that strong. Once he masters it and his jutsus, and rasengan he's at his limit. One thing about Goku, he has no limit. He surpassed ssj, which was supposed to be the pinnacle of saiyan strength like 3 times. Another thing about Naruto, they sort of copied from dbz.

So anyway, DBZ Owns. Magnas are alwasy good just like hte dbz magna is the elite like one piece and naruto sucks. That's because when characters in Naruto get tired because there weak, they act lame and start making gay speeches in the middle of the fight. If your talking about the shows dbz is still better but not by much really. Here is how the fight goes. Naruto steals Goku's food.

Goku uses Instant Kamehameha. At least the body is well hidden. Chi Chi vs Sakura. Chi Chi used Kaio-Ken in one episode. Akira Toriyama allowed it for comedy, but she did use it.

Sakura is insanely strong, but lacks experience as stated by Granny Chiyo. Not only is it amazing, but its impact was enormous. Without Dragon Ball Z, there could be no Naruto. Pretty much everything in it is copied. Naruto's hair is yellow and he wears orange. Rasengan is basically Spirit Bomb on the ground. Pervy Sage is basically a younger Master Roshi. And they both have people teleporting and fast fighting.

Goku is much stronger and has better attacks. He is also more serious than Naruto and much more experienced, plus he's taken on harder foes. Vegeta and Sasuke is stronger than Naruto. However, Sasuke's not as powerful as Vegeta and can't fly, plus he is too young to take him on. Okaaaaaay, brain-fart on this one. Sakura has powers that ChiChi doesn't have, but ChiChi is claimed to be stronger than a Super Saiyan, and was also in a martial arts tournament and almost won.

Sure, Sakura can use stronger attacks, but ChiChi wins due to experience. That was a joke by Master Roshi. Just give me the general direction to where the place is and how far it is.

About twenty miles away.

naruto and goku meet

Then suddenly they just vanished and appeared before a humungous door. First we need to get him to a hospital" said Goku. Two minutes later they arrived at the hospital and Vegeta was admitted.

You helped me out a lot today. In the rush I forgot to ask you your names.

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And that concludes the prologue. Hey, why did you make me look like a weakling in the entire story? It was just the prologue Vegeta not the entire story. I made you look like that because you insulted me in the begining. Now if you don't want to die in the next chapter, i suggest you show me and other's some respect.

You can't kill me. In this story i can do whatever i like. He is right you know. So show some respect to others. Both of you just shut up. Remember what i've said Vegeta.

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