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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. It's kind of fitting that Yuu's brothers, past and present, meet before Mika and .. Everyone also singles out Yoichi, whom they think is too soft to accept a demon. He is dating Mika damn it! I get weird vibes from that whole family!" Guren grumbles, shuffling to the kitchen. He glares at Yuu, who stares with.

The way he'd look at him when he did it was all too much for Yuu to handle. His facial expression was spicy and oh so sexy, his eyes calling to him, making Yuu just want to have sex that very moment. And that is how he ended up here, sneaking away to the bathroom to quickly jerk himself off. When it'd only been two minutes since he left, Mika came in. Yuu quickly stuffed his dick in his pants and opened the door after Mika knocked.

And that's when everything changed between them. The way his voice rasped as he said his name. It was just so sexual and dirty as he groped his cock. It sent Yuu over the edge. Mika smirked against his ear and- oh he forgot to mention that.

Mika licked up the shell of his ear, then nibbled at his lobe, Yuu shivering at the contact. You think they'd want their first kiss to be more It was addicting and dangerous. Not the little touches they shared every so often of hands brushing up against each other's bodies, or the little foot touches that weren't even skin contact.

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He could feel Yuu all he wanted. He ran his fingers through Yuus silky smooth hair, remembering how soft and thick it is, tangling his fingers in the layers in the back, full of little cowlicks that made his strands stick up all over the place.

And Mika knows this man is who he's meant to be with. Thicker than his, but he was longer. He picked up his pace around Yuu, their lips following after as their tongues turned much more aggressive, but needy at the same time, just wanting each other's attention when they can still get it. After he came down from his high, Yuu slowly opened his eyes, a smirking blonde standing in front of his cloudy vision.

Yuu stumbled over to the toilet, unable to keep himself up after he reached completion. Mika chuckled at how cute he was, Yuu groaning a shut up as he plopped himself down. Mika raised a snarky brow. He's happy he felt better with him than when he's with Mitsu, but Mika doesn't even want them together at all. He squatted down in front of Yuu, caressing his fingers against his clothed knee.

It would change our whole group if we broke up and I started dating you.

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Mika then sighed, looking up at Yuu with softer eyes. What do you want? A way to break up nicely or I can be an ass and make her break up with me.

He's clearly upset with Yuu's thought process. He doesn't even understand how it works sometimes. She will never break up with you willingly! If she hasn't broken up with me by the end of this school year then I'll break up with her. We can sneak off together like this, or study just the two of us.

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I can't stay away from you for another six months. We can have plenty of fun like this, too. We always have, now we'll just add romance to the mix Fuck it, even Yuu himself would argue against him, so he moved his hand, letting Mika speak.

He knew he was going to say that, but he just has to pretend to be angry. Everyone would blame us and we'd be the outcasts. And you know that our friends are like a family to me. F-for a long time now. Yuu nodded nervously as Mika pulled him up, then hugging him tightly. Yuu anxiously walked back, straightening out his hair and clothes on the way there. He walked to the small study room that his group often uses so they can be as loud as they want.

He stopped in front of the door and took a deep breath, then opened it, knowing exactly what's coming for him. Everyone curiously looks up at him, Shinoa sporting an especially shit eating grin. He already knows what she's going to say. And it felt amazing. Yuu plopped down next to his girlfriend, the blonde not having a care in the world. She doesn't suspect anything. He left after you, but hasn't came back. Yuu sighed in relief. Nobody suspects anything, until he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

Yuu quickly looked up at the girl, who was still typing on her phone. He felt it vibrate in his hand again, Yuu anxiously looking down at the text.

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He looked back down at the message as it vibrated again. He probably could call Mika a friend, but secret lover was more fun. The sexual tension between you two was so obvious, I don't get how nobody else noticed. There was a lot of that going on. He wants their relationship to be over as soon as possible, and honestly, he couldn't ask a better person than Shinoa to help them out. She's a champ at planning things. That could take forever! Her plans are usually stellar, this one on the other hand If you guys aren't together by then, I'll break up with her.

She then twirled her finger around her straw, glancing up at Mika. At least Yuu likes you back. Just another girl whom was brushed off by Yuu multiple times as "Just a classmate".

I guess you don't know him as well as you think. He could imagine; Yuu throwing glances at Shinoa when he wasn't looking, or Yuu secretly writing notes and dropping them into Shinoa's locker, and Shinoa returning those favours.

All without him in the picture. He lay down on the couch. Maybe he did fall in love slowly. It wasn't as sudden as you think. You were just too sure of yourself. You stopped noticing the changes and he slipped out of your fingers like water. Why was he so angry with Yuu? Shouldn't he be happy that his friend found someone to love?

He groaned again and returned to his sitting position.

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You know why you aren't happy. You always thought of Yuu as your own. You were selfish and kept him all to yourself. Now you're j- "No. The word was harsh and bitter and stung Mika with its mocking tone. It rang continuously in his brain and each time it was said, he could feel the acid that tainted the horrible, almost scandalous word as it burned in his mind painfully, threatening to erode and devour him completely.

You're Jealo- Mika stood up from the couch and reached for his keys on the coffee table. A festive atmosphere enveloped the streets of Kanto. The lamp posts and trees were decorated with colourful lights and ornaments; tiny plastic snowflakes hung from the front door of their apartment building as Mika pushed it open and stepped out onto the streets. Isn't in only December the 1st?

The people of Kanto enjoyed premature Christmas decorating immensely, it seemed. The night air was cool, crisp and clear, it calmed Mika's nerves almost immediately after he stepped out. This'll help cool my head. Mika walked along the shops lining the pavement, passing by countless children accompanied by their parents; some were out for a sumptuous dinner, some had their faces pressed onto the display windows outside the shops, begging for the newest toy.

Regardless, they were beaming from ear to ear and their smiles were dangerously infectious, compelling Mika to smile along with them. It helped lighten his mood. All you needed was a bit of fresh air. After almost half an hour, Mika felt refreshed and relieved. It was as if the pain before never existed. Maybe I should get something to eat Something small would do He changed his direction and headed for the closest convenience store.

Mika began to feel incredulous about feeling that way about them. He was acting like some sort of petty school girl. It was laughable to him now, and he didn't hesitate to dismiss it all as a fraud. It all made sense after a walk. Yuu could never fall in love with another girl.

He belonged to Mika. They spent their entire lives with each other, and no one could take Yuu away from him. Later Yuu will come running back because he'll realise that Shinoa wasn't who he wanted all along, and everything will be like it used to. I didn't have to feel. Feeling - was stupid of me. Yet there was no mention of that word.

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It hung in the corner of his mind like fog; waiting for a window of opportunity, to swarm in and to consume- He brushed away his thoughts immediately. We're at the store. He opened the door, the bell atop of it tinkling cheerfully as if welcoming and comforting him.

Mika walked out of the store with bread and a few other groceries he had not intended to buy before. Halfway through his purchase he was reminded of their home's shortage of food and so ended up buying a bag full of snacks, drinks and the like.

Yuu better thank me when he gets back. Mika was just about to finish his snack when he noticed a finely decorated restaurant across the street. He couldn't help but pause and look into the glass window, admiring the well-dressed and wealthy couples, families and individuals having dinner.

It reminded him of a certain someone. I hope Yuu has fun on his date. I hope he finds out who will make him happy. He continued on his way, down the pavement towards his home when suddenly, something glints in the corner of his eye.

He turned his head towards the restaurant and sees Yuu and Shinoa standing outside the restaurant, just after their dinner date. He almost feels the tightening in his chest and the weakening of his arms and knees; he almost feels- No. Yuu's happy only with me. He told himself so when Yuu was holding Shinoa's hand outside the restaurant, he told himself so when Yuu took out the necklace he bought her the day before and put it around Shinoa's neck, and he told himself so even when they smiled at each other lovingly afterwards.

A claw reached from the depths of his stomach and moved towards his heart. I'm fine I'mfine I'm fine Imfine But he can't look away. He feels the drops of acid hanging heavily on the word. This time it's deafening; it shrieked and taunted at Mika, gnawed and burnt at the back of his mind as the the claw gripped at his chest and tightened its hold, tormenting him. His breath is heavy now, and he wants to leave, to look away and to go back to the apartment to watch television and to remind himself that nothing is real, but he stayed frozen on the pathway, with his groceries spilled out over the pavement floor.