Meet the robinsons franny and frogs pond

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meet the robinsons franny and frogs pond

Frankie the Frog coloring page from Meet the Robinsons category. Select from printable crafts of cartoons, nature, animals, Bible and. A 50 chapter story starting when Franny and Cornelius met, to their first date, She picked up her box of frogs and followed him, keeping a safe. Frankie Background information Feature films Meet the Robinsons Video during the science fair, a frog named "Frankie" by the child Franny jumps on Bud, .

Secretwindow1 A 50 chapter story starting when Franny and Cornelius met, to their first date, to Robinson industries, to Wilbur, to Wilburs collage graduation, and more. I think you're right. The only person who didn't think of her as crazy, nutso or wacky. She imdeditaly felt a happiness when she looked at him.

She packed up her box and moved out into the hallway, waiting for the boy to come out.

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When he did, he didn't notice her. He just walked past her. She picked up her box of frogs and followed him, keeping a safe distance away. She followed him until he went to his home, which was a shabby orphanage.

meet the robinsons franny and frogs pond

He trotted up the steps and entered the building. She sighed happily to herself and took a piece of paper out of her box and wrote down the address of the building.

meet the robinsons franny and frogs pond

Franny entered her kitchen with a content smile on her face. I wrote down his address, and I am going to visit him forever until I marry him," She answered. I won't have it! Franny glared at her mother, then went into her room where her only friend was. His name was Frankie the frog, and she was going to teach him to sing. She knew she was going to do it one day. On her bed, lay tiny Frankie, straped down onto a plate, a scared expression on his face. Above him was Frannys elder brothers, Gaston and Art, giggling obnoxiously.

They held a scalpel in their hands. She held Frankie tighter, causing the frog to turn blue. Franny threw Frankie onto her bed and pushed her brothers out of the room. The earliest years of Franny's life were rather uneventful.

Being the youngest of three, and the only girl, she spent many hours a day standing up to the childish torment naturally doled out by her older brothers. She always had an ear for music, just never the patience for regular instruments. In her opinion, everything was so over-used. She longed to find inspiration from a new source, something un-tapped and unique.

Her parents weren't one to steer their young daughter away from her dreams, they actually encouraged her. No matter how crazy an idea she had was, she was told to go with it. She didn't really need the extra boost of confidence, because she really would have believed in the impossible and the unlikely anyways, but it certainly did help that her loved ones were supportive of her.

Art and Gaston groaned and dragged their feet over the entire course of the trip; what kind of boy wanted to wander around the forest in search of a silly old blue bird? But Franny was transfixed. The way the small creature croaked and responded to each other, it was like Franny would sit there for hours, eyes closed, and simply listen. It was then she made her resolve- frogs had amazing musical capabilities, and she was determined to make sure the rest of the world would know.

So, she buried herself in her studies. Franny took out every book in the library she could find on amphibians, and music- or at least as many as a small girl could drag home in a wagon. And if her brothers would try to kidnap one of her frogs for their own, selfish needs, Franny would quickly teach them a lesson.

Most she told it to would usually laugh, and inform her she was crazy. So, was it any wonder she was a little on edge the entire morning while setting up her booth? And when that pointy-haired boy sassed her after knocking over her frogs Of course, Franny was never one to psych herself out by watching the competition, so she remained solely focused on her frogs- especially Frankie, who had a tenancy of trying to run away.

Franny was one of the few who stayed behind to help with the cleanup, mostly just to catch some of her green stragglers. Suddenly, the boy that caused all of the problems raced back in, saying loudly that he knew what went wrong with his project.

The judge from InventCo offered to help with the demonstration of his work, which was some sort of memory scanner.

Franny Robinson

While Franny was curious to see the end results, Frankie suddenly leaped into view. Franny quickly apologized, snatching Frankie away and giving him a good scolding before the boy spoke up, sounding both amused and curious.

After introducing herself, Franny told him her theory on frogs, and how they have more musical abilities than people. Cautious of his response, Franny demanded to know if he thought she was crazy, just like everyone else did whenever she spoke of her dream. He said exactly the opposite; he said he thought she was right.

Those words melted her heart and stuck with her forever. After that, Franny was hooked. Then it came the time when he left for college. On that day, she pulled him aside and said very seriously: They were making substantial progress, being able to croak and hum or the frogs closest equivalence to humming out small tunes under her careful direction.

meet the robinsons franny and frogs pond

They had the ability to sing, she was one hundred percent certain of that, it was just the right sort of nudge to give them that alluded her. That was when Mrs. Robinson, Cornelius' adoptive mother, offered her the perfect solution; during college, she had written a spur of the moment type of paper all about genetic enhancements. She thought that with their two minds put together, along with a little help from Cornelius, Franny's dream could be achieved. In less than two years, with some gentle enhancements, Franny's frogs were up and about, talking, singing, and dancing like the rest of them.

She was more than happy about it; she was ecstatic! It wasn't until after her high school and university education had been completed that Franny's career had really taken off. The world was amazed by the music her band of frogs produced, and Franny soon found herself touring around the world, conducting in front of audiences larger than she could have ever dreamed of.

A surprise greeted her one day when she received a phone call from Cornelius Robinson's assistant, requesting the presence of "Franny Framagucci and her amazing frog band" at a banquet for Robinson Industries, that Dr.

Robinson had asked for her personally. Franny felt lighter than air at the idea of seeing Cornelius again, after years of just talking over the phone and a quick email.

Sure, she had had many different boyfriends and admirers over the course of her education and music tour, but she had never forgotten the way it had felt when Cornelius had said she was right back when she was a little girl.

Soon after the benefit, the two began to date. It had taken years, but it seemed Franny's girlish fantasies of a happily ever after with her nerd-in-shining-armor was finally coming true- especially when Cornelius mustered up the courage to propose. On a beautiful summer day, in front of only the closest of friends and relatives Miss Francesca Framagucci became Mrs.

She fitted in perfectly with the rest of her very large new family, with her brothers in tow. Even though they had been quite a bit of a pain growing up, she wasn't about to leave them behind on the biggest step of her life. After a few years of marital bliss, Franny received one of the biggest shocks of her life. The prospect of revealing the news to Cornelius was a daunting one, to say the least. With Robinson Industries at the top of the world, Franny was afraid that informing her husband of her pregnancy would distract him from his work and send everything crashing down.

How wrong she was. Cornelius was beyond ecstatic, and nine months later, a baby boy was born. He was named Wilbur, and he was quite the bundle of energy. Raising the youngest Robinson had it's trials and tribulations, just like taking care of any child Franny presumed.

meet the robinsons franny and frogs pond

While Cornelius tended to spoil the boy, Franny was stricter when it came to what he could and couldn't have. There had to be rules and restrictions to follow in order to gain privileges- it was how she was raised, so why should she do any different with her own son? But of course, whatever Wilbur wanted, dotting daddy would provide, and at the end of the day, Franny just decided to turn a blind eye on certain things. It was certainly a surprise when Cornelius had woken up in the middle of one night in a cold sweat.

He kept muttering something about time machine's, of all things. While Franny had always been overly supportive over everyone of his inventions, wasn't a time machine Hollywood had certainly proven that, if anything.

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Cornelius threw himself into his work, and, after many accidents and failures, there were two working time machines sitting in the garage. And trying to keep Wilbur away from them Taking extra care of his work, Cornelius set up extra security in the garage- the alarms would only engage if the door were tightly shut.

Something which Franny reminded Wilbur one rainy night when he was taking the trash out. The very next day, Franny and Wilbur were wishing Cornelius well as he left for a two day business trip when Franny noticed that her son seemed tense and unhappy. She didn't think much of it, because he wasn't complaining of anything. Perhaps he was just in one of his teenage moods. The rest of the day past by quite normally for Franny, even with Cornelius and Wilbur who just disappeared, not that she was all too worried gone.

Once rehearsal with the frogs rolled around, Franny was certain the end day would go on without a hiccup, though she did notice Frankie was singing through Grandpa Bud's teeth. Grandpa Bud eventually came around the music room, accompanied by a young boy with round glasses and a fruit hat.

There was something about him that tugged at her mind Franny was all too eager to gain an extra set of hands; they needed someone on maracas!