Meet chris and martin kratt contact

Wild Kratts LIVE!

meet chris and martin kratt contact

Wild Kratts Official. likes · talking about this. Welcome to Wild Kratts on Facebook! Check out the Kratt Brothers live show appearance. The Kratt Brothers' wildly popular stage shows, performances, and speaking the Kratt Brothers, please contact: [email protected] Press Contact: Bruce Granath / [email protected] A limited number of VIP tickets, including a meet & greet with the Kratt Brothers, are Animated Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris, "come to real life" in a.

They star in these programs, playing themselves, and also perform as directors, scriptwriters, authors, and wildlife cinematographers - ever in the pursuit of "creature adventure". The first television series the duo created was Kratts' Creatures.

Chris and Martin starred in all 50 episodes and wrote 6 books published by Scholastic. They starred in and executive-produced 65 episodes, some of which they directed. The brothers also wrote 22 episodes between them and co-wrote the songs for the series, including "The Zoboomafoo Theme" and "The Animal Friend Song".

The Kratt Brothers produced two seasons of their primetime series for families, Kratt Brothers: This program carries the trademark of all Kratt Brothers' initiatives: Real-life "creature adventurers" Chris and Martin travel to remote regions to live with wild animals - on the creatures' turf and by their rules.

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Chris and Martin have written and directed 26 one-hour episodes of this series as well as functioning as wildlife cameramen and executive producers. Wild Kratts features the brothers on incredible expeditions to meet wild creatures from the far corners of the earth.

Diving into the habitats of these unusual animals with the use of futuristic technology and creature Power Suits that allow the brothers to take their funny and exciting adventures to where they've never gone before.

meet chris and martin kratt contact

Major corporations have seen the value in the Kratt Brothers brand. The show is geared to a younger audience, but Wild Kratts Live!

I would love to see Wild Kratts Live! When are you coming to my city? We're always adding new tour datesplease keep checking this page and "Like" our Facebook page for live tour updates.

PRESS RELEASE: WILD KRATTS–LIVE! PBS KIDS Show Comes Alive on Stage in Salt Lake City

You can also check with your local venue. What time should I arrive to the venue? We recommend allowing ample time for potential traffic, parking and entrance to the venue.

meet chris and martin kratt contact

Typically, the venues open their doors minutes before curtain time. How long is the show? Our total run time is approximately minutes two minute acts with a minute intermission.

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Can I bring a camera? You can bring your camera for personal use. Venues do not allow any flash photography of the performance. Taking video of the performance is also not allowed.

We encourage our VIP ticket holders to bring a camera with them to document their experience post-show. Is the show interactive? We encourage the Wild Kratts kids in the audience to participate from their seat by calling out answers to some questions posed by the Kratt Brothers during the show. Be sure to bring all your creature knowledge to help Chris and Martin with their adventure!

Wild Kratts - Live!

Are there any live animals in the performance? Due to our hectic tour schedule, we've decided to leave our animal friends living free and in the wild. Due to our busy production schedules, the Wild Kratts are not available for private parties. We do, however, offer a variety of Wild Kratts themed party items so that you can create a Wild Kratts creature adventure of your own at home!