Kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

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kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

Finn and New Directions are about to meet the epic-ness of KLAINE! Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Blaine A., Kurt H. - Chapters: Blaine lives in Los Angeles. Kurt lives in London and receives a scholarship for 6 months to go to a college of his choice in the USA. He chose. The Day Blaine Anderson Met Kurt Hummel. Blaine ran down the crowded stairs heading towards the commons room, but was stopped by a.

The quicker we get in, the more you can touch. Blaine shuttered pushing one hand into his dress pants pocket pulling out a single key and a bowtie keychain. He unlocked the door, Kurt falling back a bit, but Blaine was right their, pulling him back against his body. Blaine moaned, pushing the door closed with his foot. Kurt dug his fingers into Blaine's hair, pulling. Kurt pulled away unbuttoning his blazer shaking it off his shoulders.

It hit the wooden floor. He wore a white button down and red tie. Kurt loosened his tie letting it hang around his neck and he unbuttoned his shirt so you could see the top of his collarbone. Blaine stepped forward, ready to grab him, but Kurt backed up, smirking. I'm loving your reaction. Blaine tore off his blazer ripping his shirt open, as he pressed his body against Kurt's once again, both of them falling onto the twin sized bed.

Kurt laughed pulling Blaine closer. Blaine nibbled against Kurt's lower lip, pulling at it, making him shake and moan. Blaine tightened his grip on the younger boys hips lifting him up pushing him up the bed so they were both on it. Blaine straddled his waist, smiling. He pushed up Kurt's white shirt, his chest showing as Blaine leaned down kissing and biting the perfect white skin.

I use to live in Lima, why haven't I seen you before? Kurt ran his hands through Blaine's thick hair. Blaine hummed in agreement. Blaine popped Kurt's button. Blaine pulled down his zipper shimmying it off. There was a nice tent in Kurt's boxers, Blaine moaned.

Blaine ripped off his button down and tie. Kurt's hand slowly raised to Blaine's stomach. Blaine sighed, coming closer to Kurt. He pressed their chests together. Kurt wrapped his arms under Blaine's shoulders pressing his fingertips to Blaine's back, feeling the olive skin.

Kurt's lips brushed against Blaine's shoulder, closing his eyes he enjoyed the closeness. Blaine watched him smiling.

kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

His fingertips were slowly running through Kurt's chestnut hair. Kurt looked up at him smiling. Blaine smiled, shaking at the feeling of pleasure rolling around his lower stomach. Blaine closed his eyes smiling. Kurt pressed open mouth kisses along Blaine's collarbone, biting down when Blaine quickened. Kurt hummed lifting his hips with Blaine's. Blaine sat up lust overflowing his eyes as he pushed down his pants, kicking them down.

Both of them were in boxers, Kurt started to blush. Blaine smiled leaning back down kissing Kurt passionately.

Kurt smiled pressing a hand onto Blaine's cheek. But there is something, something about you, us. I feel something when I touch your gorgeous body. Kurt giggled pulling Blaine's lips onto his kissing him. Blaine rolled his hips against Kurt's. They both groaned Kurt's hands rubbed down Blaine's back dipping into his back dimples. Kurt smiled, as he rubbed his hands over Blaine's butt under his boxers.

Blaine cried out throwing his head back, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

Blaine moaned shaking, almost coming that second, just at the sight. Blaine pressed his head in Kurt's stomach kissing it "May I ask how you want to do this? Blaine groaned, crawling up Kurt's body.

Blaine leaned over opening the nightstand draw. He grabbed a condom and lube. Opening the little bottle, he squeezed some out onto his fingers. And of course I will, I promise.

Rubbing the lube onto his pointer and middle fingers he took Kurt's legs, wrapping them around his waist. He pulled Kurt's butt closer, he sighed seeing Kurt's asshole. He circled around it slowly looking at Kurt. He had his eyes closed. Kurt nodded, placing his hand on Blaine's thigh. Blaine slowly placed a finger into Kurt's butt.

He hated the fact that they had so much power over him. After getting the news about Regionals, the Warblers had gone into full work mode. They had sent Jeff who had been granted a few solo lines in return all the way to Fort Wayne to spy on Aural Intensity, but Blaine got to go to Lima, because that was 'closer to where he lived'.

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They had made it sound like he would actually visit his parents while in Lima, but that was not going to happen. He was to spy on New Directions, one of the two Glee clubs the Warblers would be facing during the upcoming competition.

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Apart from some low quality competition videos, nothing about this group could be found on the internet. Well, there had been, according to the council — some site, run by a McKinley High student, must have contained all kinds of information about the club. When they'd sat down to do their research, however, it turned out that a couple of days earlier, the site had been shut down. Now that was unfortunate. Either way, Blaine was still stuck with his stupid spy mission, and he figured that he might as well get out of the car and walk the short distance towards the entrance of the school.

He didn't have many fond memories of his old public school, but for all he knew, this one wouldn't be as bad. Hesitantly, he climbed out of his car and, after closing it, he kept putting one foot in front of the other to make sure he kept on walking straight ahead, hoping that his legs wouldn't suddenly fail him.

kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

What was he doing? He was Blaine Anderson, he wasn't afraid of anything or anyone — at least on the outside. So he'd better walk a little more confidently, stand upright, and not show anyone he was nervous, lest they find out he was a spy and not actually a student here.

At least his clothes wouldn't give him away, as he had put on one of his few casual outfits he had at Dalton. It had taken him some time to find them, but they were there, and that was what counted.

He thanked his lucky stars that it was the middle of a school day, so nobody was standing outside to pick on him, at least. Upon arriving at the front doors, he noticed a poster indicating that this week was apparently Alcohol Awareness week. Blaine frowned; he knew enough about matters like this to realise that this had to mean that this school had some serious issues regarding alcohol.

Oh well; he was here now, and he was going to find that Glee club and do some spying if it was the last thing he did. The hallways, he immediately noticed, were empty. So were the first few classrooms he passed, which was strange. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, so there had to be a lot of students here — but where were they? On his quest to find the choir room, he still didn't bump into anyone.

kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

The offices of various teachers were empty too — something must be going on, Blaine suspected. Then, finally, he spotted a student — male, slightly taller than him, and looking quite displeased with his, admittedly rather odd, outfit.

He was just exiting a bathroom and heading towards — well, somewhere. Normally, he wouldn't do such a thing, but desperate times called for desperate measures, right?

The boy looked at him suspiciously, so Blaine extended a hand, as a sort of peace offering — to show the boy he didn't mean any harm.

Not to individuals boys, at any rate. Man, he really sucked at this spying thing. Oh, and there's an assembly going on at the moment. It's Alcohol Awareness week. Kurt shook his head. I have to go perform in a minute. With my Glee club, that is. It appeared that he had won the jackpot. He could just sit back and watch, not worrying about getting caught or anything, because the whole school would be watching. When he had been sent here, he hadn't expected to have to potentially deal with sex riots or drunken performers.

He suspected or rather, hoped that nothing like that would happen at Regionals. I think there are some free spots over there — you can just sit there, see?

kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

Sure, he didn't know Kurt that well either, but at least he didn't seem too threatening — self-confident and maybe even slightly arrogant, sure, but not threatening. Just — enjoy the show. There were other students walking around, trying to find a spot, so Blaine didn't stand out too much. On a small platform on one side of the gym stood what looked like a cop of sorts, talking about the dangers of alcohol.

When he was done, a small Indian man stepped forward, thanking the chief for his speech, and then announcing the next act. Blaine had some trouble understanding what he said. Although Blaine usually quite like Top 40 songs, he didn't see the appeal of Tik Tok. But maybe that was just him — all the kids around him were going wild. He immediately realised, when looking at the stage, that New Directions wasn't a large group — there were only twelve people, the minimum number to compete.

As for the performance, he wasn't sure what to think. The girl who sang had a nice enough voice — but was she the normal soloist? Did she usually sing during competitions? Was 'nice enough' going to win them Regionals? Blaine made a mental note to bring that up during the next Warbler meeting. He also understood now why Kurt who, alright, Blaine had to admit, actually looked pretty adorable among the bigger and maybe even a little threatening looking jocks in the group had been wearing those clothes if he didn't like them — all the New Directions members were wearing similar clothing.

And although none of them looked the same, like the Warblers and all Dalton students, actually did, they were still obviously one group. A shock went through the audience and everyone quieted down immediately as the singing girl suddenly threw up, covering another girl with an unidentifiable grey substance that was probably vomit, but didn't look like it.

Another girl followed suit and started vomiting too. Soon after, the group scurried backstage. After the rather shocking performance — Blaine had never seen anything like it — the principal talked to the students for two or three more minutes before letting them go.

Blaine didn't quite understand why the man hadn't told them that the example New Directions had set wasn't a good one — as a matter of fact, the man seemed to approve of what had just happened on stage.

Along with the McKinley High students, Blaine left the gym. Soon, though, all the students were gone, and Blaine was, once more, standing in the middle of a corridor with no idea where he was, or which way the exit was.

kurt and blaine meet fanfiction

After walking around for half a minute, he almost bumped into two girls — two pretty familiar looking girls. Blaine instantly recognised them as the two girls who had just thrown up on stage. Fortunately, there was no vomit in sight this time.

Not a very polite thing to do. The blonde next to her just stared at him curiously.