Klm meet and seat review

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klm meet and seat review

KLM's latest plan to allow people to choose who they sit next to according to social media profiles sounds like fun in theory. How many marriages has KLM instigated through its social media offer “meet and seat”?Gert Wim ter Haar: I wish I knew! 'Meet and Seat' has. This month, the Dutch carrier KLM began testing a program it calls Meet and Seat , allowing ticket-holders to upload details from their Facebook.

So we really tried to help people. Whose idea was the MD apartment? Airbnb and KLM both felt a brand fit. During the first meeting in Copenhagen we jointly developed the MD apartment idea. It seemed impossible but we luckily could use a phased out MD that was waiting to be handed over to the buyer. How difficult is it within a traditional airline like KLM to convince departments like maintenance to go along on such a venture?

As you can imagine this project could only be realized together with Maintenance.

klm meet and seat review

The trick is to respect each others responsibilities and qualities. They were counter parts of the designer about what was possible in the plane and they secured the safety and security, we organized the contest and video creation.

KLM's social media team: The best in aviation? - Airline Ratings

KLM seems to be far ahead of much of the rest of the aviation industry with its social media activities and its creativity, why? We try to find new products, mainly based on social media, with social media connections, and really make them customer-friendly. What are your most important social media channels at the moment? Facebook and Twitter are still our main channels, they have a huge volume.

klm meet and seat review

But we see a lot of things changing. A new channel for us, being the first company using it as a customer channel, is LinkedIn. For us, LinkedIn is really becoming a focus in the coming years.

KLM’s social media team: The best in aviation?

How difficult was it to get started? Many airlines are business-case driven. If we would have made a business case from the very start of a social media service, I would have never been able to convince people within the company that we needed this amount of money to start up operations. We started doing it fast, doing things, breaking things, and then in the end, the finances will add up anyhow. The airlines twitter page clearly stating you will get a reply in under 45 minutes Talking about breaking things — probably the biggest PR disaster was your posting on the occasion of the soccer game Netherlands vs.

How did that happen?

klm meet and seat review

Looking back at the situation, it was really part of what we were doing. We were trying to be edgy at all parts in our communication. At some point we slipped a bit over the edge, and in this particular case we have underestimated the local emotions. Like, if you want to be sarcastic on social media, do it about yourself, projecting on yourself, on your own company, try to think about it even better how other cultures than our Western European culture would perceive a specific thing.

Otherwise, we still encourage our staff to be really edgy, but always with respect for others, and try to look for the right tweet and the right post. And the Quicket smartphone travel app recently introduced a Facebook check-in feature that lets users see who will be sitting next to them and, if those passengers have allowed it, link to their Facebook profiles. You will now receive updates from Traveller Newsletter Traveller Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

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klm meet and seat review

But is the thought of using social media to see who is on a flight and choose whom to sit with attractive? But the program, which reveals the social media profiles only of people who opt into it, has fans.

Last year, it was used by 30, passengers. Advertisement For me, the notion induces a twinge of social anxiety. Do I really want to open myself up to an online vote on whether I am interesting enough to be a worthwhile seatmate? Frankly, when I'm flying, I don't want to be interesting. I want to be plugged into my headphones and doing my knitting. This social matching feels like it could turn flying into some kind of dating game, a cross between LinkedIn and OKCupid.

klm meet and seat review

Maybe we'll end up writing seatmate-enticing personal ads: Petite, headphone-using knitter with mild fear of flying. I enjoy listening to music, looking out the window and drinking throughout the flight.

Off-duty airline pilot, 40 years-plus experience and military veteran preferred, willing to hold my hand in turbulence and explain why plane will not fall down.

KLM Airlines Gives Passengers the Ability to Network in the Air

Knitting knowledge a plus. And what about hurt feelings?

KLM Business Class Lie Flat Seat Review

What if some fascinating personage reserves the seat next to me but then changes it for someone better? Or if I choose a seat next to a prime candidate and the object of my seat affection promptly moves? It's enough to make me want to stay home from high school. Most of us have simple seatmate wishes.