First time finn and rachel meet

Glee: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Finn And Rachel’s Relationship

first time finn and rachel meet

Read our recap of the latest episode of Glee, 'The First Time'. Sebastian continues to flirt with Blaine, eventually asking to meet him again for some Warbler Let's head back to Finn and Rachel, who've just finished a meal. Each time that Finn and Rachel decide to be together, it ends up . Upon first meeting Rachel during season one, she admits she has little. Finn's first real interaction with Rachel was in Glee Club rehearsals when he was Later, Rachel meets her dream guy, Jesse, the lead singer of rival team Finn tells Rachel that he didn't have sex with Santana because he's waiting for the.

The Warblers are also re-introduced with a new leader who has an eye for Blaine. Contents [ show ] Plot The episode begins with Artie's voice-over as he talks about his position as a director of McKinley's production of West Side Story. He muses over how much power it gives him, even over stuff he knows nothing about.

We see Rachel trying to find the 'right' dress for Maria and Artie being difficult. The scene then changes to Rachel and Blaine's duet of Tonight. Artie states that they lack the sexual passion which prompts Emma and Coach Beiste to depart as quickly as possible. Both Rachel and Blaine admit to being virgins which leads Artie to suggest that they might lack the experience to convey the human experience to the audience.

In the next scene, Finn is pinning up posters for Rachel's campaign and he admits to not knowing who he will be voting for. Finn tells Rachel that the Ohio State Buckeyes' talent scout, Cooteris going to be watching their football game. Rachel congratulates him and he invites her over to his house.

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Seeing it as an opportunity to finally lose her virginity to Finn, she agrees and leaves - he seems very excited. Blaine is next seen dancing around his bedroom to Roxy Music while Kurt watches from his bed. Kurt asks Blaine if he thinks he's boring. Blaine of course denies this but Kurt elaborates - he meant sexually boring. Blaine admits to thinking that, that was what they both wanted and Kurt agrees but would still like to know if he had ever had the urge to "rip off each other's clothes and get dirty.

Kurt blushes, pretending that the room is simply overheated. Blaine sits down with him, telling him that they are young, they have time, and that before they have sex, he wants Kurt to be comfortable, so he can be himself. He eyes Kurt up and down and states, "Besides, tearing off all your clothes is sort of a tall order. Klaine bedroom kiss Artie then rolls up to Coach Beiste, who is welding a part of the set for the musical.

Artie jumps right to the point and asks why Coach Beiste was so uncomfortable while he was confronting Blaine and Rachel. She admits to being a virgin, even though she has her sights set on Cooter. She says that it doesn't matter if she has interest in anyone, as she believes they could never like her back. Sebastian Later, Blaine is seen walking through the hallways of Dalton Academy with the intention of inviting his friends to see the McKinley production of West Side Story. He walks in on the Warblers performing Uptown Girl with their French teacher who just happens to be around at the time.

A new Warbler, Sebastianimmediately notices Blaine and pulls him into the number with them. As soon as they are done, Blaine gives them a standing ovation and when they beg him to return to Dalton, he politely refuses giving them the invitations. Sebastian stays behind to speak to Blaine.

The conversation moves on and Sebastian asks why Blaine left Dalton. Blaine avoids the question, simply stating, "Let's just say that McKinley is where my heart is. He agrees to talk again, looking confused about what just happened and what Sebastian's true intentions are towards him. In the next scene, Finn - very shyly - asks Puck to recommend a condom brand.

Puck jumps to the conclusion that he's cheating on Rachel, stating that it's "not cool," even though he has cheated many times in the past.

Finn quickly corrects him, saying he's going to use them with Rachel. Coach Beiste calls for the football team to gather around while Puck and Finn part ways. She introduces Cooter, and they flirt blatantly while the team is still watching.

He looks back to the team and says, 'I'm not looking for boys to play in the Buckeyes. I'm looking for men.

first time finn and rachel meet

Blaine ignores this, instead asking whether he thinks if they are 'too sheltered' as artists. Kurt gives him a confused look, and Blaine begins to talk about being more adventurous. Kurt agrees and pulls out his phone, stating that was why he made a bucket list. He gave three examples, which were: Become CEO of Logo. He blushes a little before giving his next example, as he had made it before he met Blaine.

Have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat. He says it's stupid but Blaine simply says that it's hot. Kurt gulps, and moves on with the conversation. Blaine says that he thinks it's time to be adventurous while they're still young, and walks away. On screen, numbers 85, 86 and 89 are also revealed. Arrive at school in a hot air balloon. Attend a circuit party on an island. Next we see Artie seeking out Mr Cooter. They go to the set of West Side Story and Artie demands to know whether he likes Coach Beiste - he says that he does, and that he had asked her out, but she refused every time.

Artie tells him to ask her out again but this time, be obvious. Next, Blaine and Sebastian are seen walking to a table at the Lima Bean. While entirely an accident which stemmed from Finn's miserable dancing ability, he winds up breaking Rachel's nose in "Born This Way".

Finn's dancing has never been pretty to look at, but this is the first time it resulted in bodily harm. Anytime that there is something which may affect Rachel's singing ability, it becomes the end of the world.

first time finn and rachel meet

Ultimately, she decides against the surgery and heals fine, but surely she was afraid of Finn's dancing anytime they were on stage together. Despite being in a relationship, they did not attend their senior prom as a couple.

At least, not at first. Thankfully at the midnight hour, Rachel arrives at prom with Finn and they become crowned Prom King and Queen. Even if it came as a result of some "funny math", they still got to share a beautiful moment together.

While the end result is beautiful, they were never able to have the full prom experience together. After being in a relationship together, Finn and Rachel decide that they will take the next physical step. While Finn has nothing but his love for Rachel on his mind, Rachel has other motives. She is secretly hoping that having a physical experience will make her a better actress ahead of her college auditions.

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Naturally, Finn is appalled by her thought process, and does not go through with the deed. Rachel is one of the most driven characters on television, but this was a new extreme for her. Finn's feelings were not even considered here, which given their time together, does not make any sense.

first time finn and rachel meet

The way that Glee approached both Cory and Finn's death was commendable, and allowed fans to grieve. Watching the entire Glee Club cry over their fallen hero was a bleak reminder that he would never make another in-person appearance on the show. Despite being universally loved for his time on the show, both the world and Rachel had to go on without him. It is well-known that Glee's original ending would have featured Rachel and Finn happy together.

Unfortunately, fans can only picture this in their minds. Let us know in the comments! They also hug at the end of their performance. In Born This Way, Finn accidentally whacks Rachel in the nose while dancing, causing her nose to be broken. He accompanies her to the hospital visit. He tells Rachel he will not leave until they find out if her nose is broken. When they find out it is, the doctor suggests her to get a nose job. When Rachel shows the club her plans for her nose job, Finn tells her "Rachel, please don't do this.

However, she is won over by a "Barbra-vention", which Finn attends. In the end, Rachel opts against the nose job and tells Finn to "next time, watch out for the schnoz", showing their relationship is still friendly. In Rumours, after the school's gossip newspaper, ran by Sue, reports about Quinn's secret meetings with Sam, Finn decides to check on him and goes on a stakeout with Rachel. The first time they go, they see Kurt leaving Sam's motel room instead of Quinn, so they do the same the following night.

While waiting for someone to appear, Rachel asks Finn why he got back together with Quinn. He replies that he doesn't know, but Rachel answers her own question for him; because you forgive your first love everytime.

Finn tells her that what he doesn't like about Quinn is that you never know what she feels or thinks, and notes that with Rachel it was the opposite. As the duo finally spots Quinn, they are unknowingly photographed by Jacob, The Muckraker's reporter.

The next day, Finn and Quinn confront each other about what they were doing last night, and decide to solve the misunderstandings in their relationship through a song. After a very blank duet on I Don't Want To Know, Quinn tells Rachel to stop trying to steal Finn from her and proceeds to threaten him with a break up if he even sings with Rachel. Rachel ignores her words and sings Go Your Own Way to Finn, who plays the drums during it and seems to enjoy the performance, much to Quinn's dismay.

Having found out the truth about Sam, they visit him and his siblings and apologize in the name of the whole glee club, giving him back his guitar, which he had to sell. James is back, and Rachel is going to prom with him as a group with friends. They have a small argument, where Rachel tells Finn he has to respect whoever she dates, as she has to get used to the feeling of having a broken heart every time she sees him with Quinn.

Finn responds by telling her that he still cares about her. Finn then explains how he feels he has no dignity handing out Prom King and Queen leaflets around school and is stressed about what to get Quinn for a corsage. Rachel suggests something simple that won't distract from her face, before walking away with a saddened look.

Finn and Quinn arrive to see them, resulting in tension between Jesse and Finn which is quickly defused by Mercedes. At the prom, Rachel then performs Jar of Hearts for the slow dance at the prom. She aims the song towards Finn, and they both stare at one another throughout the number for long periods of time, which doesn't go un-noticed by Quinn.

Jesse is also staring at Rachel through the performance. Soon, he breaks away from Quinn and confronts Jesse, telling him not to get so personal and to keep it PG. Jesse responds by telling him its none of YB Your Business his business, and she isn't his girlfriend anymore. The two begin to push one another until Finn swings his fist at Jesse, causing them both to get kicked out of prom.

This altercation proves Finn still has deep feelings for Rachel. Later when the prom king and queen are announced and Quinn loses, she gets upset. Rachel follows her to the bathroom and tries to comfort her, but Quinn blames Rachel for losing saying that nobody would ever have voted for her because they know he Finn would rather be with Rachel, proving that Quinn is actually aware that Finn still loves Rachel.

Rachel tries to deny it, but Quinn then slaps her, quickly apologizing afterwards. In Funeral, Finn suggests he and Rachel should be the one singing the duet together at Nationals. Rachel can be seen smiling at his suggestion, only to be denied by Quinn and Jesse. Rachel thinks about Finn as she sings My Man for her audition. The song is about loving someone always, no matter what.

Finn breaks up with Quinn, telling her that he doesn't feel tethered to her--that feeling of loving someone so much that you always feel connected--like Sue felt for her sister. Quinn asks if he feels that way for Rachel and Finn doesn't answer, confirming that it is Rachel that he loves. He sees Rachel leave the funeral after he breaks up with Quinn, and longily watches her. Finn later goes to find Rachel in the auditorium and sees Jesse kiss Rachel.

He looks visibly shaken and pulls out a single pink tulip from behind his back, meant for Rachel, as she and Jesse leave. He "casually" asks her about her relationship with Jesse which she replies that she doesn't need any distractions keeping her from winning Nationals. Finn asks the Glee guys if it was cool if he and Rachel sang a duet for Nationals which they are perfectly fine with. But, Puck confronts him about "the big Jewish elephant in the room" and tells him that he should ask Rachel out.

Finn sends Rachel a text telling her to meet him at the bridge and to wear nice clothes. She meets Finn, holding a bouquet of flowers, and saying this is a "work date" so they're not technically on a date. Rachel obviously doesn't buy it but goes along with it anyways. They go on their "work date" to Sardi, a very nice NY restaurant.

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Finn tells Rachel he admires her for always dreaming big and tells her she looks pretty. He is about to confess his love for her but Rachel interrupts him, seeing Patti LuPone standing by in the corner. Patti tells Rachel that Finn is very cute. Finn implys he wants to get back together on a moonlight stroll where Puck, Sam, Artie, and Mike serenade them with the song Bella Note. He says it wasn't really a work date and he just wants her back. She admits to knowing that it wasn't a work date and falls silent.

He tries to kiss her but she hesitates and says, "I can't. Rachel confides in Kurt, telling him she wants to go to college in New York but doesn't know if she can leave Finn. Kurt takes her to the Broadway stage and the two of them sing For Good.

She tells him she's decided that she's not going to choose between her career and love because they are combined - Broadway. Rachel compliments Finn on the song, saying that it's really good. Finn replies that he doesn't care about the song and is really confused with why Rachel is suddenly denying him. He says "all you wanted is for us to be Finchel Kiss at Nationals together and I'm practically begging to be with you and suddenly you're not interested.

Rachel is clearly hiding her true feelings, and Finn is upset. At Nationals, Rachel and Finn sing an original song called Pretending and get caught up in the moment and kiss onstage. They break apart with shocked expressions, implying they still do love each other deeply. They continue to sing Light Up the World as if nothing happened. Rachel and Finn talk after they perform, briefly talking about their kiss.