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Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true . BOTTOM. First, good Peter Quince, say what the play treats on, then read the names of the actors, and so grow to a point. . Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania. TITANIA. What, jealous Oberon! Fairies, skip hence: Say, what abridgement have you for this evening ?. See more ideas about Arthur rackham, Drawings and Fairytail. The Meeting of Oberon and Titania - - Arthur Rackham 'The Serpentine is a lovely lake, and there is a drowned forest at the bottom of it. Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, Abridged from Malory's Morte D'Arthur (Facing p. performance, as well as help you meet many of the New Jersey Core Curriculum State Standards. We encourage .. when Titania and Bottom are released from the fairy spells,. Bottom .. of Theseus and Hippolyta was told in the Knight's Tale of. Chaucer's .. of adaptation and how your “abridgement” compared to.

I've never known of the other Slayer Class Magics, and Natsu won't tell me what it's like, could you try? I'm naturally colder than most people, and that hasn't changed, but something feels different. Like I've been given more energy than I should have by default. And the cold within me feels different as well, like its very being has been altered to be something more I'm trying to find an easy way to explain it, but I can't find simple words for this feeling!

It's aggravating, this feeling. I'd think that it would give you something to help you become a philosopher or something. Harder, lighter, magically stronger, better than a sword and superior to my first sword of iron.

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But, there's something else, something The markings feel like chains under my skin, or some type of bonds anyway, but the part that really gets me is that my father used this magic Whatever the reason, I feel like I understand him a little bit better, and I hate it. It's driving me crazy! Like I'm in a room without any sound, any light, any feeling, or any smell. They're their, but they're not. What becomes of Slayers makes sense to me now, and I see why they are taught what they are.

Dragons live lives into the hundreds, and sometimes they want to be put to rest early. But if a dragon kills another dragon, the winner of the fight will become as strong as two dragons and that's a risk to the Balance of nature. So Dragon Slayers are called to put a dragon out of its misery if it chooses, a Dragon Slayer will die of old age or die from a natural cause so they won't have the chance to threaten the Balance.

Nothing is truly evil, I see that now, but the demons-or angels or spirits-who threaten the Balance must be put down.

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Demon Slayer Magic was birthed by humans who saw Dragon Slayer Magic, so it's not the same as the magic Natsu uses but it's not weaker. Dragon or God Slayers can take care of demons as well as each other's namesake, but Demon Slayers are specifically trained to kill demons who threaten the Balance.

I've no idea what other elements Demon Slayer Magic utilizes, but I can feel it, they're there Whichever gods or goddesses came up with the idea for it, I don't know, but they feared for the Balance and the survival of the world if one or more gods went crazy or needed to be put to rest.

As some gods were once mortal men and women who ascended to godhood, but they aren't always stable after they reach celestiality. And God Slayers are brought to put gods to rest if needed, giving them the chance to become gods themselves and they may take up this chance, but I've this suspicion that they rarely take it since they were taught to slay gods and not to become the things they slay It's for stereotypical comedic effect. Hey Erza, can you do that thing you did whenever I couldn't get to sleep when we were kids?

And he was unconscious, "Learned that trick from using a simpler maneuver on Natsu when he got motion-sick. It works on most people I meet, in fact! Why did you choose teru teru dozu dolls instead of something else? I remember it didn't rain where I was only once when I couldn't control my magic.

It was when Juvia was youngerJuvia wanted to give Juvia's-my-uncle a present. It was raining wherever I went because Juvia didn't know how to control my magic, and I decided to take a seat on a bench that wasn't soaked by my rain yet. But before I knew it, the gift I had brought for my uncle was stolen right from my hands. Not knowing what to do, Juvia sat by the fountain to think, but Juvia got so sad that it began to pour instead of sprinkle.

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The heavy rain broke a black haired boy's cotton full of gold, worth a lot if Juvia-I-remember correctly After my rain made the gold break the bag, I helped pick it up and then went on my way to search for what was stolen from me. The raven headed boy followed Juvia into the man's 'lair', a barricaded alleyway with money strewn everywhere, and beat him long enough for the authorities to get there and apprehend him.

Juvia got Juvia's gift for Juvia's uncle back and went to meet him. Gray, as he told me what his name was offhandedly, said that Juv-I! Jeez, I need to watch what I say if I'm ever going to get out of that habit-could have some of the gold he earned from the authorities for helping apprehend the criminal as well as the bad man's small trove of heirlooms, coins and nick knacks.

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That was the day rain wasn't pouring the entire time I was there. I made teru teru bozu to stop the rain, but I was teased, so I made them to keep me company after I learned it was magic. But the kindness shown to Juvia made the rain stop, so for that I am indebted to Gray for making my once miserable childhood brighter Making acquaintance with a friend's friend!

Phantom Lord wasn't horrible to me, but it never felt or was ever home for Juvia. So Juvia's not very sad that Phantom Lord is gone, sad that people died of course, but not sad that it's gone. I remember, the Dragon Slayer who's territory made up the area Phantom Lord made its headquarters He wasn't nice to my guildmates, but he got along with the Element Four.

We were like him: Outcasts, dangerous, S-Class, socially inept, and emotionally wounded by the past. Magnolia, two days later, midnight. Adam Lambert- Ghost Town Happy was sleeping in Natsu's bag again, purring happily and mumbling about fish in his sleep. Natsu was all too awake. He had a lead, small though it may have been, it was a lead nonetheless and he wasn't going to let it slip by. He was going to take his chances with the lead, consequences be damned.

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The familiar, brickwork buildings of Magnolia came into view and called him onward to his home. It feels like it's been years since I've seen this place.

How the passage of time does change with each person's growing face! Ooh, that's good, I'm gonna have to remember that one He stepped on a single brick and was suddenly still. There before him, stood an destroyed and empty Magnolia. We were only gone at most a couple of weeks It was larger than the old one, but the building was in ruins. Its doors were busted and rusted to all Hell, the windows were shattered, and at the center, inside, the demolished building was the large bell broken through the flooring.

He then noticed that there was more to the building, but left those areas of exploration for later. The action moves to the wood on the following evening. Titania, in her bower, prepares for bed. Once she is asleep, Oberon squeezes the juice on her eyes. Lysander and Hermia enter and lie down to sleep. Helena, still pursuing Demetrius, stumbles across the sleeping Lysander who awakes, declares his passion for her and runs after her.

Hermia wakes to find herself abandoned. Act 3, Scene 1: Bottom, awaiting his cue offstage, is mischievously transformed by Puck: Puck and Oberon confer. Lysander enters, protesting his love to Helena; their noise awakes Demetrius who thus joins Lysander in passionate courtship of her. All four fall to bitter quarrelling.

Act Four, Scene 1: Titania cossets the bemused Bottom before they sleep. Dawn arrives, and with it Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus, out hunting.

Onceawake, their obvious happiness together moves Theseus to overrule Egeus and propose a triple wedding. Act 5, Scene 1: