Dool chad and abby first meet

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dool chad and abby first meet

Chad DiMera is a fictional character from the original NBC Daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives. The role was originated by Casey Deidrick on June 19, Deidrick vacated the role in Billy Flynn currently portrays the role, making his first appearance on Chad then falls for Abigail's best friend Melanie Jonas after they share a kiss. It's been quite the rocky road for Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci What was your reaction at first when they're-introduced Gabi as a romantic interest for Chad, and Hopefully DOOL will give the fine actress Camila Banus a .. Abigail needs to to Divorce Dario and leave town and meet a. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux have Even though Chad will soon feel the wrath of Abigail Deveraux, DOOL spoilers He buried his head in the sand when Abigail was sick the first time.

I think fans really latched on to them, and for some time it was still one of the only rootable couples on the show that was growing into a potential supercouple. I think as fans watched Billy Flynn grow as an actor and grow as a person, I started to put more of myself into Chad, and so the audience saw Chad grow.

It became something where I think fans were able to be a part of a transition and a change, and they felt they were included in my personal journey, and with Kate. As a result what we were able to execute with what the writers had given us grew into this quite amazing thing. Then Kate decides to leave, and this is very much like the theatre in a sense that different people are going to be in the play. I just happen to be playing Chad now, as Casey Deidrick did before me, and he did a wonderful job.

When Abigail returned to Salem in the form of Marci Miller, it was very hard for the audience to watch her hiding in the attic, instead of going straight to her husband and telling him that she is alive after all that he grieved.

What did you think of that story set-up? We are actors, and we get material. Abigail was stuck in an attic one way, or the other. I know it may have seemed kind of ridiculous, but whatever justification there was for it, Marci hit the ground running. There is no easy way to come in to what was happening after Kate Mansi left. I think Marci did it as well as she could.

I had it much easier when I entered the canvas. But what I chose to do was almost make people hate Chad in a sense, because then they could take the small journey to grow to like him, and that was what I did. That was my intention.

dool chad and abby first meet

Good television and good acting is about that there is something that the audience latches on to and resonated with. The fact that I came on to the canvas as this young jerk with a bone to pick, and then slowly grew into a man, and falling in love, and changing the way he viewed his family and life, was such a great metamorphosis to play.

When the Ciara formerly Vivian Jovanni storyline came around … I fought it. I could see it coming and I played against it. When Kate left there was this huge void. Things are going to be rushed and things are going to drag out. They have to let my storyline drag for a bit in order to catch up another one, or we are going to move quicker to another one. I put my heart into everything I do. I care deeply about his relationships. I think Chad and Abigail are an important duo.

And then there is Gabi! It was never about needing a stylist. He just wanted someone around who he could talk to. My justification as a man who lost somebody he loved, it was about having some company, and to see someone in the same age range of his wife, and someone who had the same lease on life.

They had a history that was different, yes. Does Chad love Gabi? I think it grows into a love, but I think they have a history. If you look at it from a real life example, and as much as losing his soul mate was the end of him, I think it was his own little breakdown he was having.

Yes, it was part of his grieving process.

dool chad and abby first meet

I think he was lonely. Then we get to Abigail coming back and she is in the attic! I think we tried to play that as honestly as we could.

Chad DiMera

Many times on soaps writers come up with contrived situations to keep popular soap couples apart. Have you felt that at all over the last several months with the story on-air? We do 8 episodes a week.

You can do a take over, let me be clear. The type of actor I am there is the written scene, and then as the type of actor I am in a scene the emotion takes over. So for me as an actor, when I have to go from: That can be tricky! I am sure some viewers felt the same way as well. Then let me explain that little piece, because I think that is important, too.

There were some very childish-like feelings displayed by Chad. Chad does not know who he is getting back as his wife. What I was playing was that he was unsure of who he was getting back. He had his son to worry about at the same time. Chad knew Gabi had feelings for him. I think he found himself in this really odd position, and instead of dealing with everything as he should have, or have had an honest conversation, or a huge fight, or had some sex with Abigail, it was just too much.

This terrible thing happened to Abigail with this mental illness, and how do you deal with that as a man? Maybe, it was his fault. I think Chad is starting to begin to want to run away, because he feels like maybe he is the problem and he is scared, and he is not showing it, because he is a DiMera. He loves her so much that he is so afraid if he says the wrong thing, or does the wrong thing, she is going to break.

A part of him has been running away, because if he can do that he can begin to heal without her and he can move on.

Chad cares about Gabi. He has lost his dad, he has lost everybody, he is scared to death, and all he wants to do is not feel it.

dool chad and abby first meet

Is Gabi then, in a way, being used by Chad? In the long run I will say, maybe. I think that is going to become apparent down the line in how this all plays out.

He is just simply running away and he is not just doing it with Gabi, he is doing it with his business, and this is where it gets a bit crazy.

Days of our Lives: Chad and Abigail Tribute

That gives you the right to tell me what to do? What you have been seeing on-air tells a different story than what I was playing which is unfortunate. It looks like I am leaving Abby, because I would be better with Gabi. There are going to be moments in the future where I have to apologize to the audience. It was such a character shift in everything I worked for to build Chad that it seemed like it was a complete degree turn.

What are your thoughts on him taking over the lives of the characters of Salem, and in particular writing for Chad? His track record speaks for itself. Chad is the moral center of the DiMera family, and I think Ron gets that.

I think Ron likes dark families and dark emotions, and Chad has been both good and bad. But not at the expense of losing who he is, and not at the expense of losing his heart, which I think is crucial.

This seems to be a key formula in the soaps. You have sort of followed in that pattern, but in your own unique way of doing it. For me, that was two years in the making not two weeks. You will see some things coming up that will change things around. I think Chabby will be a huge focus for the demo, as well they should be moving forward.

You will see some things out of character for Chad. Normally, I would never talk about this process, but we have been asking fans to hang in there for six months. Thanks to them, and NBC, we got renewed. Chad is going to be provoking people and chasing Gabi, and causing conflict for business. Recently, Chad has been stranded on an island with Gabi and some of his friends. What have you thought of that storyline?

I have always been so good at maintaining and protecting my character. Chad is furious to learn that Will is a suspect and after Melanie tries to defend Will, they have a huge fight, and she presumably skips town.

Chad mourns Lexie's passing all alone. It is revealed that Melanie had been kidnapped; the couple is reunited underground as the tunnels beneath Salem collapse.

Chad attacks Melanie's captor, Andrew Caleb Hunt but he manages to escape before the collapse. However, he agrees to keep the secret to protect Melanie and warns Gabi to stay away from Melanie. Chad also kicks Gabi out of his apartment and backs out of their modeling gig.

Chad attacks Nick when he mistakenly believes Nick hurt Melanie again. Unable to forgive Chad for his angry outburst, Melanie calls off the engagement and skips town.

Chad briefly reunites with Abigail and exacts revenge on Gabi when he reveals at her wedding to Nick that Will is the father of her unborn child.

Chad and Abigail eventually patch things up when they learn Cameron has been moonlighting as a stripper. She agrees to a date, but later backs out.

Chad is touched when Will and Gabi name their baby Arianna after Grace. Chad is mistakenly led to believe he has a brain tumor, and lies to Cameron about his diagnosis to keep him away from Abigail. Though he survives, Abigail dumps him after she discovers his lie about the tumor. On October 30,Stefano accompanies Chad to Boston for a surgery to repair damage from the bullet.

He tries to get Ben fired from his club by accusing him of stealing but Sonny disagrees with Chad. Chad and Jordan begin dating, but they soon break up. Jordan soon after leaves Salem after receiving a new job opportunity. After Jordan leaves Salem, Chad goes back to pursuing Abigail, but, his life got changed when he discover his half-brother EJ and adoptive sister Kristen were killed, and know now that he was the last child in the family.

In JuneAbigail cheats on Ben and sleeps with Chad. Chad tells Abigail that he was just using her to get revenge on what happened with EJ, but the truth is he is still in love with her and wants to protect her from his father.

Abigail becomes pregnant and the father is revealed to be Ben after Ben's father Clyde Weston James Read threatens the doctors facilitating the paternity test. Chad is disowned by Stefano and, depressed, goes to a bar where he meets Serena Mason Melissa Archer.

Serena rejects his advances and Chad drunkenly goes after her, waking up the next morning without any memory of anything that happened after he left the bar and soon finds out he's the prime suspect after Serena is found strangled by the "Necktie Killer" in the park.

After the murder of Paige Larson and when Dr.

dool chad and abby first meet

Marlena Evans is attacked when she's unable to help Chad remember what happened the nights Serena and Paige were murdered, he is taken into custody and continues to be convicted of murder after Will is killed.

Abigail, who Ben is keeping hostage in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, is forced to call Chad and tell her that she's over with him, but while on the phone, is able to communicate with Chad that she's in trouble without Ben knowing. Chad arrives at the cabin, but Ben knocks him out and ties him and Abigail to the bed, setting it on fire and leaving with Abigail's premature son.

Chad is eventually able to get himself and Abigail free and he carries her to safety. They are found by the police and Chad and Abigail return to Salem. Stricken over the disappearance of her son, Chad and Abigail's brother JJ Deveraux Casey Moss go back to Mammoth Falls, where Abigail was being held hostage and find her son at a motel and then reunite them at the hospital in Salem.

She renames her son Thomas Jack Deveraux. Afterwards, Chad and Abigail start to plan a future together. Chad is later hypnotized by Marlena but is brainwashed by Andre, after he hijacks the session, to do the family bidding and get close to Belle after Sami stole the DiMera fortune. He is also forced to break up with Abigail.

After Thomas gets sick it's revealed that Chad is his father, not Ben. Chad was later shocked that his father has been murdered. Casting[ edit ] The casting and character was announced in late May Casey Deidrick had joined the cast as Chad. Despite very positive feedback, Brendan Coughlin was cast in the role of Tad. Deidrick's audition caught the attention of casting director, Marnie Saitta and he was soon called back to audition for the newly created role of Chad. At the time, Deidrick's screen time had declined dramatically and he had also booked several guest appearances in prime time.

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Deidrick's last air date was October 30, However, the actor also said he was open to return to the series for future guest stints. He is also very persuasive and he is not easy to break. It is obvious that he has been through a lot. Deidrick hinted that Chad may suffer from abandonment issues. Chad has a different way of thinking which sets him apart from the average person, similar to rock stars Deidrick revealed in an interview. Chad puts on a hard exterior and acts as if he does not care what others think of him.

However, Chad has another layer to him; he is "very sensitive" and all about romance which makes him all the more intriguing. He refuses to let Mia "whose been lying to him this whole time get in his way. When asked about a future love interest, Deidrick mentioned Gabriela Rodriguez who had recently been introduced to the canvas as Gabi Hernandez Gabriela Rodriguez but didn't believe a romantic pairing would work due to the age difference.

Woods was revealed to be his father. Chad immediately confronts Madeline and he is "completely devastated" when she admits to being a former prostitute. Chad is fed up with his mother's lies and just wants everything out on the table.

The revelation really impacts him in an "inexplicable" way. Deidrick described Chad's reaction as "flabbergasted" and wants to get away from her. Such tragedy could have the potential to screw him up. Because Deidrick did not know the pain of losing a parent, let alone his own mother, the actor does his best to portray Chad during the scenes; Deidrick's first reaction as Chad is going into denial.

Chad clings on to the little bit of courage he has left hoping to work things out with Charles in the future. According to Deidrick, the aftermath of his mother's death and his confrontation with Charles makes Chad a little "cuckoo crazy. According to Deidrick, during scenes with Kate, he intentionally emphasized Chad's vulnerabilities due to his mother's recent death; he is in desperate need of a mother figure at the moment, and Kate fills that void.

Chad does not show that side of his personality too often for fear of getting hurt. On the other hand, Chad's relationship with his new found father Stefano appears to be a bit more volatile. The nature of the relationship is first displayed in November when Chad confronts Stefano with a knife and demands blood for a DNA test.

According to Deidrick, "[Chad] struggles to find the courage to be able to love [Stefano] who had a relationship with his mother and never knew he existed.