Did kirk and picard ever meet that one person

Jean-Luc Picard: 19 Things Star Trek Fans Forget (And 1 They Don't Want To Remember)

did kirk and picard ever meet that one person

Recently watched Generations again, wherein Picard meets and buries Kirk. Does Picard address that in any of the novels, or in the films? One. One Captain got to wear a Green Lantern ring, the other is loved by John McClane from Die Hard. Kirk was considered an enemy of the Federation (Star Trek III: The Both Captains got to meet each other in a place called the Nexus, . The only person around is Captain Picard, who does an impression. Picard was never going to be known only as “that amazing guy who captained the But Kirk? He's nothing but a cowboy, right? He is—as one Klingon in time to fix an incident aboard Space Station K-7, Sisko just has to meet Kirk. saying: If you prefer Picard, I promise I won't ever hold that against you.

While on Rura Penthe, Kirk met a shapeshifter named Martia. Played by the actress Iman, she kisses Kirk then later morphs herself into Kirk. Could it be that Picard is such a great protagonist because his main antagonist is a super-powerful entity that can literally do anything that they want? The omnipotent Q would probably agree with us. Q can snap his fingers and go anywhere, have anything appear and have any event happen.

30 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk

He can time travel, teleport and even has threatened judgment upon the entire human race, yet he's consistently lost to Captain Picard time and time again. Tres bien, mon Capitaine. These interactions happened in the comics, and although we'd love for it to happen as a live action movie, we don't think even Disney can buy up enough properties to make that occur.

Here's another crossover you may have missed: Star Trek and Green Lantern. Tembra, his arms open. At first glance, those first two sentences may be gibberish, but they're actually phrases in Tamarian. Also referred to as the Children of Tama, they are a race of beings that communicate using metaphoric references in their speech.

It's a fancy way of saying the Universal Translator won't work on them. It took the sheer brains and determination for Picard to decode the Tamarian language. It's Picard's diplomacy and storytelling skills that connected him to his alien Captain counterpart.

did kirk and picard ever meet that one person

Because of that, Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel is a Tamarian phrase, referring to overcoming hardship and diversity. Leave it to Kirk to find a way to beat a no-win scenario.

So faced with another impossible task, Kirk said "hold my Romulan Ale" and did the impossible yet again. Surrounding the galactic core of the Milky Way Galaxy is the Great Barrier, an incredibly powerful energy field around 15, light years in diameter. There were two moments in which he had to defend the Federation not only from nefarious intruders, but also from internal corruption.

Star Trek Generations - History Repeats Itself

In the episode "Conspiracy" Picard discovered scorpion-like creatures that were body-snatching high-ranking Starfleet officers. Insurrection, Picard learned of another kind of conspiracy in which members of the Federation Council planned to steal the secrets of immortality and eternal youth from a race known as the Ba'ku.

Picard was the strong moral center that steered the Federation back on track.

did kirk and picard ever meet that one person

Imagine our shock that Kirk is on this list multiple times for being a peacekeeper and resolver of conflict! How come people throw shade and say he's hot-headed?

In the original series episode "Errand of Mercy" Kirk and crew must defend the Organians from a Klingon invasion. It turns out the Organians are super-powerful and force Kirk and his Klingon rival, Kor, to settle peacefully. They are cybernetic beings that can't be reasoned with or negotiated with. Resistance to them is futile, and they assimilate those that stand in their path. Could the diplomatic skills of Captain Picard stop even the Borg? This confused sensors long enough for Picard to launch a counter-attack and destroy the ship.

Not bad for a man famous for his diplomacy! Imagine what it must like to be the brother to Jean-Luc.

Star Trek Kirk vs. Picard: An Enduring Debate

Living under the shadow of a man who's literally saved humanity more than once has to be hard. Robert bullied his younger brother and Jean-Luc often got into trouble as a rebellious teen.

Against his father's wishes, Jean-Luc left his parents and brother behind and joined Starfleet. This left Robert with the family wine business and a deep resentment towards his brother.

Every Captain in the Federation is charged with seeking out new life and new civilizations. Captain Picard got to do just that, and the man was responsible for making first contact with over two dozen new species, counted among them was the profit-driven Ferengi and he sort of did it twice. The first time he met the Ferengi, he was the Captain of the U.

An unidentified ship later revealed to be Ferengi attacked the Stargazer, with Picard destroying the ship in defense. The second official first contact meeting was around nine years later in the episode "The Last Outpost. Just how good is Chateau Picard wine? As luck would have it, you can actually order it on-line from a company that is not associated with Star Trek or Paramount. Discovery episode The Vulcan Hello.

As he learned from Q in the episode "Tapestry," Picard made the mistakes necessary to give him life experience and become the person he is today. When he was born, he had a number of hurdles he had to overcome as well.

did kirk and picard ever meet that one person

When Jean-Luc was born, he suffered from Shalaft's Syndrome, a rare condition in which young Picard had a hypersensitivity to sound. Although it's similar to the real-life disorder hyperacusis, it's not known why writers of Star Trek Nemesis made up Shalaft's Syndrome. In the series finale "All Good Things Medical scans showed that it was still possible for him to develop Irumodic syndrome in the future.

Unfortunately, while Picard and his crew are celebrating Worf's promotion on the holodeck at the beginning of the film Star Trek: Generations, the Captain received some disturbing news about his family. In an event never fully explained, Robert and his son, Rene, perished in a fire.