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Crysis 3 Walkthrough and Guide center, you'll have a secondary mission where you have to destroy the Tower Air Defense System to allow Psycho to land . Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 10 – The Root Of All Evil (Infiltrate the Dam Controls) After you get to the target that Psycho is moving toward you will find it is a Here you will be introduced to Claire, the present leader of the . Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 6 – Welcome To The Jungle (Meet Up With Psycho). Next to the APC, you will find a Datapad 3/5. Behind the second APC, to the right , there is a suit upgrade kit. After you collect the data and ammo from the crate.

Head outside and you'll find some APCs and a buggy. Grab the datapad on a crate near the APCs. APC datapad Ride the buggy and make your way to the bridge.

Mission 5: Red Star Rising

Take out the few suriving CELL troops in the blockade. Continue forth and proceed down the stairs until you exit. In the next area, jump down the series of cliffs to reach the buggy below. Make sure to activate armor mode when jumping to avoid damage. Before riding the buggy, grab the Blackbox beside the corpse near the buggy.

Blackbox Ride the buggy until you reach a large gate. There's a Ceph pinger and a couple of heavy ceph infantry there as well. There's an APC in the western side of the map that you can commandeer and use against the enemy forces.

Head to the gate and take out the enemies. There are two Collectibles in the left side of the gate. Suit energy won't drain, Ceph Weapon ammo won't deplete and damage will be boosted.

Killing all the small fries will bring out the Ceph Devastator. This guy is a lot tougher than the grunts you've been facing. Use cover and armor mode when possible, and strike with all you've got.

Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 10 – The Root Of All Evil (Infiltrate the Dam Controls)

Don't forget about all the explosives you're holding. If you see a light at the end of the Devastator's hand, he's charging a mortar attack — take cover before the mortar hits. When he's dead, walk over his body and pick up the X-Pac Mortar. The gate nearby will now have a huge hole in it. Head toward the next objective marker to continue the mission.

Mission 5: Red Star Rising - Crysis 3

Use the Tactical Visor on the way to the objective to locate and tag another Datapad in between two buildings to the East. The second you jump down into the grasslands, they will run to you and attack. Give the X-Pac Mortar a bit of a test run before jumping down into the fight, then go into stealth mode to bypass them.

Make sure you check the weapons around here.

Crysis 3 Walkthrough Part 10 – The Root Of All Evil (Infiltrate the Dam Controls)

The building to the East will contain a Propaganda Posterbut it will be guarded by auto-turrets. Hack them from stealth mode before getting too close. The building to the West will contain a mounted machine gun with several CELL soldiers hunkered down. Use stealth to enter the building undetected. A Datapad is located on the second floor alongside more assault rifles with Grenade Launchers.

Head out the backside of the building to the North West, but stay on alert. Not too far ahead is an auto-turret that can rip you to shreds. Hack it so it doesn't fire on you, and pick up the Nanosuit Upgrade Kit beyond it.

With that in hand, continue towards the objective marker. As you get closer to the objective, Claire will ask for help. A buggy and a few tanks will be located on the other side of the building. Before taking off, use the visor to help locate a Datapad and a Nanosuit Upgrade Kit around the vehicles. Be sure to switch on armor mode as you do. This will make sure that Prophet will survive the impending fall.

Claire will contact Prophet and ask for visual access from the suit. He grants it but only for as long as necessary.

Head on out of the water and turn on your visor. There are a total of 8 CELL Soldiers here at present but only 6 of them are close enough to be of any real concern. Just as the conversation is wrapping up, use some Frag Arrows to quickly dispatch both groups. If you miss this window then it takes a little more variety to kill them all without alerting them fully. First use a Frag arrow on the group to the left. They are all close enough together one will always do the trick.

Crysis 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 - Psycho - Mission 4

After that look to the right. Only 2 of the 3 are close enough to get in a single blast. Take them out and then pick off the surviving member. If things go well you, or you just want to sneak through, head over to the left and hug that edge all the way around the area.