California meet and confer labor law

california meet and confer labor law

The MMBA requires public entities to meet and confer in good faith over all matters relating to Wages, hours or other terms and conditions of employment Also comes into play if there is a change in the law that impacts the wages, hours, or other . Oakland Museum of California jointly operated by City and Foundation. "Meet and confer in good faith" means that a public agency, or such .. by Article VII of the California Constitution or by laws or rules enacted pursuant thereto. 2, ), the Supreme Court of California found that a mayor who was the Code section , to meet and confer with public employee organizations. to PERB's construction of labor law provisions within its jurisdiction.

The merged plan, among other things, allowed newly hired police to continue with a pension plan, but new firefighters would have the k -style plan.

california meet and confer labor law

Mayor Sanders and his staff subsequently supported the signature-gathering campaign in public appearances, speeches, interviews, solicitations for assistance, and media statements. The proponents gathered enough signatures, the measure was certified in Novemberand the city council passed a resolution of intent to place the initiative on the June ballot.

On the June ballot, Sanders provided the pro-initiative argument.

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The voters approved the initiative. That election night, Sanders lauded it as the latest of his pension reform efforts over the years. In Februaryafter the council had voted to put the initiative on the June ballot, PERB alleged the failure to meet and confer constituted an unfair labor practice in a complaint against the City.

california meet and confer labor law

PERB also filed a superior court action to prevent the initiative from being on the June ballot. The trial court decided against a preliminary injunction. The Union sought writ relief.

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In Julythe ALJ found Sanders had a duty to meet and confer with the unions because his conduct amounted to a policy determination on a negotiable matter. Public Employment Relations Bd. The Supreme Court observed that the focus of the MMBA is Government Code sectionwhich mandates that a governing body of a local public agency, or its designated representative, meet and confer in good faith on employment terms and conditions with representatives of recognized employee organizations.

Woodside 7 Cal. Reviewing People ex rel. Seal Beach Police Officers Assn.

california meet and confer labor law

Bargaining law levels the playing field. Teachers sit down as equals with administrators and both sides start the process with initial proposals. There have been more than California public school strikes, sickouts and other work stoppages since The most recent major showdown was the day strike by the Hayward Education Association in Aprilwhich earned teachers an 11 percent raise over two years. Kathleen Crummey, a Hayward teacher for more than 30 years, led that strike.

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She died of cancer July 24 of this year and was taking union-related calls in the final weeks of her life, said her husband, former CTA Board member Dayton Crummey. Kerr, family and friends for a public memorial Sept. Sanchez said at the memorial. By continuing her work, we honor her and our profession.

california meet and confer labor law

The focus is on developing mutually beneficial agreements based on the of the parties — the needs, desires and concerns important to each side. Then we talk about different options for making this happen in our district — and our contract — and we can usually come to a compromise. Fortunately, there were financial reserves set aside to help this district survive lean times. The EWEA worked for years to build a foundation that would allow interest-based bargaining.