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betty and veronica meet the punisher logo

Published by Archie Comics as Archie Meets the Punisher and by Marvel The Punisher; Archie Andrews; Reggie Mantle; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; . Archie and comedic Punisher logo with Archie's eyes and nose located on the back. A description of tropes appearing in Archie Meets the Punisher. Hostage Situation: Red takes Archie's possible girlfriend Veronica hostage after Punisher catches up Motif Merger: The comic has Punisher's skull-logo crossed with Archie's. the infamous one-issue story Archie Meets the Punisher (no, So, for the movie version of the Hulk, the opposite of Betty is Veronica.

October 24th, by Gavok Tags: That always seems to get a little bit of a reaction out of them, but not as much as my claims that it was actually quite good! The Archie and Marvel camps were friendly with each other and there was a joke going back and forth that there should be a crossover where Riverdale becomes a darker and more violent place and Archie becomes a vigilante after his family is killed.

Many crossovers are meant to be a look at the similarities and differences between the two parties involved.

betty and veronica meet the punisher logo

This book is less about the former and very much about the latter. Then you have Frank Castle, the dead-inside Vietnam veteran whose family was murdered by the mob, leading him to dedicate his entire being to showing no mercy to the criminal element. The setup is simple and genius in its own right. Red gets the slip on Frank and purchases a train ticket.

Melvin is naturally Red with an assumed identity and with his Archie-like appearance — outside of being bigger and having buckteeth — and status as a rich go-getter, Veronica invites him to take her to the dance.

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They desperately want Red in alive and Frank is willing to play ball with them, only because Red could squeal and give him lots of info on his more important criminal associates. The bad news is that there are already some criminals ready to set up shop in Riverdale and they want a word with Red. Since they see Archie first, they take him and Jughead for a ride. Frank is right behind them. You might notice the contrast in art style here. This leads to some Who Framed Roger Rabbit style of visual disparity when they share the same panel.

Frank disguises himself as the new phys ed teacher, causing Miss Grundy to swoon over the hardened Vietnam vet.

Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher

A big gunfight erupts between Frank and the mobsters while Red escapes, taking Veronica hostage. The next day, Frank says his goodbyes and to the surprise of Betty and Veronica, kisses Miss Grundy on the forehead as thanks for saving his life earlier in the story.

Meanwhile, we get a goofy cliffhanger about Wolverine ready to go after Jughead. This panel always bugged me.

betty and veronica meet the punisher logo

Are there two Wolverines? Is his hand on backwards? The comic does a great job of not compromising either property. At the end of the story, Frank Castle is still on a mission to murder the guilty and Archie is still being a dope in a cartoon wonderland. These two opposites came at each other head-to-head and there were no out-of-character casualties.

Which is why it works. Frank Castle was, once upon a time, innocent.

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Innocent enough, at least. It was the war and the loss of his family that drove him to darkness. It is the meaning behind his war, after all.

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After a car wreck, Punisher quickly realizes his error and lets Archie go. Punisher and Microchip continue to secretly monitor Archie, hoping the remaining thugs will make the same mistake and come into the open.

As Red and Veronica arrive at the school dance, Red is recognized by a stage worker and low-level drug dealer, who, hoping to improve his standing among the cartel, calls them and tells them where to find Red.

Punisher and Microchip, who have been monitoring the cartel, also head for the dance. Meanwhile, Archie is told Veronica went to the dance with someone who looks like him, and realizing that she is with a criminal, he too goes to the dance. Punisher sneaks into the school and realizes Riverdale truly is as innocent as it appears. Determined to prevent it from being corrupted by Red or other forces, he disguises himself as a chaperone and, while looking for Red, identifies the thugs, who have dressed like caterers.

As Archie arrives, the thugs mistake him for Red again and move in to kill him. Punisher uses non-lethal methods to disarm and incapacitate them, but the real Red escapes with Veronica as a hostage.

Red forces Veronica to call her father for ransom, but she takes the opportunity to use code words to let Archie know that she's being held in a specific warehouse.

Archie and his friends accompany Punisher to rescue her. At the warehouse, Punisher reveals to Red that the informant who called the cartel to the dance has agreed to testify and Red is no longer needed alive.

During the subsequent scuffle, Red accidentally triggers the automatic doors that open the warehouse roof and gets his foot tangled in a rope attached to a large parade balloon.

As the balloon floats away with Red attached, Punisher considers killing him, but does not. Before leaving Riverdale for Gotham City the next morning, Punisher and Microchip say goodbye to Archie and his friends. Critical reception[ edit ] Many people thought the crossover was a joke when it was first announced, but it was surprisingly successful.