Bambi and faline meet joe

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bambi and faline meet joe

Bambi (; 69 minutes; Color) Producer: Walt Disney. Cox, Tyrus Wong, Art Riley, Robert McIntosh, Travis Johnston, W. Richard Anthony, Stan Spohn, Ray Huffine, Ed Levitt & Joe Stanley. Bambi shyly meets a little female fawn, Faline. Disney Films, Bambi: lies, unsubstantiated rumors, mangled urban legends, by the erstwhile dean of the philosophy of historical narrative, Joseph Campbell (or Bambi meets a young doe named Faline who quickly befriends the young. Thomas had animated scenes of the "child" Bambi, as he learned to walk; Kahl, scenes of the "adolescent" Bambi, as he meets the young doe Faline. still in the earliest stages of work, including one inspired by Joe Grant's spaniel, Lady.

Ronno chases him and Thumper through the forest until Bambi leaps to safety over a large ravine.

bambi and faline meet joe

The Great Prince, having seen the whole thing, is impressed by this feat. Ronno, jealous of the young prince, tries to jump over the chasm himself, but falls in, thwarted for now. The next day, Thumper encourages Bambi to talk to the Great Prince, and the two connect. The Great Prince allows Bambi to come along with him on his patrols, and as the two get closer, Friend Owl approaches them and introduces them to Mena, a doe that he has selected as Bambi's new mother.

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Bambi realizes the Great Prince had planned on sending him away and snaps at his father, while the Great Prince concludes that he is not meant to raise Bambi. Bambi sadly accepts the change.

bambi and faline meet joe

On the way to Mena's den, Ronno shows up to taunt Bambi again. The two get into another fight that sets off one of Man's traps, alerting Man. Bambi saves Mena by leading Man's dogs away from her, and the Great Prince arrives.

Bambi Meets Faline Again

The dogs chase Bambi, and his friends help him fend them off. Bambi evades all but one of the dogs.

bambi and faline meet joe

Bambi kicks the other dog off a cliff, but falls off as well. Everyone grieves him until Bambi reveals he is still alive, and he and the Great Prince reconcile. Sometime later, Thumper shares his version of the chase with the rest of his friends, and Bambi, whose antlers have just grown in, enjoys the tall tale with Faline.

Ronno appears and vows vengeance on both of them, until he is bitten on the nose and runs off. Bambi meets up with the Great Prince, who shows him the field where he first met his mother. Cast Alexander Gould as Bambi, the young prince of the forest.

bambi and faline meet joe

His mother dies, and he has to be with his father. Andrew Collins served as the supervising animator for Bambi. Patrick Stewart as the Great Prince of the Forest. He is Bambi's father, and due to the death of Bambi's mother, The Great Prince is forced to be the fawn's guardian. Pieter Lommerse served as the supervising animator for the Great Prince. Brendon Baerg as Thumper.

Bambi's Mother

He and Flower are Bambi's friends who help him be brave to impress his father. Ian Harrowell served as the supervising animator for Thumper.

Nicky Jones as Flower. He and Thumper are Bambi's friends who help him be brave to impress his father. Ian Harrowell served as the supervising animator for Flower.

Bambi meets a young doe named Faline who quickly befriends the young buck, possibly because she didn't hear the warning about men. Winter comes and snow covers the ground. Bambi attempts to cross a frozen lake in a humorous scene inspired by the "Eliza from Uncle Tom's Cabin crossing the ice" skit popularized by blackface minstrel shows.

By this time, the entire audience is incredibly endeared no pun intended to Bambi and his friends, and if anything bad happened to them, we would be devastated.

Bambi and his mother are grazing in the meadow when they sense "man. Everyone in the audience cries. Grown men are reduced to sobbing infants. One kind in the back of the audience tries to take his own life with a bucket of popcorn. We are treated to a "training" montage that shows Bambi becoming a strong adult and growing a rack of dangerous-looking antlers.

A kindly owl warns Bambi against becoming "twidderpated" -- letting soft emotions dampen his thirst for revenge.

bambi and faline meet joe

But the warning is not heeded, and Bambi begins to fall for Faline. A hunter's campfire sparks a forest fire. Animals flee, but Flower is consumed by flames. The hunter's dogs get Thumper. Bambi swears revenge again.

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The final scene shows Bambi and his battle-scarred father watching over Faline who has just given birth. It becomes clear that Bambi, like his father before him, is going to leave his family so that he can follow the path of revenge. Bambi walks off, and Faline looks up suddenly -- "man" is in the forest. The screen goes dark and we hear a gunshot. But was it Bambi or his family that was killed? The audience is left to speculate. Bambi is a delightful film, loved by adults and children alike.

Despite the fact that it famously has a dark moment or two, it rightfully takes its place as a classic fit for the whole family. Most children either overlook the stories intense focus on death, realize that it's just part of nature's way, or grow up to be half-crazed xenophobic militants.

The film has several wonderful songs.