Alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman characters in frozen

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alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman characters in frozen

In regards to the other main female character in this film, as a member of the . Towards the end, the action takes part on a frozen tundra in Russia. In Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman, Alvin suspects that his. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein. G While working as featured performers on a movie studio tour, Alvin and his brothers Cast & Crew Frozen. 12 images (& sounds) of the Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman cast of characters. Pics of the Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman voice actors.

She also wears black jeans and dark cowboy boots. However, since the film is set almost entirely at night-time anyway, the temperature would have dropped. Jill however, has no such excuse.

Jill Valentine essentially looks like Lara Croft in this movie, wearing a blue strapless shirt and a short black skirt. As a former police officer, Jill should really know how to dress in a crisis. I can see why the Umbrella Corp would utilise the same outfits in an attempt to trigger her memories.

I just find it pretty funny to think that they probably have a department dedicated to generating copies of that dress. Maybe the Umbrella Corp styles their hair before they wake them up? I do think this is one of the more functional outfits. The film being set during the day does make the heat a lot more believable. However, as well as skimpy clothing, Alice also wears an overcoat and a scarf. Both of which are utilised to keep her warm during the night and to protect from the sand. In a surprising twist, they are all wearing combat ready clothes.

Alice later wears a large green jacket, lined with fur to keep her warm during her trip to Antarctica. All in all, most of the characters seems to wear clothing appropriate to their situation.

Crystal is wearing a vest top, but so is Luther. Retribution For the most part, Alice is combat ready in this film. The functionality of Alices outfit is justified by the ridiculous nature of Adas. As an agent, Ada had advanced knowledge of the mission, including where she would be going and what she would be fighting.

Despite knowing that she would be fighting throughout the mission, Ava chose to wear a skimpy red dress which emulates the dress which Alice wore in the first film. She also wears heels and a black choker with dangling ends which makes it terrible for fights as it can be easily pulled which would ironically chock her with her choker.

The other main female wears a purple body suit which is unzipped to reveal her chest. Towards the end, the action takes part on a frozen tundra in Russia. Alice is dressed appropriately for the cold, wearing a winter coat which she uses to keep both herself and Becky warm.

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Which, although realistic at times, is a bit unnecessary. That night, Dave goes to see Mr. Talbot to apologize and explain everything to him. However, during the conversation, the full moon rises and he transforms into a werewolf. Terrified, Dave runs to the school to warn the boys.

However, he runs into a pole, knocking him unconscious. Having followed Dave to the school, Mr. Talbot makes his way inside. During the play, Theodore changes into a werewolf while on set and starts to attack Eleanor. However, after cornering her, the necklace Theodore gave her earlier shines by the moon, causing Theodore to remember his feelings towards her and to flee. Eleanor follows him, determined to help him, only to almost be attacked by Mr.

Talbot, who was the original werewolf that bit Theodore.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman characters in frozen

Theodore quickly defends her and attacks Mr. Talbot, biting him during the struggle. As a result of the bite, Mr.

Talbot changes back into a human and Theodore back into a chipmunk.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman characters in frozen

Confused by what happened, Simon explains to everyone how the bite cured them by causing the effect to reverse on them both. With the happy news delivered, Alvin quickly runs up to the stage to join in the applause by the crowd, who believes the entire incident was just an act, though is quickly shoved back behind the curtains by Brittany.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman

At the wrap party, they find out Mr. Talbot is going to be their new principal. Having woke up, Dave shows up as he gives his speech about his new position and nearly attacks him. The boys quickly explain that Theodore took care of everything leaving out most of the film's eventsleaving Dave impressed and proud of him.

As Dave hugs Theodore, Mr. Talbot who did in fact want to be free from his werewolf curse thanks him.