Alec and magnus meet me in st

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alec and magnus meet me in st

Read Alec Lightwood from the story People Meet Percabeth by It's about mortals, demigods and sometimes gods meeting me and Annabeth. You may say that. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare I'm going on tour! Meet me on tour for Queen of Air and Darkness. Learn more about where, when, and how to. Magnus had to clear his throat in order for Alec to let go. Why would he To kiss him in the middle of the street, even. Alec was getting "Come lie with me then," Magnus said, putting away his mug and taking Alec's hand.

Magnus let himself fall on the bed and watched as Alec sat gingerly on the edge, bowing down. Magnus looked as Alec took them and placed them neatly against the wall.

Then he turned and went to lay a bit stiffly on the bed next to Magnus. Magnus rolled on his side and propped himself up on one elbow, looking down on Alec who was staring at the ceiling.

It might have something to do with Jace. By way of reply Alec reached out his arm and pulled Magnus against him. Surprised at the gentle gesture, Magnus laid his head on Alec's shoulder and breathed in his scent of sandalwood and cheap soap. He felt his heart jump at the familiarity of it. It was weird, the effect Alec was having on him.

He felt grounded when Alec was here, tethered to him. He relished it and closed his eyes, letting himself drift off to a dream world in which they were together and there was no closet and no Jace and no Valentine or anything else that could disturb them.

He felt Alec tighten his arm around him and nuzzling his hair.

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When Magnus woke up in Alec's arms, he opened his eyes and saw afternoon had changed into evening. He propped himself up on one elbow to look at Alec. At the movement Alec stirred and opened his eyes. He pulled Magnus towards him and kissed his forehead. Magnus put his arm around Alec's waist and feather brushed his fingers against the bare skin between Alec's awful sweater and his jeans.

Alec startled and moved away. But before he could touch him there was a blur of movement and Alec had flipped over and landed at the end of the bed in a crouch.

And then Alec jumped and pinned him down on the bed. His hands on both Magnus's wrists, pushing him into the mattress. His eyes were glowing and he shot Magnus a crooked smile.

alec and magnus meet me in st

I'm a king at wrestling. Alec went flying and landed on the ground next to bed. But he flipped back on the bed in a movement so fast, Magnus couldn't register it. And Alec was on him again, panting a little. Rule number one of wrestling: No magic doesn't seem fair to me," Magnus said. Now get off me, cause this is not an even start. I will beat you, you smug Shadowhunter. Magnus counted back from three to one. At one they both jumped up and at each other, but Magnus instantly felt there was no use trying.

Alec was so fast and so strong, that in the blink of an eye he was pinned down again. Alec's knee pressing in his side and he was holding both Magnus's hands behind his back with one hand.

The other cupped Magnus's cheek, caressing his cheekbone. He snapped his finger then, paralyzing Alec for a second. Just long enough to wrestle himself free and roll around, on top of the Shadowhunter. Alec put his arms up and around him, kissing him back with eagerness.

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Their mouths moving against each other. Their bodies entangled in a passionate embrace, they kissed for a long time. When they finally broke apart, Alec mumbled, "Sorry. He caressed the Shadowhunters jaw line and cheekbone, tracing the outline of his lips. I wouldn't want that. Magnus felt his heart stutter at the unexpected answer and kissed Alec hard and long. Only when Alec's stomach started to grumble did they break apart. Magnus ordered pizza and they ate it in his bed, talking and laughing and kissing the evening away and into the night.

As Alec dozed off against Magnus's shoulder, Magnus realized again how much he enjoyed being with Alec like this. Just the two of them in their own world. Their own safe little bubble.

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He remembered his dream of a world without closets, without Jace or anything else keeping them apart. It would be like this, he thought, it can be like this. Alec's phone started blaring, waking Magnus from his reverie and back to the real world.

It was Jace, telling them he needed blood. His expression hardened, and she saw a flicker of his ancestors in the set of his jaw.

So he had remembered it after all. She straightened up, pushing her hair back. Where he was born. Who his father is. His father was a Prince of Hell.

You know the Princes of Hell, angel boy?

alec and magnus meet me in st

The greatest angels of Heaven became the greatest princes in Hell. And the greatest of them all is.

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Did you love him? I was fond of him. But I never loved him. Camille could tell by the tension in his slender body that he was holding back both anger and shame: His need of her was like blood. A long silence stretched between them. Finally, in an incredulous tone, he said: And Shadowhunter blood has a special quality.

Not all of you are like your Jace, of course, carrying daylight in your veins.