Adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

Okay, so Adventure Time isn't really one of my favorite shows To be honest, I can't stand half of the characters, and I hate how they're drawn. Fionna and Cake started out as the gender-swapped versions of Adventure TimeSeason 8 What is their relationship to Finn and Jake?. Read Chapter 1 They meet from the story Adventure time Finn and Fionna by Finnluvsfionna (Jazmin) Well I'm Fionna and the cat is Cake! Finn let Fionna use his bed and Jake let Cake use his bed, Finn and Jake both shared the couch.

The noodle arms bother me… There are only a select few characters in the show that I actually like. Two that I adore. But I watched an episode the other day and now an idea has popped into my head and I really want to write it.

So, without flames or hate mail, please enjoy… Finn and Jake, meet Fionna and Cake. Jake laughed and nodded, waving one finger up and down, wiggling it absently as he did. A sudden female voice called out, "Finn! Marceline floated over and lifted her hand under her shade and she asked, "Okay, I don't wanna scare you guys or anything, but I think you might not wanna go to your tree-house tonight…" "Why?

Jake asked, trying to clarify, "So there might be girl versions of us in our tree-house?

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Immediately they both jumped into action and ran as fast as they could to their tree-house. Marceline flew after them, shouting about how it was a bad idea and that they needed to stop, but they didn't listen. Finn kicked the door open, and was immediately met with a girl in blue, wielding one of his swords.

But a cat suddenly jumped toward him, hissing loudly.

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The other sounded a lot like her, but it sounded…male Everyone turned and looked, to find Marceline floating next to a guy vampire with short messy black hair. Finn and Jake stared at him in shock. Arriving at Bubblegum's castle, the two teens and the dog were greeted by a grinning Bubblegum. I was going to send for you.

Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake

You'll never guess what happened! She led the group to her lab. Upon entering her lab, she pointed excitedly to a door-like frame that showed a yellow with white and pink room. Bubblegum shook her head and laughed, "Well, a couple of nights ago I was working in my lab when that door just magically appeared.

It jiggled like jelly. I put a finger through and it went right through! I don't know what came over me but I wrote a letter.

adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

It said 'Is anybody there? I was about to give up getting a reply when a note came through. It said 'Are you in there?

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We have compared scientific notes and notes comparing our worlds. His is similar to ours! We don't know how it might affect anything and we don't know how long it will stay open. We assumed he formed it with shards of magical ice and teleporter fluid.

adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

It opened a portal between his dimension and ours. It could be completely unstable. Bubblegum though for a second and grabbed a piece of paper and pen. She wrote, "Bubba, My friend Marceline is going to attempt to cross. Are your preparations ready? Gumball explained about the girl he corresponded with, and how their worlds seemed similar, when a note came through the mirror-like door.

adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

The grin faded and he took a pen. He wrote on the back of the note.

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Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake are here" He put the note back into the mirror-like door. He looked up to see the bewilderment in his friends faces and he just grinned. She saw the note fall back to the ground and Marceline's mouth just hung open as she read the note and held it up for Finn and Jake to see. She then turned to face Marceline "You'll see. Without fear, the vampire queen walked up to the mirror-like door and stuck out a hand.

She entered slowly until she was gone. Finn gasped and looked at Jake who did the same. They looked at Bubblegum's weak worried smile and feared for Marceline. The group gawked as they saw a gray-ish pale arm come through the mirror-like door and then a body. Out came a girl, with long black hair, it was so long she could step on it!

She was floating like Marshall. She was wearing a gray tank top, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots. She was holding a red Axe-bass that looked just like Marshall's. When she saw them, her eyes went wide.

adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

Marceline the Vampire Queen and don't wear it out. As soon as she said 'Vampire Queen', everyone looked at Marshall. She looked down to see the boy's bass. They looked into each other's eyes. Marceline stuck out her hand and Marshall took it, they jumped as both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through them.

She then looked past his shoulder to Fionna and Cake. She turned back to Marshall Lee.

adventure time will finn and jake meet fionna cake

Before anyone knew what was going on the heard someone fall to the ground next to the mirror-like door. He quickly stood and looked directly at the human girl and the cat next to her. The way Finn exclaimed it, it sounded more as a statement than a question.