Abbott and costello meet the monsters full episode

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abbott and costello meet the monsters full episode

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein is a American horror comedy film directed by Charles Barton and starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello. of 'Meet the Monsters' pictures, beginning with Abbott and Costello Meet the DeMise: Fatal fall into the sea (with Dracula in tow) FuLL Moon raTing: ****1/2 But at least scripter John Loy (who penned episodes for a number of cartoon. Episode Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein abbott What happens when two run of the mill delivery guys happen to run into three of.

He paces over to the telephone and asks the operator if his call to the States has been completed yet. Clearly, this is an urgent call. On the other end, in Florida, an employee of an express package delivery station answers the call, Wilbur Costello. While explaining, however, the full moon rises and Talbot turns into the wolf man.

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As Wilbur hangs up, thinking Talbot called long distance to have his dog make growling noises into the phone, McDougal, the House of Horrors owner is waiting to see if his two crates have arrived. Classic Costello meets monster fare ensues. Whose brain do they intend to use? In order to put a stop to all the terrible plans, Talbot needs the help of Wilbur and Chick, all the while fighting his own demons and an ever-full moon.

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I must say poor Talbot, as far as monsters go, is quite the downer. Anyway, I think you get the picture. His is always a character that is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are plenty of scares and opportunities for the wonderful, classic repartee that made Abbott and Costello such a hit during the golden ages of three mediums of mass communications — radio, movies and television. But having all these monsters around who not only want to get at Wilbur but also hate each other — the Wolf Man and Dracula in particular — lends itself to grand mayhem and several frights as well whereby Wilbur and Chick run into a classic monster in every room of the castle.

One has to love the apparent demise of Dracula as well — trying to escape the pursuing Wolf Man, the Count starts to turn into a bat then out comes the Wolf Man, grabs a hold of the animal before it flies away and they both fall into the rocks and crashing waves below.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Official Trailer #1 - (1948) HD

Meanwhile, The Monster continues his relentless pursuit of Wilbur and Chip who do all they can, in hilarious fashion, to evade being killed by the creature. He chases them out of castle where he meets his demise in an ending that rivals the best climax in any of the classic Universal horrors.

Then just before the film ends, as the boys are trying to escape in a little boat, another monster appears. A must mention — the gorgeous, classic horror film score by Frank Skinner in this film. From the moment the Universal logo appears and that first, loud, distinctive note plays I want to run for cover — it evokes such wonderful thrills.

I might add that animation is also used beautifully in the scenes where Dracula turns into a bat. Particularly interesting are the stories concerning the actors who play the famous monsters but, in truth, everything about the making of this film fascinates me. The transition scenes where Talbot Chaney turn into the monster are really great in this film too — the editing is less clumsy, for lack of a better word, than in the version.

Pierce continued to work as a make-up artist in films and television through the early s. I adore Boris Karloff as The Monster.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein – Once upon a screen…

He was the original and the image that evokes in my mind whenever I think of this character. The next day, Wilbur and Chick are at their apartment, with the latter complaining about the night they spent in jail.

Wilbur keeps insisting that he saw Dracula and the Monster, just as Sandra comes in to remind him of a masquerade ball that evening. Instead, he ends up kissing the lips of Joan Raymond Jane Randolphwho says she bailed them out, and tells Wilbur she finds him fascinating.

But her faux googly-eyes at Wilbur prompt him to ask her to the upcoming ball, leaving Chick in the cold, even when he points out that Wilbur already has a date. Wilbur gives Chick an I-told-you-so look, although the latter is still unconvinced.

abbott and costello meet the monsters full episode

He begs Wilbur to lock him in his room, which is across from theirs. After Wilbur does so, he sees Talbot left his bag and goes back in. Wilbur narrowly avoids the Wolf Man as he leaves the bag with a note. Wilbur is irritated by the eyes Stevens and Joan give each other, but she and Sandra get acquainted as they freshen up.

During this time, Wilbur picks up the ringing phone, which turns out to be Talbot. Lejos, which prompts Wilbur to try to leave, but Chick is pissed enough to search the place with Wilbur to put all this nonsense to rest.

abbott and costello meet the monsters full episode

Their search leads them to a basement staircase that itself leads to a boat and dock. The duo are briefly separated by a revolving door, during which time Wilbur sees Dracula and the Monster approaching him. As the others depart, Sandra informs Dracula that Joan is an insurance agent, Stevens keeps asking questions, and Wilbur must have found out something.

abbott and costello meet the monsters full episode

She says that they must postpone their plans, but Dracula is insistent to the point where he bites her neck in order for her to do his bidding which also leads to the famous blooper of Dracula appearing in the nearby mirror. At the ball, Wilbur and Chick go off to change into their costumes and run into McDougal, who briefly argues with Chick and tosses Wilbur around, wanting to find his exhibits. Talbot shows up and asks Wilbur and Chick what they found at the castle, but Chick says there was nothing to find.

Talbot is distressed, especially after Chick shows off his own wolf man mask. Dracula arrives with Sandra, and is immediately confronted by Talbot. Sandra takes Wilbur to a secluded area and attempts to bite him, but Talbot and Chick soon approach.

As she runs off, the trio attempt to look for Joan.

abbott and costello meet the monsters full episode

They head to the river, where Chick is convinced of all the supernatural things going on when he sees and subsequently faints at the sight of Dracula hypnotizing Wilbur into returning to the castle along with him, Joan, and Sandra. The next morning, Chick meets up with Talbot and they head for the castle to mount a rescue.

Chick and Talbot arrive and free Stevens, but before they can reach Joan, Dracula hypnotizes Wilbur into going to the operating room. The Monster, meanwhile, has become powerful enough to break his bonds, and he proceeds to toss Sandra out a window.

As he goes after Chick and Wilbur, Dracula and the Wolf Man fight until the latter grabs the Count in his bat form and they both fall into the water below.

Chick and Wilbur get into a boat and sail off, while Stevens and Joan set the pier on fire, which the Monster soon crashes through. Before this film, Universal had three official crossovers with its monsters: This is rather tame compared to the crossovers Marvel has done in recent years, but at the time, it was a big deal.