When we meet again taiwan drama series

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when we meet again taiwan drama series

I love it that there was a point to the ending - many drama finales dedicate 60 minutes to When I See You Again Episode 20 Recap (Finale) .. have been a very sweet group(: Till the next drama (I suspect it might be Taiwanese)! . american series · guests · jdrama · korean dramas · my thoughts · projects. The year was the year Taiwanese idol dramas became an Since then, we have been treated to wonderful dramas one after the other. When Xu Ze Ya was going to be taken away, they made a promise to meet again. Hanggang Makita Kang Muli (International title: Until We Meet Again / lit. Until I See You Again) is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA.

when we meet again taiwan drama series

You Qian arrives at the rooftop just in time for An Xi to transfer the phone to him. An Xi picks up the cone that Yan Ze dropped and waves it feeblyso Yan Ze gets up and holds her by the neck instead. Ya En dashes off, right into the path of an oncoming car, to no fault of either party note: Anyway my point being, I love how they all show their concern here.

An Xi pushes Ya En out of the path and in the very last second, You Qian curls himself around An Xi so that he bears the impact of the car. A loud thud of car meets You Qian and a small thud of the phone being thrown to the floor.

All three parties fall unconscious.

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Yan Ze fusses over Ya En, notices the phone and hesitates for a few seconds but chooses to bring Ya En to the hospital instead. An Xi wakes up to find an unconscious You Qian and cries worriedly. The driver calls for the ambulance. At this point, can I just point out a slight logical flaw uhm that You Qian drove to find the running duo and climbed multiple flights of stairs, and Ya En miraculously managed to do all that?

Okay but that aside, LOVE everything.

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Turns out Ya En has already lost heartbeat because she suffered from too great a shock. Heavens, if you let You Qian be okay, I will do anything!

When I See You Again

It seems like his wish has been fulfilled. And on top of that, she even promised to do anything! The couple suddenly realises that the phone is still here, but Ya En has disappeared. An Xi limps to his side and the injured couple returns to the hospital.

when we meet again taiwan drama series

Oh Ya Lu, you have lots to catch up on! Anyway, Ya En is declared to be fine. Ye Tian Yu Joe Chenwho thinks she caused the accident, takes him back to her small village and looks after him. While there, he learns to be less arrogant and more considerate, but just when feelings develop between the two, he regains his memory.

The collision causes their lips to meet! Tian Qi blames Zhi Xing for leaving his brother to die on the road, and his love for her quickly turns into hatred.

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While having starred in other genres before, this was the first idol drama for Jimmy Lin. The opening and ending theme songs were also performed by Korean-Taiwanese singer Bii. Ji Cun Xi Ethan Juan is the heir to a cleaning products empire.

when we meet again taiwan drama series

They both sign up for a cruise trip with their significant others, but are both dumped and stood up. But Cun Xi, who is still in love with his girlfriend, secretly has divorce papers drafted.

This is another drama high on the list for drama lovers. As both shows starred Joe Chen, she was then cemented as the Queen of Ratings.

when we meet again taiwan drama series

The storyline was fresh, different, and quickly became a cultural phenomenon in Asia. It was later adapted into both a Korean and Thai version.

when we meet again taiwan drama series

Despite their many differences and approaches, they make significant headway in solving crimes that go all the way up to the President, and as dangerous as the triad.