Well meet again hetalia axis

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well meet again hetalia axis

We'll Meet Again has ratings and 5 reviews. stands independently even though its in the Veraverse series and a fan fiction from the hit anime Hetalia. "Please, stay safe, and I expect to see you after this great bloody mess is all over, yes? Goodbye, Alfred." "Arthur " Finally Arthur looked back at. "Let me see you in these fetching red ones once again." He leant over the bed and placed the glasses on Alfred's face, even as Alfred laughed.

As per his norm, the writing was full of passion and flow that Alfred had never been able to muster properly. Even so, this was news indeed. It was the next big step to forming a relationship with Britain—and, by extension, coming into the war. I would prefer not to give them another reason to pick me apart. It wasn't terrible news—it wasn't even bad news—but it would have an effect, he knew that much. Still, it was just a trip, and Churchill wasn't unbearable; on the contrary, Alfred found him to be an incredibly insightful and entertaining guest.

Not to mention that a trip to Canada would give him an opportunity to spend some time with his brother. It was when Roosevelt repeated his words that they became real, and Alfred couldn't do anything but stare for several moments. Finally, when he found his voice, he said, "Are—are you sure you need me there, then?

England's a hell of a lot smarter than me, and—" "America," said the President, stern faced. Above him, the portrait of George Washington glowered at Alfred, too. He shut his mouth, slowly dropping back into the seat.

His knees popped up and down without his realizing. Should we enter this war, we would be creating the second worldwide war in the twentieth century. Should we enter it—" He paused, making sure Alfred's eyes were fixed on his before continuing, "it is necessary for you to cooperate with Britain. It's time to put those bitter feelings aside.

We can't afford to have them interfere with your insight on battle preparations. You're smarter than you think, Mr. America, and a hell of a good military man, if all the things I've heard are true. The bitter part of him imagined breaking alliances with England, as he had over years ago, but that was a childish thought.

It was years ago. He had grown and matured since then.

well meet again hetalia axis

He could do this. His confidence returned, Alfred lifted his head, met Roosevelt's waiting gaze, and smiled. I have this morning's paper for you," said Arthur brightly, although he felt anything but.

Last night's bombings had been particularly painful, and he had a nasty feeling that when he resurfaced to ground level, he would find more than a few bases and national monuments obliterated. The tea in front of him steeped invitingly, and Arthur only just managed to avoid singeing his tongue by taking a very tiny sip. The cup froze halfway to Arthur's lips.

Slowly, he replaced the cup onto its saucer, knowing full well how carefully Churchill was watching him. He didn't know the full history between him and the boy he'd christened and raised, but he knew that they hadn't spoken sinceafter Alfred had snuck into Arthur's camp outside New York and refuted any further relation to him.

Those words rang as clearly in his head now as they had years ago. Your blood doesn't run through my veins. Once he recollected himself, he managed to spit out, "Are you sure you absolutely need me on this trip? I could stay here and keep an eye on things. What is it exactly that you would do while I am gone? Stiff upper lip," said Churchill firmly, unconsciously reminding Arthur of the countless times he had told Alfred that.

This is the first time I'll have met President Roosevelt. You've made that fairly obvious—" "As I said, reinforcement," he said simply, and took a sip from his teacup. Arthur looked at the ground, a sense of both dread and fear overwhelming him.

The thought of meeting Alfred again made him tingle with nerves. There were so many questions they had left unanswered at the end of his rebellion, so many bitter feelings left over. Until that day, Arthur had never imagined that Alfred was capable of fury—anger, yes, but never so much—but he was wrong, and the thought of experiencing the boy's wrath again terrified Arthur.

It terrified him so much he couldn't breathe. Shoving his shoulder against it, Arthur pushed against the heavy doors with all his might, ignoring the shouts of the guards and the aches in his bones telling him not to, until he opened it just enough to slip through—and he was in open air. He took deep, gulping breaths despite its ashen tinge, shutting his eyes as he took breath in, opening them as he released it. Thrice he did this before looking up from the glass-strewn ground. And was met with a horrifying sight.

There were no fires. There were only shells and blackened craters. Arthur took several tentative steps forward, rubble crunching underneath his shoes.

well meet again hetalia axis

Surveying the scene around him, he spotted Westminster Abbey around the corner, a chunk missing out of its side, and several men were crowded around the Thames, pulling out a floating shell. The buildings across the street were largely untouched, but facing it— Arthur's mouth fell open. The Houses of Parliament were spared how Jerry could have missed it, he had no ideabut the Treasury next door was in pieces—windows were shattered, chunks of the building clattering to the ground.

Workmen clambered all over the place, barking orders at one another to do this and that. Arthur's eyes filled with angry tears, and he was reminded of the reason why he came out here. What would Alfred think if he saw him like this, so pale and sickly-looking? He wiped them away impatiently. And Arthur had known all along that he would, but the reality of it knocked him nearly senseless.

After gulping down a few more mouthfuls of rum, Arthur gasped for breath and headed for his bed, wanting nothing more than to crawl under the covers and never come up. But he stopped in his tracks as the door opened behind him.

Arthur froze mid-step, feeling his stomach twist and his neck burn. He had forgotten to lock both doors. The door behind him clicked shut and he felt a warm presence at his back.

He couldn't turn around. Alfred's voice was rough and uncertain. I don't want that to be the way we say goodbye. He tried to wipe his tears without making it obvious, but felt Alfred grasp his arm gently but firmly.

Arthur forced himself to turn and look at Alfred. The touch sent a shuddering strike across Arthur's skin. Arthur shook his head, paused, then nodded.

No, I just… I…" Arthur took a deep breath, wiped his eyes, and helplessly let it all come out. What if he had this all wrong He leant down and kissed Arthur's eyelids gently. Arthur shivered at the touch, his skin tingling at Alfred's warm breath against him. But I couldn't help it. From the second I saw you, all I wanted was to make you smile.

When Arthur looked up into those smiling blue eyes, he suddenly realised how terrified he was that Alfred wouldn't. He abruptly stopped, panicked, and tried to push Alfred away, but was stunned when Alfred reacted strongly, devouring Arthur's mouth as he enclosed his waist with strong arms.

Arthur felt such a strong jolt of desire that he was shocked, but when he realised Alfred was responding, everything he had denied feeling came flooding out. He was terrified of Alfred leaving. He was terrified of Alfred forgetting him. He was terrified that maybe he had not meant to Alfred what Alfred had meant to him. He was simply terrified. Arthur tried to forget the terrifying thoughts by losing himself in Alfred, and he cried out in surprise when Alfred frantically lifted him with strong arms.

Arthur's head started spinning. He wrapped his legs around Alfred and, their lips still joined, Alfred carried him to the bed, where they fell down together. And Arthur finally accepted that this was what he had wanted all along. Alfred… "Alfred… Alfred…" Arthur gasped, clutching onto Alfred's shoulders; placing kisses on his lips, his cheek, his neck, his ears. Arthur's breath caught from the amazement of touching Alfred like this: Arthur's defences melted away completely.

It struck Arthur that they were both very, very aroused. Alfred was kissing him. Alfred was touching him. All this time, Arthur hadn't dared dream it. He practically ripped Arthur's shirt over his head before doing the same to his own. It felt electric, unbelievable, perfect… like nothing he had ever felt, or even dared to imagine.

Arthur tangled his fingers in Alfred's sweat-dampened hair and desperately sought out his lips again. They tasted of bourbon and sunshine and a slight hint of chocolate. Arthur could feel Alfred's heartbeat racing beneath his warm, smooth skin; could feel it thrumming in his hands as they roamed, rough and impatient, across Arthur's trembling body. Breaking the kiss, he reached over to his bedside table, grasped a jar of cold cream, and pressed it into Alfred's shaking hand.

Alfred stilled and Arthur silently panicked, afraid he had jumped quickly to the wrong conclusion. But then Alfred's breathing became erratic against Arthur's neck. But… do you want…" "Yes! Half amused and painfully aroused, Arthur kicked them off. Alfred quickly opened the jar and Arthur gasped when he felt Alfred's hand suddenly right there, cold and wet. Arthur wasn't sure if it really happened that fast or if it was the rum and the sudden exhilaration turning everything into a wild blur.

But Alfred was against him, was entering him, and the initial pain didn't matter because everything was wonderful and intense and Arthur had never felt so much in his life. He could hardly make sense of it with the spinning in his head and his frenzy to touch as much of Alfred as he could; to be as close to him as possible; to never let him go.

Arthur lost track of the time they moved together, his head caught in a perfect place where only he and Alfred existed.

Arthur's eyes flew open and he gazed into Alfred's. They actually did suit him.

Hetalia FrUk: If We Ever Meet Again

The whole thing still felt like a dream… but a wonderful, beautiful dream from which he never wanted to wake. He watched Alfred get better every day in the few hours he was allowed to spend with him in the hospital.

It felt like minutes. In the short time they had they talked, remembering everything about each other and learning more.

Arthur spoke to Alfred, silly things, things to cheer him and distract him, things that usually led to an argument because Alfred always was so bloody frustrating. Arthur listened to Alfred, on the very few occasions when he started to speak about his experience, usually just a few words muttered before his eyes clouded over and he trailed into silence. And sometimes Arthur just sat, watching Alfred sleep, trying to grasp the fact that the only thing he'd ever truly wanted was in his grasp, in his heart, and lying before him.

He was desperate for Alfred to leave, to be alone with him, to be somewhere there weren't doctors and nurses and bloody military guards keeping watch twenty-four hours a day.

But Alfred was a virtual prisoner until he gave the military the information they wanted to know about his escape. Every day someone tried to convince Alfred to explain how he'd gotten free of the Germans. Every day they left without an answer. An answer that Arthur didn't know himself, and had no idea why was so important not to disclose.

Alfred tossed the glasses back onto the bed. They won't even let me have a tree in here, can you believe it? How could it be nearly Christmas again already? Arthur could barely believe how much time had passed since Alfred had left for Italy.

We'll Meet Again Chapter 2, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

Somehow he had lost all sense of time since Alfred barrelled into his life. Alfred smiled up at him. So bloody frustrating, good, honest, stupid. Arthur fell back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling, exasperated. Away from this bloody inquisition. It'll all work out, you'll see. Arthur's heart flipped as he cursed inwardly. And make those rum ball things you made last year that made everyone in the pub drunk? But I will put up a tree for you. Arthur smiled back, took Alfred's hand, felt it's comforting exhilarating touch.

Then he quickly dropped it when the guard at the door gave them a backwards glance. The guards don't like it.

We'll Meet Again

He already felt their emotional reunion had given away too much, so he'd tried to be careful during the last week with how he acted and what he said. He carefully kept his distance, while the whole time he ached to just throw himself into Alfred's arms. Alfred looked at Arthur pleadingly. Every time Alfred asked him that he could never refuse.

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And he usually ended up staying until the staff asked him to leave. Arthur knew Alfred was finally recovering when he walked into the hospital hallway the next morning to find Alfred rounding the far corner and speeding down the corridor in a wheelchair. Get back to bed this instant! The bloody Yank had certainly figured out how to use that grin on him. He was fairly sure it wasn't working.

A loud shout came from behind them. Alfred tried clumsily to turn his chair. He raised his eyebrows.