Warrior baek dong soo ost meet again quote

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warrior baek dong soo ost meet again quote

Love Story in Harvard is a South Korean television series starring Kim Rae- won, Kim Both men meet and fall for Lee Soo-in, a third-year Korean student at Alex and Hyun-woo are both working on, and predictably the three meet up again. Love Story in Harvard; Bad Housewife · Fashion 70s · Ballad of Seodong. •Warrior Baek Dong Soo of friends and how they stick together during this time; once again trying to figure out who is the husband; good life lessons; good ost. Dong Soo runs forward and launches himself his foot down and asks why is Gwang Taek talking like they'll never see each other again.

If all else fails, Kenjo and Un should be waiting at the outpost, where they expect the Prince to go to get horses to continue the journey. Dong Soo asks what took them so long to get there and we ask — Wait!

Well, yes they were.

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However, Sa Mo had the little plaque from the king that gave him to give him authority. Hong1 was suitably chastened. Then Cho Rip, the mountain boys, and the rest of the surviving procession catch up to the rendezvous. In fact, that idea has occurred to Hong back at his place. He asks what plans they have if they take that route. And indeed, over at the outpost, Kenjo and Un are waiting.

Kenjo stops him and tells him that he heard that Un was a good fighter, ranked just behind Gwang Taek and Chun. Un, who clearly does NOT like Kenjo, tells him that if he wants to die, he should give it a try. The Prince made it safely to the gravesite, where he places the offerings and makes his bows.

The toady gets a report and goes running in a panic to Lord Hong. Clearly, Dong Soo was responsible for things going wrong. The Prince arrived safely back at the palace, and chooses to report to the King that nothing happened on the trip to speak of.

Dong Soo and company arrive home safely, where Jang Mi has a nice big meal planned for them. They report in to Gwang Taek, and tell him that Un was there. He asks them to help Un in the future if they can. Un, for his part, is over at Assassins HQ drinking, and thinking about what Cho Rip and the boys said to him. Gu Hyang arrives and tells him to stop drinking. She deduces that he met with his former friends.

He asks if she also thinks destiny can be changed. She tells him to follow his heart instead of fate. The next morning, Gwang Taek arises early to go to the palace. He makes his rounds to the King and Prince to say farewell. The King asks how he is feeling, and Gwang Taek tells him not to worry about it. The King nods sadly and asks if he still plans to go away and live quietly with the woman he holds in his heart. Jin Ju is actually pacing around the courtyard nervously, and Mi So advises her to say whatever it is before Gwang Taek leaves.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again quote

Chun is out at the mountain huts where he hid out with Jin Ju, thinking about her and Ji. He starts to settle in and gather wood. He, on the other hand, asks her if she can leave behind her sword, since no matter what, the hand that holds the sword will be bloodstained.

His wish is that she would live peacefully. Jin Ju comes in last, and Hong Do leaps up to offer her a seat. Jin Ju quietly serves some food to Gwang Taek like a proper daughter, and Dong Soo is the only one at the table who gets the feeling that something is really off about how Gwang Taek is saying farewell.

They go out to talk, and Gwang Taek has another spasm of pain. He tells Dong Soo the story of how the five friends became blood brothers, and then came to work for the Crown Prince. He says he then felt it was his duty to protect the Prince until the day he died. Dong Soo says he feels the same way about protecting the Prince. He tells Dong Soo to guard the Prince well.

Gwang Taek says they should go in. Hong thinks about it and concludes that no matter what, Gwang Taek should be killed, whether by Chun or them. In fact, he concludes that no matter who wins, the victor will be vulnerable. Chun thinks back to the last time he fought Gwang Taek, back in episode 1. Gwang Taek tucks her in under his robe and leaves her a note.

He leaves early the next morning, meeting Dong Soo, who had stayed up all night in order to see him before he left.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again quote

He tells Gwang Taek that he has to return, as Dong Soo still needs his help. Gwang Taek pats him on his shoulder and leaves. Jin Ju wakes up to find the robe and note. When she reads the note, she takes off after Gwang Taek and catches up to him at the lake. While cleaning up, Mi So finds another note from Gwang Taek. She brings it out to the table where everyone is sitting around worrying. In the note, he tells Sa Mo to marry Jang Mi; he thanks Jin Ki for looking after Ji, and leaves Jin Ju to his care; he tells Cho Rip not to overlook small details; and the mountain boys to guard the Prince well; he apologizes to Mi So for not looking after her father or her, and asks her to forget about martial arts because she could get hurt sexist pig.

Sa Mo gets upset as he realizes it sounds like a final farewell. Over at the lake, Jin Ju reads her note. It says he wishes he could see her wedding. Gwang Taek arrives at the mountain hut, where Chun is gathering wood.

Chun chucks a piece of wood at him just for fun. Having stopped somewhere around episode ten when I started writing this article, I was actually still a little lost on what it was exactly that I wanted to chronicle -- and also, I think I got my time frames a little mixed up anyway. And so I went back and rewatched the first five episodes in order to rewrite this article with more conviction. The actual adventures, after all, have yet to begin, but the development of the story line including political intrigue, love lines, and brothership have already begun to take form.

These first five episodes serve as a wonderful back story to our anticipation of Baek Dong Soo's true adventure in the pending future as we see him grow as a twelve year old child next to Yeo Woon. It won't be until the end of episode five that Hwang Jin Ju comes back onto the screen, but meanwhile, we still get to see some shots of Yoo Ji Seon's plight. Having been born with a terrible deformity in his limbs, the young Dong Soo cannot live like a normal boy.

He is tied to his casts and walks extremely stiffly, even as he desires to be able to run like normal. But we are shown almost immediately that twelve year old Dong Soo will stop at nothing to prove that he can be normal like the rest of the village kids; on top of that, he's got quite the childish and irrational temper, as well as an arrogantly immature personality to boot.

This might be due to being restricted ever since he was young. The kid wants to be the best and believes truly that he CAN be the best even if he is proven wrong many times over.

He is unyielding in his own stubborn pride and wants to show that, even though he's unlike other kids, he can be better than them. As the child Baek Dong Soo grows, he continues his penchant for being loud-mouthed, easily tempered, arrogant, and honestly, not very sensible.

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I don't know if it was such a good idea to remove his casts so early, but that's just me thinking he needs to be kept on a leash. While it is true that he's got the brains and the physique for a true martial artist, his immaturity is his ultimate downfall, and I predict that later on in the story line, that that over confidence and immaturity might cost him some immense heartbreak.

It definitely won't cost him his own life; that would make things too easy on him. But from a lesson he will need to learn in the future, his stubborn irrationality and arrogance might one day cost him the life of a loved one. In hopes that he will soon grow to understand his own defining character flaws and improve upon them, I look forward to seeing him continue to develop.

The other three young main characters of Warrior Baek are also introduced almost at the same time that young Dong Soo comes onto the scene. Yeo Woon appears as an extremely troubled and emo kid who has somehow learnt amazing sword fighting though we are never told where he picked up that skill. He resents and is resented by his father, possibly due to the fact that his mother's death was tied to his own life -- of which he DOES not know until five minutes into his first appearance when a bunch of kids are making fun of him about it.

Learning that his mother died at the hands of his father, Yeo Woon is fairly pissed off to the point that he runs away and ends up joining the Choksa Horong Assassins which will end up continuing his already tragic life to an even more tragic future.

His will power and level-headed wit keeps him going though. Yeo Woon is like the foil to Dong Soo's loud-mouthed pride. Rather than running around boasting about being the best, Yeo Woon is able to simply show people that he is highly skilled and has his wits about him by reacting when the situation calls for it. I foresee a lot of heartache between him and Dong Soo, with the strained tension of the two of them having become friends, but needing to become enemies. The child Hwang Jin Ju and Yoo Ji Seon also make an appearance, although Jin Ju's childhood doesn't seem to lend much significance to the story line aside from being there as a friend of Dong Soo.

He, of course, only sees her as a pesky and annoying tag-a-long because she's a tomboy; and so like the rest of the kids in the village, he treats her like dirt even though she practically worships the ground he walks on after he saves her life from becoming pit barbeque.

Yoo Ji Seon, however, has already been given her significance as the carrier of the Northern Expedition Book of War, which is pretty much a secret map which will lead straight to Beijing without encountering any obstacles at all. An extremely heavy burden for such a young girl at that age; and so we can already foresee a long and difficult journey ahead of her for the rest of the story line. And of course, as would happen, Ji Seon is written as an elegant nobleman's daughter with an icy-cold personality.

Why is this important? Because this is the making of two men who end up becoming attracted to her immediately -- beauty, elegance, iciness, all in one package. With these boys, the brothership dynamics are incredibly innocent and pure as the three of them train together and grow together. Yeo Woon's development seems the most interesting, encasing the identity of a young assassin in secret, but at the same time desiring the warmth of friendships and care.

He, of course, does not openly admit this, but the expressions in his eyes, his unknowing actions, and sometimes even some of his words suggests that he DOES yearn for someone to call a brother. His constant fluttering back and forth from cold to warm is a great indication that, despite making the decision to become a cold-hearted assassin, he also is just another young boy who wants companionship.

It had been hard to tell at first, but after seeing Yeo Woon's continued interest in Dong Soo's actions and well-being, we can clearly see that he has slowly grown to care about the arrogant and rash Baek Dong Soo as the series progresses into their young adolescence. When he is the first to cross the sea and reach the beach during their Warrior Camp training and he does not see Dong Soo among the scattered mess of boys, he immediately registers panic that Dong Soo had not made it.

Whether this was because he sees Dong Soo as a potential equal in terms of strength or if this is because he's begun to care about Dong Soo is still up in the air though. No doubt, however, he certainly does take interest in Dong Soo. It is a very heartbreaking revelation to himself as well as viewers, I'm sure, because there is no doubt that Yeo Woon was created to become the main antagonist in the near future of the story line.

His closeness to Dong Soo will only serve to form angst and melancholy between the two young men when they finally have to face off against each other. But I have my hopes up that Yeo Woon's ultimate stance will return to the side of his brothers and join them in whatever cause they might have.

Of course, that mysteriousness of his character and the impending turn of his persona to "the dark side" is also quite an intriguing idea to encounter.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again quote

Relationship-wise, with two girls presented along with the two boys, of course there will be a little bit of young love flying around to make the story a little spicier. Yeo Woon has the same exact sentiments, but he is less open to expressing these feelings for whatever reason it may be.

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This leaves our loveable and strong-hearted Hwang Jin Ju on the sidelines with her one-sided crush on a boy who wouldn't even bother with her due to his one-tracked mind and a slightly selfish tendency to only think about his own ego, pride, and griefs.

At the age of twelve, being so caught up in his own self woes and his own stubborn pride, I was actually rather surprised that Jin Ju would even fall for someone like that in the first place. If anything, had she met the quiet and sophisticated Yeo Woon first, the story might have been a bit more interesting. I just hope that there's more about Dong Soo worthy of such an undying love, because up to this point in the series, aside from his loyalty to his friends and his extra compassion to those significant people around him, I have found Dong Soo to be a rather annoying, dramatic, and immature adolescent the descriptions just keep recycling themselves.

Sure, Dong Soo has done a lot of amazing things already. He has saved lives. He has used his knowledge and quick wit to solve problems. He's a lucky kid and has managed to win quite the brownie points from almost everyone he meets with little gestures. But ultimately, it would be nice when he finally learns to grow up a little. Of course, this is work in progress and I think that it will come as a pleasant surprise when he finally DOES step into a more mature character. It's refreshing that he doesn't start off the story with the true personality of a hero.

By the time that comes around, as the viewer, you can feel some pride in little Dong Soo who has grown to become a great hero of a man. While he can be immature and haughty at times, there is absolutely no doubting that Dong Soo has a good heart and truly wishes wellness to everyone around him, even IF he acts like a dumbass most of the time. I'm not feeling this guy yet, but I'm hoping that he'll prove to me that I've been wrong to pre-judge him so soon.