Do shion and nezumi meet again soon

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I do wish Asano included the scene of her and Shion reuniting in the end. Going back to Yoming for a bit - he makes a nice foil to Nezumi in my opinion. But we soon find out that she's still quite immature, or at least vulnerable. .. Their relationship didn't work out the first time around, but they'll meet again one day. In episode 6 Nezumi straddles Shion again when trying to strangle him. . All he could manage to do was tell him "I'm glad I met you" and give him a kiss. Does 'Nezumi' mean mouse or rat? Do the novels continue after the events in the anime/manga and is there a sequel? Do Nezumi and Shion ever reunite? . The last of the novels was published in , shortly before both the anime and.

Shion, Nezumi and Safu or mostly Shion and Nezumi. Heck, even Getsuyaku the guy who got paid by Inukashi to change the settings of the cleaning bots during the Holy Day has a backstory: In the anime, when Shion and Nezumi successfully released Safu from her imprisonment, Shion suffered injuries and died.

As the walls came tumbling down around them, Nezumi did not leave him, and instead sang a song for him. Overall atmosphere of the novel. Compared to the other two media, the novel tackles the story far more seriously. You can truly feel the heaviness of the scenes, especially when they are already inside the Correctional Facility. Looks surreal to most of us who never experienced the horrors of war, genocide or other nasty stuff, but I swear I was almost shaking while reading those paragraphs.

In the anime, Inukashi and Rikiga describes Nezumi as an opportunistic, heartless, and a sneaky bastard.

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How Nezumi treats Shion. In the novel, you feel the tension underneath it. You feel how cautious Nezumi is around Shion. Nezumi is scared of Shion. After all that has happened to his life, Nezumi is clearly traumatized, and four years is not enough time to move on. Just ask any psychologist or psychiatrist.

However, this trauma greatly affect not just his outlook in life, but most especially his relationship with Shion. I can say that his attacks, whether physical or verbal towards Shion, is clearly a form of abuse. When they managed to get inside a secret tunnel inside the Correctional Facility and were walking towards the caves, Shion expressed his honest feelings towards Nezumi. He interprets this as a confession of love. But despite his fears, he acknowledges these feelings and silently thinks that he feels the same towards Shion.

But after reading the novels, it dawned on me that we only saw a glimpse of his true personality in the anime. He is not as airheaded as the anime shows. He can be very passionate at times, and cruel and evil if needed.

Just like how he tackled Rikiga when he started spewing not-so nice words to Nezumi, or when he shot to death a person in the Correctional Facility to save Nezumi. He never even felt remorse towards the act. And Nezumi saw all of this. I was too caught up with No. What do you mean? His lips moved slightly.

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Was that the word his thin, shapely lips had moved to form? He is the only one who sensed this scary side of Shion right from the start. It shocks him so much because he cannot see any possible motivation for the act. He had killed people before just to be alive, but Shion, who grew up being loved by his mother and raised in such a secure and protected environment as No.

He wanted Shion to remain a natural airhead, a little weird, but honest and caring deep inside, just like how he saw him for the first time. Throughout the novel, Shion is very vocal of his feelings towards Nezumi. Besides that there was also a lot left out but I can see why since they could not have possibly crammed everything into one 30 min episode.

Everything about the manga was beautiful. The art was great and the way the characters were set up and how they developed was done beautifully. So going back and watching the anime after reading the manga, I was disappointed.

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For the most part things went like they were supposed to, but then we get towards the end of the anime and it not only changes a good bit but just feels extremely rushed. I am figuring that it feels so rushed because they had to fit everything near then end into ONE episode, which I admit would be hard. I feel like if this anime could of had a few more episodes it could have been more so enjoyable.

I suppose since the manga was in no rush there was more time and emphasis put on each of the character's development but not only that but the relationship between Shion and Nezumi.

In my personal opinion the relationship development between Nezumi and Shion AND their development as individual characters is the highlight of it all. Let me explain in more detail what I love about these.

do shion and nezumi meet again soon

Whether it is in a romantic way or just as friends I feel these two are destined to be together in SOME way. However when reading the manga I got more of a romantic vibe from it.

It was made clear many times what Shion feels for Nezumi. He obviously cares for him, I mean christ he has risked his life for Shion a multiple of times. Now we bring out the question, but in what way does he care for Shion? Seeing them go their own paths, that painful good bye and that kiss, that promise of reunion is what gave me so many emotions all at one.

do shion and nezumi meet again soon

Sadness, seeing that painful goodbye knowing that they will be apart. It made me literally cry, which is something rare for me to do from reading. A beautiful ending it was. When Shion opened up that window again. It was left up for interpretation on if Nezumi was what was on that other side All throughout the manga they became closer and their relationship developed a lot. Once he got over the initial shock, Shion smiled. He hurried to the window, lifting it up and repeating his greeting.

Nezumi smiled, his eyes soft as he looked at the man who he had left a boy all those years ago.

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You know, Shion, from the outside, your house isn't too shabby Um, let me go to the front door and-" "No need.

Back up a little, Shion. Nezumi looked around Shion's room, nodding approvingly at what he saw. I always did think a smaller house suited you better. Once again, you show up at my window. This time, though, you aren't hurt or bleeding Nezumi chuckled and shook his head, walking toward Shion and taking his face in his hand.

You really haven't changed a bit. Your eyes are still kind, though, and your smile is still so innocent.