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"You mean you've never heard of Captain Buggy, the clown pirate?" another asked. he said as he smiled. "Nice to see you again Nami.". Arthur Kelly bas his saw mill in op eration again. Lawrence 'the meeting at East End closed Thursday with about JO professions, several renewed and a church re-established. Kouud G. W. Shanks attended the children's exercises at Bethel Sunday. James Arthur Turner and sweetheait were out buggy riding Sunday. After hearing the name, Buggy revealed that he knew Shanks well. But he despises Back when he and Shanks were just crew members of a pirate group. He also tells Sanji to tell Luffy(who is asleep) that they'll meet again at the Grand Line. .. Later that night Nojiko finds Nami visiting Bellemere's newly buried grave.

She stared at the smoke that lingered from the blast. She started to tremble again at the thought of killing someone. Man that cannonball has kick! Everyone seemed to stop laughing as they heard the voice. Nami's eyes widen as big as Zoro's as they all stared as the smoke started to clear. Everyone's jaw dropped when they saw Luffy standing there, perfectly okay. He looked around at all there faces. Luffy stared at him before putting his hand to his chin.

Buggy screamed as it collided with him, giving the three the time they needed to get away. After some running, all three of them rested.

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Luffy was laughing, while Zoro just lay on the ground, feeling tired from the rowing earlier and the running around trying to find Luffy and escaping. Nami was standing still, unusually quiet with bangs shadowing her eyes.

His smile faded when he noticed Nami. Nami just stood there trembling from head to toe. Luffy got closer, wondering what was wrong. He was a foot away before Nami looked up at him with fury in her eyes before she punched him, smashing head throught the stone street. She was now panting, trying to catch her breath as Luffy hung limply from her hands before looking up at her and smiled.

It blew up the cage and burned the ropes I was tied up in, didn't it? She just stared at him, looking ready to pound him again. He smiled as he said "I told you to trust me. A small smile came back to her face afterwards. Zoro, this is Nami, our navigator for hire. Nami, this is Zoro, my first mate. Wait, as in Pirate Hunter Zoro? So you're our new navigator huh?

So, what's your plan now Luffy? We still need to get that chart and Buggy's treasure. We beat the shit out of them and take it all by force.

He sat down in front of it while Zoro and Nami walked over to him as well. The all looked at him as he walked over into the building the dog was in front of him for a moment before coming back out with a bowl of food for Chou Chou.

After a brief introduction, they learned that he was the mayor of this town. When they asked where everyone was, he explained that they left in fear of Buggy and his pirates. Only Chou Chou remained despite the danger to guard the store. Who owns this place? When they asked if he was still waiting for his master to return, the mayor doubted it, saying that Chou Chou was smart enough to know his master was gone. He also told them the reason he stays to guard the store was because it was all he had left of his master.

Nami gave a sad smile at the thought of losing someone you cared for. Luffy had heard this before, but still liked how Chou Chou stayed to fight for his treasure. Everyone stopped talking when they heard the roar of a lion in the distance. Luffy and Zoro both stayed to fight off Mohji. And don't say it's because it was weak. I saw what you did before it hit you. It was the same color your hair turned when Morgan attacked you with his axe before it shattered.

On top of him was Mohji the Beast Tamer. He wasn't going to let him burn down Chou Chou's treasure this time. They both watched as Richie the lion got closer towards them. He stopped a couple yards away while Mohji stared down at them both. How nice to find you both. Mohji went back into his cool demeanor as he got off Richie, explaining who he was and that he could tame any animal out there.

He walked up and told Chou Chou to shake, which ended in the dog biting his arm, making him try to wave him off as he screamed in pain. He then acted like nothing happened as he stared at them again. They watched as Richie lunged at them, only to be stopped by Zoro's sheathed blade.

Richie stumbled back before shaking his head and growling at them both. Mohji looked at the swordsman before he saw he had three blades. Are you Pirate Hunter Zoro? Now I'm a pirate. You both are pirates? Luffy just stood beside Chou Chou to watch. Zoro crouched down into his usual stance. Mohji quickly stopped laughing and started screaming. Zoro began to dodge the whip left and right before throwing his arm out for the whip to wrap around.

Mojhi flew at him screaming before he was knocked into a random house by one of Zoro's punches. Luffy just smiled as he watched Zoro handle them both. But first, we gotta go get Nami.

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Zoro shrugged as he went back and dragged them along on the ground. Fight in the next chapter. Your review has been posted. Since Luffy was hoping to find a chef for the ship, so that way the crew can eat professionally made meals.

Soon they come across with a floating restaurant called "Baratie".

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According to Johnny, Luffy should be able to find a chef there. Only when a Marine boat came along to pick up a fight. The owner of the boat is Marine Lt. And finds the Straw Hat Pirate Crew to be a real joke. And orders his Marine gunmen to sink the ship. The fire a cannon ball at them.

But Luffy managed to use his Gomu powers to reflect the cannon ball out of their way. Only it ended up landing straight to the roof of the floating restaurant.

The owner of the Baratie: Zeff was hurt and angry at the same time. He ordered his chef crew to bring the one responsible for the damage. The chefs brought Luffy to Zeff, and the punishment is to work for him for an entire year.

This Luffy can't do, as there's no way he can repay the damages for that long. And he's too busy in traveling to the Grand Line than to work for a chef. As the three surround them as they set anchor and a board slipped down to walked down towards Thousand Sunny.

A woman in her twenties with fair tan complexion with narrow Jade green eyes and an oval shape head. Her lips was in a smug smirk but they was soft and pouty. She was wearing a white and dark red pirate dress with stripes of white and dark red stocking,low cuts pirates boots. And her hair was dark brown with the edges being dark purple. Her pirate hat had three small like skull on upon them with two leaf.

She approach them with easy with her arms crossed and an eyebrow arch. I never see ya around before? Whom sent a flirty wink,Sanji seen hearts everywhere with a nosebleed. I'm The King Of Pirates! Everybody gotten eerie quiet. As a bad sign for everybody as of now. You know I can't keep going like this. Cause of you I keep listening to the voices in my head. You know what's running through my blood. Because of you know this keep running in my head. She groan and twist and turn feeling something off about her graveyard.

She sat up and took the bottle to the head as she toss the wine glass to the wall. She peak out her window seeing a big man with his crew looking around her graveyard and breaking the grave stone. She wrapped the blanket over her perfect body and open her door window and called them out. Blackbeard didn't understand where the hell he was at he knew he was looking for that monkey straw hat and his crew to killed them off.

All suddenly he and his crew was sucked up into a portal into this odd world. He stumble across a empty village where him and his men are currently staying. Now they was in a graveyard seem to be overdead marked graves.

So him and his men thought it was funny to make it 'pretty'. They was having fun when suddenly a woman in her mid twenties with long flowing purple hair with yellow small spots on them and her eyes show a quite alot of anger in them. They was dark purple and she was wearing only a sheet and small three bracelet on her right arm that was glowing.

She was standing at her window ceciling with an ugly sneer a upon her face. How dare you Destroy my beloved graveyard! You will suffer my fucking wrath you pieces of shit! Blackbeard laugh at her like she was a joke. This only made Gravestone even angrier As he didn't see that super punch coming out of no where when he was almost sent flying. He was now angry and order his men to attack her. It was a fail attempt when she gave them a certain disturb look to them as she was death itself.

Blackbeard was not a happy camper. This set the woman off and he looked at with anger that can anger any gods from an world. Buggy was blaming everything on Shanks as they running away from a deadly dark shadow creature. That only made it madder,Shanks was laughing his ass off as he run like he was having.

As their men and them was corner as their the creature was slowly coming to them with hungry in its eyes. Buggy was too busy shaking Shanks half to death. Shanks was still laughing very hard at a pissed off Buggy. Suddenly a flash of green was standing in front them with a spear that was a bit bigger then him. With the edge of his blade was made out of a rare blue gem in a design. The person was a boy who look like he was eighteen with soft pink hair that swip to his left side of his face that don't covered his face.

He had big childish green eyes. And a dark green Chinese pleasant like shirt with a hole on his right elbow showing off a black shirt fishnet. That was too big on him and brown pants that had holes showing off his fishnet underneath his pants. He had dark green flats also he had a royal Chinese like crown upon his head. Buggy stopped shaking Shanks and looked at the kid with interested so did Shanks. The boy was eyeing the creature waiting it to attack as it did.

The boy rushed as he holding the point upward of his spear to the creature. As he did that the creature swung it claw at him,the boy quickly spin himself around, to and from maneuver and blocked it.

As he did he stomped his foot down on the ground to make an opening gap open to swallow the creature in and close itself when the boy snapped his fingers. Panting hard and turn to everyone with a sweet innocent smile.

As one of them try to attacked Shu from behind when suddenly a big strong blue lighting came out the sky strike it down with a one blow.