Best wishes until we meet again youtube

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best wishes until we meet again youtube

YouTube shooting: Female suspect dead, three wounded at HQ in San A woman opened fire at YouTube's California headquarters Tuesday afternoon before "Once again, we are confronted with the specter of a mass-casualty We are wishing all our very best for the injured and all those affected. So he spent the best part of an hour in the chamber, before . argues against Farage's wish for sweeping House of Lords reform, Social media allowed his acts of subversion to reach an audience unimaginable in the pre-YouTube era. “I remember thinking back in , — I'm coming over here. Food YouTube Channels Best List. Email us the type of youtuber/bloggers you want to reach out for your About Youtuber Food that'll make you close your eyes, lean back, and Food Wishes - An AllRecipes Production .. To do this, we test each recipe 30, 40, sometimes as many as 70 times, until we.


So we just put it on YouTube and go the link, sent the link to everyone, and they watched it. Not all videos target general consumption. Some reaffirm pre-existing social networks by including material intended to appeal to shared affinities between the senders and certain receivers. Similarly, sending so-called viral videos to intimates demonstrates readiness to maintain social associations and bond with recipients.

best wishes until we meet again youtube

People who post criticisms, expecting a high-bandwidth, high-quality experience, fail to display affinity with the video. Further, he did not appreciate the comment, nor did he feel compelled to interact with the commenter.

Thus, by posting a comment that did not display affinity with the video maker, the comment discouraged the video maker from pursuing additional social contact.

Conversely, interviewees reported that people who post comments of affinity or leave thoughtful comments may prompt the video maker to respond to the poster of the comment. Video makers may react to comments by: Although further interaction is not guaranteed through comments, interviewees noted that these interactions were often the initial steps in broadening social connections through media circuits.

The fractal distinction between the public and private is reproduced at various levels on YouTube. At a high level, YouTube is public, especially when contrasted with home video viewing, but within YouTube, fractalized divisions occur. While some video makers heavily promote their videos to connect with many people, others tell only a few friends about their work.

Moving down to the level of specific video makers, the fractalized pattern repeats. Some celebrities reported having one account that encourages broad participation and social network linkages with fans and another account that targets circles of intimate friends. Publicly Private On YouTube, some participants broadcast extensive information about their identity. Moreover, they craft videos with content that is broadly appealing, and they aggressively promote and disseminate their videos.

This can be considered quite public video making and viewing, because all three factors—identity information about the video maker, content relevance, and technical access to videos—are designed to be broadly appealing and widely available.

On the private end of the spectrum, video makers may choose to restrict information about their identity in videos, and they may make videos with content that appeals only to a few close friends. Other important categories of participation exist. At the same time, they use mechanisms to limit physical access to the videos or to limit understanding of their contents. The first part of this compound expression thus refers to the amount of identity information imparted by video makers.

The second part refers to the available physical access to the video and to the interpretative content that may be understood only by the video maker and a few viewers. Mechanisms that limit access may take technical and social forms.

Theoretically, anyone can view the video and the identity information it contains. Nevertheless, only people who find it can analyze its contents. It also exhibits occasionally uneven audio, which offers another type of physical access barrier. This video was posted on July 8,and over the course of a year, it garnered only 88 views. For instance, one abbreviated tag is a reference to the religious convention that the girls attended while making the video.

People who attended this convention or who are members of that religious network might use the tag to find other videos in other media circuits with the same tag. In this way, they can try to connect with other members of this social network. The video is filled with inside references and stylistics that are not intended for general YouTube viewership.

What was your story idea? It was just basically about this guy that I met and myself, and [my friend] kept like messing up our names when we were talking about it. And so we decided to just change the names in the movie and such. And then we also talked about some random things that he and I had talked about on the phone and such, and yeah, it just kind of random, spur of the moment sort of things.

Anjin, a youth in his late teens, also uses cryptic tagging practices, such as using only his YouTube name.

Only his close friends and family—whether online or offline—are likely to find his videos using the tagging system as it was implemented at the time of this writing. Unlike some other participants, he does not widely promote his videos such as by posting comments and directing viewers to his videos. Of his nine videos, six of them received fewer than views over periods ranging from five to 11 months.

Even though YouTube enables global video sharing, relatively few people view his videos there. In one video, Anjin and a few friends take a hike. At one point, a young man faces the camera and gives a thumbs-up sign in front of some graffiti, which is difficult to see. The box contains the image of swastika. For many people, a swastika symbolizes Nazis and mass genocide.

But as Anjin explains, the incident had a particular meaning for the small network of friends with whom he participated on the hike and with whom he shared the video. And there was this graffiti there and it had a swastika.

The image has symbolic value to the boys who participated in the nature walk. For the youth, giving a thumbs-up sign to a swastika does not aim to transmit political information but rather creates an affinity among the friends. Why did Anjin post the video publicly, given its inside references and symbolism? Although he is aware of the friends-only viewing option, he declined to restrict physical access to his videos.

For Anjin and other people interviewed, it was a matter of convenience. Despite the fact that YouTube offers potential connections to a large public, some people choose to create less public videos, some of which are not available or interesting to people beyond a few close friends. But such evidence is clearly growing in importance — and is uniquely concentrated on the servers of Silicon Valley corporations. By the time he clicked the link, the material had been taken down.

Cases like the Nigeria video place social media companies in a difficult position, trying to strike a balance between the thirst for evidence of atrocities and privacy guarantees made to users.

best wishes until we meet again youtube

Nonprofit rights groups see less noble priorities at play, as well. Koenig has worked for years to help forge cooperation between human rights crusaders and the major social media companies.

This was the first meeting of its kind, she said, and the differences between the two camps were laid bare.

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Courts and prosecutors are still hammering out how the evidence can be used, how much weight to give it, and how to make sure defense attorneys can fairly rebut it. Is a YouTube video of an execution authentic or staged? To address such concerns, investigators and activists are racing to standardize how they archive social media evidence, to make it searchable and easier to verify.

Beyond the question of how to handle evidence is the challenge of obtaining it in the first place. Courts in European countries where war crimes prosecutions often take place can only submit warrants to American social media companies using cumbersome processes that operate via mutual legal assistance treaties, or MLATs, between their nations and the U.

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Through such channels, it can take years for the data to make its way into the hands of prosecutors. On top of that, the ICC is blocked from getting any social media data or other information from U. Bush in that shields U. Of course, information shared openly on social networks is fair game. Take the trial of Haisam Omar Sakhanh last February. A former Syrian rebel fighter, he sought asylum in Sweden and was then investigated by Swedish authorities for allegedly withholding details of his past.

During that investigation, his role in an extrajudicial killing on the Syrian battlefield in came to light, and he was charged with a violation of international law. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Social media evidence proved crucial, the chief prosecutor on the case, Henrik Attorps, told The Intercept.

best wishes until we meet again youtube

A video published by the New York Times in showed Sakhanh with an anti-Assad militia, known as the Suleiman Soldiers, executing bound prisoners after a battle in the northern province of Idlib. Sakhanh claimed that those prisoners had been sentenced to death in a lengthy trial. Attorps was able to use social media to eviscerate that defense.

He later subpoenaed YouTube for precise times that those videos were posted. Attorps then built a timeline showing that between the announcement on Facebook by the Suleiman Soldiers, the battle itself, and the execution, no more than 48 hours could have elapsed. But, the prosecutors still had mixed feeling about social media companies taking down disturbing images that could also be war crimes evidence.

Social media companies are under tremendous pressure to deny these extremist groups a safe haven for their propaganda. Prime Minister Theresa May demanded that such firms come up with a way to remove extremist content within two hours of its posting. This presents a real dilemma, an official at YouTube told The Intercept: On Fridays she uploads a 'grab bag' episode featuring whatever game catches her eye.

Where the hottest videos are often up-tempo sizzle reels edited down in pursuit of maximum entertainment purity, Shirley's videos are long, ponderous, and sometimes downright boring. But the magic is how she transforms a long jog back to Whiterun into a pleasant stroll with a friend. Shirley's days spent quilting and reading science fiction novels are behind her, replaced by the need to maintain her steadily-growing channel. I ask her how much of her day is taken up by YouTube and she laughs: After her morning routine of watching her favorite channels, she refreshes her memory by watching yesterday's episode before planning out the next.

best wishes until we meet again youtube

Then she records, renders, and uploads it. Throughout all of this she is constantly replying to the hundreds of comments and emails she receives. If I say something to the kids like 'I'm sorry I'm not going to get a video up tomorrow because I have to take time off,' he says, 'Mom, when I hear you use the word 'have to' I get a little upset.

This is a hobby not your job. When she first started responding to the 11, emails crowding her inbox, she learned a hard lesson every rising YouTuber must face: Shirley's success on YouTube isn't because she's a skilled gamer or has witty commentary. It's because she's compassionate and accepting. She creates a space where no matter who you are, you are still her grandkid.

That's why she even tries to respond to those who leave rude or hurtful comments, offering them a chance to apologize. I've actually had some comment back and say I'm sorry Grandma Shirley, I won't talk like that anymore.

That surprised me to death. They need somebody to try and teach them some manners. Evidently they don't get it at home. But as we continue to talk, I begin to worry if she is giving more than she can ever hope to receive. The least I can do is reply. But the obligation also makes me feel guilty—oh my god, I hope my son doesn't hear me say that," she laughs. An year-old grandmother of nine shouldn't feel enslaved by the expectations of strangers on the internet that found her through a Reddit post she didn't make.

Shirley's latest playthrough follows Ganci, a "badass" Redguard warrior. I ask Shirley why she continues to invest so much of herself into her channel.