A totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

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a totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

Bart gets the family to take the cruise vacation of his dreams, and then launches a fiendish plot to ensure that it goes on forever. Then, the episode ends without anything really significant happening, is Lisa's conflicted, but ultimately loving relationship with her family. “A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again” – Original Air Date: April 29, At a Simpson Christmas thirty years in the future an adult Bart and Lisa discover the . Bart convinces his parents to take a cruise that he wishes would never end . Ned to the hospital we learn that his relationship with Edna has gone further than we knew. . Review for "That Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again".

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One by one the Simpson family falls in love with the club, but ambition causes a drastic change in Marge. She starts neglecting her family, until they do something "unacceptable" in the eyes of the elite. In the end Marge realizes that she's changed, and not for the better.

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She decides that it's best for the family to just be themselves rather than try to jam themselves into an uncomfortable social status. He also managed to convert Bart, and then Homer, to Catholicism. Marge and the Protestant church do everything they can to win them back, which infuriates Homer, Lisa, and anyone else who thinks that the only person who has any say in what religion they follow is the person in question.

a totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

It also annoys Bart, who blows up during the confrontation. At the end, thousands of years later, two armies of Bart-followers fight over whether or not Bart's message was about love and tolerance, or peace and understanding. Because they're such critical differences worth killing over. He ends up burning down the plastic tree with his toy firetruck, as well as all the other presents.

After burying the evidence in the yard, he says that a burglar came and stole it all.

a totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

The empathetic townspeople donate thousands of dollars to the Simpson family, which they blow on a fancy car that they crash ten minutes after buying it d'oh! Immediately after, the melted tree and presents are discovered and the truth comes out.

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The townspeople decide to settle things by taking everything from the Simpson household: At first they fight over it, then Marge knocks some sense into them with the true meaning of Christmas yadda yadda, and then steals the washcloth. Bart goes against Marge's orders to stay away from Nelson and ends up killing a bird with Nelson's BB-gun. When he discovers the bird had two eggs in its nest, he takes them home to care for them himself. Only it turns out they're not bird eggs, they're egg-eating lizards, the bane of the Springfield Birdwatching Society.

Bart begs them not to kill them to no avail, and when Marge talks to him alone Bart explains that he loves the lizards even though they're monsters. It's a not-so-subtle metaphor for Marge's love for Bart, and she helps Bart try to escape with the lizards.

a totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

Side note, the lizards are adorable. Especially after they fly off of the roof of the building and flick their tongues at each other.


When he gets surgery done to remove it, his intelligence drastically increases. But as they say, ignorance is bliss. He ends up alienating his friends and getting depressed, to the point that he has Moe shove a new crayon into his brain.

a totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

This initially saddens Lisa, as they shared a greater bond when he was smart. But she finds a note that he wrote to her before the operation that explains that while he's taking the "coward's way out," he has a greater appreciation and respect for Lisa now that he knows what it's like to live with her kind of mind.

Homer and Marge get the suite to themselves, allowing them to 'snuggle' with the help of the motion of the ocean; Lisa is with the " KidZone Elite ," a place where all of high-class kids doing stuff not too different from Mensa ; and Bart enjoys of the activities on the ship, from Lazer Tag to a lecture on the history of cruise ships.

Bart joins his family for dinner and the ship's activity director, Rowan Priddissings a song that reminds Bart that the fun only lasts a week. Not wanting to go back to his boring life, Bart plays the movie " Pandora Strain " from the suite on the screens, making everyone think there is an outbreak keeping all ships at sea. And to keep the crew from contacting the land, Bart pours hot fudge from the sundae bar on the ship's radio.

Bart enjoys the eternal vacation while everyone else panics. Days later, the ship becomes something similar to a movie like Mad Max ironic because this was started by a movie. Rowan Priddis plans to have the survivors on ship to settle in Antarctica to start mankind anew.

The stand-up comedian questions why he spent so much time nit-picking, the fitness centre has been taken over by a cult led by a lifeguard claiming that the pandemic was caused by man running on deckand the buffet food has long ran out, replaced by seagull, barnacles, and jellyfish.

a totally fun thing that bart will never do again ending relationship

Bart is noticing that the family is not enjoying this as much as he is. Marge and Homer are too worried to be in love; Lisa and the Kidz Zone Elite are like monks in the Dark Ages, writing down the records for future generations.

Bart gets into hot water, however when the family finds out about the movie and makes him confess. Treat Williamswho played the general in the movie, says that he 'thought that guy look familiar. Marge tries to using the biblical quote of "Don't judge, lest ye be judged," but the Simpson clan is left behind in Antarctica, anyway.

The family is irritated at Bart, calling him selfish.