The janitor 2014 ending a relationship

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the janitor 2014 ending a relationship

Predestination () is based upon a short story titled 'All You Zombies' by sci-fi . At the end of the movie we never find out if the time loop continues as a .. So saw the whole film as lots of analogy's to the relationships involved. to save many other people who previously died in past history so the janitor had to. But while Hustisya loses focus well towards its end, it is held together by the The Janitor sports an A-List cast that includes Ricky Davao, Derek But it may have served better as a film about the relationship of two brothers. in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So where is this going? " Zac Efron and Tom Gormican in That Awkward Moment () Imogen Poots in That He gets a chance to rewrite his life when he tried to save a janitor near a . Bloopers shown throughout the end credits, including an outtake of the.

the janitor 2014 ending a relationship

The milieu provides the rich backdrop for a story angled at redemption and forgiveness. But for a film that aims to be morally gray, the sides are very black and white.

The Taong Putik Festival has been done countless times over, but few films have explored the milieu at such detailed length. The films opens up with an origin story of the festival, and with nothing but voice and credits to accompany it, we are allowed to listen to the tale unfold in our minds. Unfortunately, that kind of poignancy is lost throughout the rest of the film. The script relies too much on exposition and very little on action, with the story picking up too late to feel relevant.

What should have been an exploration of redemption, sacrifice and moral ambiguity ends up as a wasted opportunity to share something genuinely insightful.

But it may have served better as a film about the relationship of two brothers. Unfortunately, even with that in mind, Asintado fails to hit its mark, when no one is worth rooting for.

The flaws of commitment Kasal is tried and tested territory for director Joselito Altarejos. As one of the most visible advocates of local gay cinema, Altarejos explores the idea of commitment between gay couple Sherwin Arnold Reyes and Paolo Oliver Aquino.

In Kasal, Alarejos tackles gay marriage head on but not so much as to trivialize its importance with arbitrary judgment. Kasal is graphic in its depiction of gay sex, and may not prove appropriate viewing for those who flinch at the sight of prolonged intimacy. By the wedding, the film takes on an entirely different form. Altarejos loosens up with candid characters and glimpses of subtle, tertiary moments.

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We see how the wedding, which should be an occasion for celebration, acts as a burden for those affected by it. But Altarejos never loses sight of his protagonists Sherwin and Paolo, and their own opposing views. For a film made for the independent scene, Kasal struggles against melodrama but occasionally slips right into it.

One scene early on nearly breaks the film in half, forcing friction where there is none. Thankfully, Kasal ends with a solemn and silent pause, because there are no words for those we lose. Hari ng Tondo Review: Such high-profile comebacks are often accompanied by sweeping, ambitious and often pretentious cinema, but Hari ng Tondo acts as a counterpoint to that exact sentiment.

When the aging Ricardo Robert Arevalo goes bankrupt, he is forced to move back into his old apartment in the slums of Tondo, Manila.

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He manages to convince his two grandchildren Ricky Rafael Siguion-Reyna and Anna Cris Villonco to accompany him there, but Ricardo discovers that his old home is no longer how he once remembered it.

Hari ng Tondo is a comedy seemingly from a different era.

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Its humor is drawn not from time-bound pop culture references but from cheap, often crass, but never hollow punchlines. Its premise suffers from a sheer lack of logic, and often unbelievable circumstances. Hari ng Tondo offers a brand of humor that may not resonate with more high-brow audiences, but without the constraints of big-studio restrictions, Reyna and Orteza are allowed to drop the histrionics and focus instead on the humor.

While it may not please those looking for more substance in their cinema, it will satiate those who are willing, at least for time being, to put it aside. The story revolves around Crisanto Espina played by Dennis Trilloa policeman who was dismissed from the service for something he committed in the past. He now serves as a tactical instructor for security guards. Crisanto remains tight with his former superior, now Laguna police chief, Rudy Manapat Richard Gomez who promises to have him reinstated from service once the commotion has passed.

One day, Manapat recruits him into a covert operation—with the blessing of higher authorities—to assassinate the alleged perpetrators of a bank robbery that led to the massacre of 10 people. Richard Gomez as Laguna police chief, Rudy Manapat The Janitor is built around the central theme of purging of undesirable elements: As Crisanto hunts down his targets, all identified by an accomplice placed under police torture, he justifies his mission in the name of justice as the suspects have checkered backgrounds anyway.

Later on, he discovers an anomaly in the intelligence report given to him and begins to question the course of his actions. The allure of The Janitor lies mainly in its strong visual appeal.

It is a gorgeously-framed action film possessing all the trappings of pulp fiction, highly romanticized and sexy to boot with a good mix of hard and soft elements. The camera work is sophisticated and yet the violence is raw. The riveting action scenes display brute force and raw energy unknown in local action films. The cinematic appeal extends to the other senses as well: Each scene stands out like a photograph, complete on its own but never detached from the big picture.

the janitor 2014 ending a relationship

Dennis Trillo as ex-cop Crisanto Espina I am also very impressed by the overall performance of the cast.