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NSRA Southern Swap Meet

The meeting is for the ratification of the Club accounts; no other questions will be . Mark Patman, who had been unbeaten this year at the Essex venue, was finally . The NSRA's latest major show features weekend activities and entertainment, .. returned to its roots in with qualifying and racing throughout the day. Jan 16, a lot of people is the NSRA Southern Swap Meet held at Arena Essex Raceway. There's everything on sale at the Swap Meet, from dust caps. Remember, most people were still running the old iron or Chrysler lumps at the Cathedral Primary School, Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1PA. . 22nd September: In the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame introduced the . 22nd September: Jeff Bull of vifleem.info Swap Meet sponsor Jeff Bull.

One week before the European Finals the decals arrived in the post and the mad dash started to get it finished. Then the bombshell really dropped when I read on Eurodragster. I was working right up until then and being an HGV driver I can never bank on finishing on time each day. Thankfully, after several late nights, all went smoothly and I finished the car literally an hour before I set off for the Finals.

On Saturday morning him upstairs yet again decided that he hates drag racing and sent the wet stuff our way. I walked from the bottom of Family Camping in pouring rain with the model wrapped in bin bags to help protect it so that I could finally hand it back to Andy. I presented the car to Andy in the nostalgia marquee and he was over moon.

When he asked me how much his bill was I replied "Nothing, I had my payment in when you gave me the chance to work on your Top Fuel Dragster". Debt paid in full, thanks Andy. You can check out the Extreme Performance Bike Weekend entry list by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster.

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend entry at standard rate closes tomorrow Friday 23rd after which entry if accepted may be subject to a Late Entry penalty. You can download the official entry forms from the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at www. These pay tribute to the influence of journalists and photographers in the promotion of drag racing, along with the role played by Sydney Allard in establishing the sport in Europe during the early s.

This year the awards are sponsored by Mintex, manufacturers of brake pads since and one of the sponsors of the International Drag Racing Festivals organised by Sydney Allard. The independent judges were David Lillywhite, Editorial Director of Octane magazine along with the magazine's designer Robert Hefferon. They initially selected the Top Ten. They are all winners really. Again this photo was taken at the Dragstalgia Meeting.

The Chief Judge was Guy Loveridge, Deputy Chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers, who said "It sounds an easy task to write and edit an event programme, but a good programme is crammed with information, profiles, facts and the full course of the evening. The process of collating this information is hindered by ever-changing facts coming through as the copy date gets closer. Then there are the advertisers to consider and liaison with the programme designers and printers.

To edit anything is a tricky business, but to edit seamlessly, so that one reads and is not distracted by the editor's own spin is a rare gift indeed - and for that reason Brian must be recognised for his programme production.

If a picture paints a thousand words Martin has aced Shakespeare for word-count! And highly commended for a range of pieces entered, all of which entertained and informed, is Keith Lee. His work demonstrates knowledge and skills that convey the message clearly and the excitement of drag racing with passion.

More details are available by clicking here. For advance booking of tickets contact stuart britishdragracinghof. Have a lovely day girls.

Have a great day, guys. A return to Madness. There's a large contingent coming from Outlaw Street to pound the asphalt in their penultimate round of the series. Roger Goring will be continuing his test and development programme with the latest Jet Funny Car Firestorm. Roger will be looking to go quicker than the 6.

Also those mental and bonkers Drag Karts led by Scott Cooper will be in action contesting their own UK Shootout with more than ten karts promised including Tom Bagnall's jet mobility scooter looking to break 75 mph!

The track will be running another of its popular Bracket Gamblers races before the Super Gamblers kicks in in two weeks' time, and there's a full weekend's programme of Run What Ya Brung for cars and bikes all looking to outdo each other! Gates open from 6: Full details can be found on our Facebook Group or at www. Jeff Bull of Eurodragster. It was back in the early part of last season when Karl and I convinced Rod that a new converter would be the way forward for the then-Super Pro dragster which was running 7.

Five days later Rod and Karl were in possession of the new piece with a few days to spare to get it fitted before the Main Event. The NitrOlympx at Hockenheim was the next outing for the team but things didn't go to plan. The car suffered tyre shake on every pass resulting in damage to the Transmission Specialties converter. A quick call to Ken at Transmission Specialties and two days later a new converter had been manufactured and shipped to the UK.

Karl and the team had time to fit the converter for the European Finals but fuelling issues curtailed their efforts to better their PB of 5. Well done to Rod, Karl and the whole team on all their efforts and a great first season in Top Methanol Dragster.

And to Peter, Ken, Debbie and all the guys at Transmission Specialties, thank you for your excellent products and great service and for taking care of my customers and I. UK National Finals coverage. Tomorrow's coverage will consist of an end-day gallery whilst Saturday's coverage will consist of live reports, results and stats of the on-track action together with pit notes and end-day gallery and Sunday's of live report, Championship updates within the race report courtesy of Simon, and end-day gallery.

We will post a direct Home Page link to our coverage as soon as it commences tomorrow but in the meantime you can check out our UK National Finals Event Index, which includes links to the final official entry list and provisional running orders, by clicking here or by clicking on the John Woolfe Racing Event Coverage link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster.

Swiss Top Fuel Dragster racer and Eurodragster. As we started the season we wanted to go for another Championship in Top Fuel. But with a new chassis and new fuel system and new clutch we didn't find the set-up to run the car in the threes. But we ended close: But the good thing was that we did not really hurt a lot of engines and parts this year.

So we are happy where we are now. Hockenheim was great, Jndia qualified and won first round against Johnny Lagg the Champion.

Jndia raced much better in England because there were not so many friends, sponsors and family with us and that made her more focused on the race.

But she lost in the first round as well. Tethys rented my Championship dragster again as he did in It was great to work with Tethys, he is a good driver and understands how to drive a Top Fuel Car to the finish line which is not an easy thing to do. We are happy with his performance and we look forward to helping him in his Top Fuel future.

A special Thank You to my whole crew. They handle a three-car team like professionals, we never missed a session and all three cars started perfectly. Don't forget that these guys work for free and help just because they love drag racing. I really want to win another Championship before I stop racing as a driver. So we are on the right path and I plan to run a full season in including proper testing in England early in I will run my new car and we will find the set-up to run three-second passes, set new European records, and bring the title back to Switzerland.

She is working on sponsors to buy the car which she raced in Europe from Anthony Dicero. To make that all happen we need to sell our number two Top Fuel cars. The car is turn-key complete with set-up and data ready to run.

The car has won three Championships with me and ran in the threes to feet early in and when we still raced over the quarter mile. I still love this car and would like to keep it really, but to make Jndia's dreams come true we need to sell this car asap. We are also offering our second truck and trailer as used by Noah Stutz.

Any questions or offers just contact me at urs erbacher. Our television show on D-Max continues next Tuesday. Unfortunately it was an in-tank pump and of course we had to siphon out nearly one hundred litres of fuel before we could lower and remove it, but installation was straightforward and we thought we'd solved the problem. However when we tried to start the truck, the pump remained totally silent.

The unit was getting power as the fuel level sender worked fine. Another Chinese piece of crap, perhaps made in the same factory that made the Airtex one?

European Drag Racing News

This is how we found ourselves ringing every van hire place in the South East on Friday morning, looking for any vehicle with a tow bar that could tow a pound car and trailer combo.

Alas all the places we used years ago were taken over by larger companies which do not rent anything for towing, or closed down or disappeared, and the few companies which still advertised vehicles with tow bars didn't have anything at short notice.

Of course we could leave my car behind, after all it was the blue car that we needed to race so it wouldn't be terrible, but I was gutted all the same. Simon was already at the Pod as he had booked the Test Day but, being Simon, he just answered "I'll see you in a couple of hours" and dropped everything, jumped into his Land Rover Discovery and drove down to London giving up at least five hours of testing just so I could take my car to Santa Pod.

So Simon arrived in his Discovery, the golden carriage that would take Cinderella to the ball, hitched the trailer with the help of multiple team crew Dan Devlin and went straight back to the Pod, where we joined him a while later, got scrutineered and pitted and relaxed and weren't even as late as we often are. Words cannot express how grateful we were to Simon and how matter of factly he treated the whole thing. This man has a heart of gold and no mistake, a true diamond geezer and a true friend as well as producing the best banter in the pits rivalled only by the Herbs Tribe and I just wish we get the opportunity to do something for him in the future.

In the qualifying wars the following day Rick broke out twice, the second time by nine thousandths and sank to seventeenth place in the ladder, whilst I hit a dead on with a four and qualified third. I just wished we could swap, but the proof of the pudding is in the eliminations, and I had good hopes that Rick would once again put in the consistent performance he had at the European Finals.

Race day came and we were ready to do battle. Paul said we could go heads up as we run very similar times and I would have liked to do that too, but I wasn't confident that I could run a 9. So I decided on a 9. Cinderella pulled a 0. Again I would have gladly swapped results. Rick and Jon went heads up with a 9. The Championship chase seemed to have ground to a halt, then Mike Lacey informed us that all top points leaders, including himself but except Lee Huxley, had gone out in the first round and that Rick would therefore take the crown.

We were understandably delighted with the result even if Rick kept kicking himself for having screwed up the staging. He is a perfectionist and he will not forgive himself for any mistake he makes.

However I was still in and we took a look at my tyre to see if we could find the leak, knowing that we had a repair kit if need be, and didn't have to look very far: I had made a burnout and a full pass in anger with that nail in my tyre. Repairing a tyre is not difficult and long suffering Crew Chief Dave Buckland has done it many times, but you are not supposed to mend a tyre when it has a hole in the sidewall with a simple plug kit and he wasn't happy about it.

I felt I would happily risk a repair with what we had as at least I would be aware of it and would be braced for any sudden lack of pressure, after all I've had regular blowouts on trailers when towing cars and on the camper mainly abroad when I wasn't expecting it and managed to keep everything straight, so I started to insist that we try, when Mike Lacey Fairy Godmother 2 appeared again.

After two minutes he came back with his wheels, explaining that as he'd gone out in the first round he didn't need them. My reaction wasn't brilliant at 0. The music was getting sweeter. Bob can pull a killer light and run multiple dead ons, but I was relaxed, I wasn't in the Championship chase and the only reason I wanted to win this round was so that I could have another go on the track, I was enjoying myself greatly and driving for one more round was definitely its own reward.

This time, however, Bob wasn't quite there with his reaction and my 0.

On to the semi finals, and finally facing a much quicker car, the lovely white Camaro of Tim Stanbury. Tim is another great guy and again I was quite relaxed.

I knew the Camaro would win, I just didn't know what colour it would be. Tim left on me with a 0. I don't think there has been an all-girl final in Pro ET since I can remember, so this was a really special final round for me, meeting the lovely Liz Malcolm in the beautifully presented Jus'4 Fun four-cylinder dragster. Liz is a great lady, she never has a bad word for anyone and just likes to race, has great fun doing it and I was really happy we were in the final together.

I kept repeating that it couldn't get any better than this, and truly couldn't care less whether I won or lost, we dialled the car tight to avoid breakouts and I got comfortable in the car. By the looks of it I got a little too comfortable and pulled a pathetic 0. Once again the race was to be decided by the dial in. As my crew is the best in the world I was able to tap the brakes and get a win light with a 9.

Cinderella earned the crown of the event and got to marry the Blue Prince. Did I mention it? It was also my birthday. Would you believe it? It sounds like a bad script for a movie but what a great birthday present to give myself, with more than a little help from my friends.

Shame I didn't do the first two events of the season, or I would have managed a runner up in one or two myself. Not a bad result for the last complete season we run in the UK. Of course none of this could not have happened without the help of fantastic people who have always been there for us: My win for sure could not have happened without Simon Gough who picked my car up and delivered it back home, and without Mike Lacey who lent me his wheels and tyres.

This is the magic world of drag racing, where every day events turn into fairy tales. Thank you guys, you are really the best characters in any story! I would like to thank the track and safety crew for their very quick response after my accident. As quickly as it happened the safety crew were there and dealing with the situation, having me out of the car in no time at all. It's the most reassuring thing to see the faces of people you know when things like this happen.

They were quick and very professional and extremely respectful when it came to turning the car back over onto its wheels I think my crew described it as gently turning a table over onto its legs. My apologies to the Santa Pod crew for the mess I left behind, the poor RWYB guy in the lane next to me for quite possibly frightening the life out of him, and my crew and friends for making them swallow their hearts.

This year has been eventful for us as a team, we've enjoyed the new combination and we've moved from strength to strength as the year has gone on, our sincere thanks to those involved: Thankfully the damage was pretty much only superficial.

We will be returning to Super Pro ET until such a time as we feel ready to move up to Pro Mod, which is still our ultimate goal. For the time being we will continue with the ICE Automotive program to move up in the future one way or another.

My personal thanks to my crew who have been exceptionally supportive through out the year, my beautiful children for accepting mummy's unusual hobby, my very close friends who have stood by me through so very much, and finally Tony who without a doubt has the hardest job of all I think he's realised now how easy it was crewing for Wayne, and I buy Kiplings too!

Big thanks to Eurodragster. Congratulations to all the winners of the Championships and we'll see you in In our first round at the Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway Karen qualified top and rolledoff incredible reactions to go with it.

Then we seemed to go through a whole lot of qualifying and no eliminations due to rain. It seemed to be a year of being bitten by 0. We knew the pressure was on, as Bob and Leigh had won many Championships between them, but Karen seemed relaxed and confident.

Qualifying went to plan, and in the second round Bob and Leigh were paired together and Karen was on a bye. Whoever lost, Karen would win that Championship and the winner would meet Karen in the final to race for the other Championship. Leigh lost and Karen won the National Championship. Celebrations were hard, as we still had a final to run and Leigh has become a very good friend.

Karen had lost the final to Bob at the European Finals and we were not going to let it happen again. A tear in my eye and two Championships in her first full season. I'm so proud of Karen, the best partner anyone could ask for. I would like to add my thanks to Adam Shuttleworth and Mike Braney for being the best crew guys in the world. Roll on next year: Just the quarter left to beat. After a disappointing season which concluded with unresolved issues with the motor lubrication system and clutch, UK Top Fuel Bike racer Steve Woollatt and the Dealer team approached the their first outing of with some trepidation.

We managed to smash our previously best sixty foot times, running a pair of 1. On to the Festival of Power at Easter where we managed 1 qualifier despite ongoing wheelspin problems, but race day was rained off. Much to the team's disappointment our bottom end damage issues continued. The bottom end was refurbished and rebuilt. In addition, we fitted a new rear tyre with thanks to Mickey Thompson for their continuing support.

To try to overcome our traction issues the team decided to take a more structured and controlled approach to the clutch air assist system tuning. We lost the first day of qualifying to rain, despite the valiant efforts of the track crew. We finally got onto the track early afternoon Sunday. As we hadn't managed to get to the eighth mile without some degree of loss of traction, the Dealer was set up with 'soft' clutch settings, running just the primary system in first gear and applying the clutch air assist on the gear shift to second.

A good launch and the Dealer carried the front wheel for the furthest I have ever seen it. I've got to admit that I was a little disappointed when the eighth mile time was announced over the PA as 4. The incrementals were 1. Unfortunately, Steve reported low oil pressure at shut down. We pulled the sump and made a brief assessment of the big ends. Two of them were clearly shot. After a team discussion it was decided not to rebuild there and then based on parts availability, time and the weather forecast for race day in the event the meeting was rained off on race day and to focus on building a complete new bottom end for the next time out.

We missed Hockenheim due to the motor bottom end problems. After further modifications to the oil system we ran at a RWYB in August instead, but continued to take out big end shells. After many discussions and lots of helpful advice we decided to change the oil supplier and grade and increased the big end bearing clearances to suit. In the first qualifyign session of the European Finals the bike started, but lost fire as Steve pulled away.

Steve let the commentator explain to the crowd that nitro motors cannot be restarted after losing fire, and then promptly restarted the motor! Hardly any burnout, then into stage.

Back in the pits Steve reported that the oil pressure was OK phew! Stripped the top end to find part of the top ring land had broken off 2 piston. Steve had got off the throttle in 0. We honed the bore as best we could - it still wasn't pretty - and installed a new piston with enormous ring gaps and new valves in 2.

Fired up and all seemed to be fine. By the time we finished we had missed the second qualifying slot. Up to the third qualifying session we hadn't been using the clutch air assist in first gear, so we decided to apply a few PSI and also made a few adjustments to improve throttle response and stop the motor losing fire.