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AUSTRALIAN AND DANISH VICTORIES AT VOLCANO MARATHON He is looking forward to meeting everyone in the Atacama! . Amanda has completed a few marathons including Dublin, New York, Berlin, Edinburgh and London. The Danish Council for Strategic Research seeked to ensure that strategic research in Denmark was organised to meet the challenges facing Danish society. to The Danish National Innovation Foundation 1 April Horst made the Berlin Marathon a founding member of AIMS in and .. Kiptum kept pushing, knowing the world record was within his reach, and passed 20km . Late entry Mark Kiptoo did win the event back in and features a .. each year and build a collection celebrating the rich history of Danish literature.

These events raised millions of Japanese Yen and American Dollars for good causes. There can be few people in the history of world sport that can have touched more lives and made them better than Hiroaki Chosa.

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Horst Milde founded the Berlin Marathon in Under his direction the race grew from a few hundred runners to more than 40, It became a sporting and cultural event of global significance.

The museum documents the development of running and the marathon worldwide. Today it holds more thanartefacts. Horst has been the leading influence in ensuring the memory of the marathon and the sport of running is captured for all time within the AIMS Marathoneum.

Horst was a trailblazer and under his leadership the Berlin Marathon was the first in Europe to introduce chip timing in They are an inspiration to us all. I hope they will feel the warmth of gratitude of millions around the world whose lives they have touched and improved when they receive their awards.

The award was made in recognition of their work with runners living with disabilities and for other social initiatives in pursuit of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The purpose of this initiative is to support and encourage those living with disabilities to participate equally in sporting events. There is an annual award ceremony held in Belgrade City Hall. In more than pregnant women, new mothers and their families took part in the Belgrade Marathon fun run.

Race Director Dejan Nikolic said: Our programme Mama Fit has shown how sport is a powerful medium for promoting important social and health messages.

The award recognises excellence in environmental practice with candidates judged on the impact the race has had on promoting environmentally friendly practices in marathon events, how volunteers contribute to the success of the project and the ability for the race to educate younger generations about the benefits of sport and environmental protection.

The SwissCityMarathon-Lucerne aims to organise a sustainable event based on social, economic and environmental considerations. Local suppliers and companies are used whenever possible and the local running community is maintained year-round. A comprehensive environmental policy and plan are in place and a dedicated person is responsible to ensure that environmental measures are incorporated throughout the race.

Emissions such as waste, noise, water and air pollution are minimised. Thanks to the SwissRunners ticket, traveling from all over Switzerland to the event and back is free for participants.

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The fire hydrants in town are supplied with clean drinking water and these are used for the hydration points serving the runners. Our thanks go to AIMS and its members for presenting us with this award. This is where the history of the marathon race began with the legend of the Greek messenger, soldier and runner who is thought to have run from Marathon to Athens in BCE to bring news of the victory in battle over the Persians. According to legend the messenger, once in Athens, collapsed and died.

The drama of this story was the basis for the marathon race to be born at the first modern Olympic Games which took place in Athens in The race over In summary, the legendary run of BC became an Olympic sporting event in and years later has been developed into an enormous sport and social movement. It all began in the country that gave birth to the Olympic Games and a place called Marathon, a small town on the coast of Attica and about 40km from Athens.

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It is officially measured and the race features the highest international standards concerning every aspect of the organisation. The numbers of participants have been growing for years for the race which will have its 36th edition on November In just 5, took part in the Athens Marathon which starts, as did the Olympic race, in Marathon and finishes in the old Panathenaic Stadium of Athens.


That was a participant record at the time. Since then the race has acquired a completely different dimension: A record number of 18, runners have entered the marathon. This makes the event one of the biggest running events in the world. It is also one of the most international races worldwide since half of the runners participating in the marathon race come from outside Greece. Athletes from more than countries will compete on the tough original course next week.

She loves trail running but will need to take this marathon slowly due to numerous injuries sustained during Felicity is looking forward to running with her partner Hamish, and see her friends Martin and Sarah complete their 7th continent. Sebastian Kraus CHL Sebastian is a chef and cookery store owner who comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

The Volcano Marathon will be her fourth marathon, which she will run along with her best friend and running partner, Susan Yarad. Theresa thanks Susan for getting her into running and wishes she had also gone to the Antarctic Ice Marathon with her in Chris Seymour AUS Chris started distance running in after his mother's brief and fatal bout with cancer in an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle.

After completing 4 marathons and 4 half marathons overChris' young niece Cori Skolaski was diagnosed with the rare and fatal lysosomal disease Metachromatic Leukodystrophy MLD. Since Cori lives in the USA and Chris lives in Australia and cannot be there to help the family on a regular basis, he decided to take his new love of distance running and work to raise awareness for MLD and fundraise for the MLD Foundation that helps families affected by this terminal disease.

You can follow Chris' challenge at www. When he became a father of twin boys inhe kept up the training by pushing a double buggy and set a Guinness World Record for the fastest half-marathon pushing a double buggy male.

It's evidently tough pushing a buggy, especially when one has to keep stopping to pick up blankets, toys, shoes and bottles! Martin loves and hates running with equal measure: He loves getting out in the fresh air and exploring, but hates the actual running part!

However, they had to take a couple of years out to have their twin boys who are now 2 years old. Sarah holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon pushing a double buggy female and won the inaugural Sierra Leone Marathon.

When he is not running ultras or marathons, Pascal is managing an investment fund Ceres Finance and spending more time on his charitable foundation Demeter focused upon new economic models to solve social issues. In addition to running in the beautiful Vondelpark during the week, Ard plays football every Saturday at S.

De Meer footbal club. The Volcano Marathon will be his first extreme marathon and he is looking forward to a great experience in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

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Luke was in hospital for two months, followed by a year of rehab. He started training again in latedeciding to do some triathlons. Inhe participated in an aquathlon a swim followed by a runtwo half distance triathlons, an Ironman triathlon, a few half marathons and 10K runs.

With a subsequent focus on running only, he has excelled at the discipline, finishing runner-up in both the North Pole Marathon and Antarctic Ice Marathon, and winning the Invictus Games m in both and This will be her fourth marathon with her best friend and running buddy Theresa Scallon. The trip was a 'thank you' raffle prize for those who had donated to American athlete Alvin Matthews rehabiliation fund.