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Congratulations on being accepted to study at RWTH Aachen University! You have Mietpreisentwicklung seit pro m² im Vergleich. There is an RWTH branch of the Immigration Office in the Super C building. You can . It is a great way to meet people quickly, to learn Ger- man and to. The RWTH Aachen Machine Translation Systems for IWSLT .. ACL The 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics [ Fifth Workshop on Energy Efficient Super Computing, E2SC , Computer science - research and development, 30, 2, (). Dorit Merhof of RWTH Aachen University, Aachen with expertise in: Apr ; IEEE 11th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI ) . could be endangered by collisions between super-elevated part regions and the To meet the requirements of surgical planning and to overcome the visual.

Additionally, my project was for North American markets, so I had major interaction with North and South American teams along with some Asian teams. Thus, last one semester I could observe and learn how different cultures work together and challenges associated with it.

This changed my perspective of career from being only technically and strategy concentrated to overall development. Analysis of Low-Energy Impact on Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites It was in the month of Maythat the applications for the IntAc alumni scholarship was again called for and this time I approached the process with a grit.

This was a second chance for me and I put all efforts and dedications for the process. On the 16th of MayMs. I shared my excitement with only few and replied to Alice: The scholarship assured that I would be granted the fund for my flights and a maximum 3 months of stay during my research.

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This was the time when I was in the literature review phase and upon sharing the news with Prof. Mallick, he was happy for me too and advised me to visit the New York and Chicago cities.

More on this later. The most important or rather fortunate task I did before starting to the USA is speaking about my voyage with the Deutsche Bank personnel. Although the number of BoA ATMs in Dearborn was comparatively less, I made sure that I stock enough money in case I had to travel or stay in places with mediocre BoA services or my friends offered me some in case it was extremely urgent.

As mentioned earlier, Prof. Mallick adviced me to travel and experience the society of the USA, I planned my solo trip to various places of which New York and Chicago are worth to be described. View from Empire State Building top. Moving on, the next visit was to the city of Chicago. Completely unaware of the fact that Mies van der Rohe migrated to the USA, I climbed on the top of the Willis tower to take a glance of the city he designed.

The zenith knowledge that he had earned to construct skyscrapers combating the wind and rain of the city of Chicago was very intriguing.

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The experience of witnessing the truce between the setting sun and the rising moon over the Navy pier from Jan Hancock observatory is completely inexorable. After an ample travel, I headed back to UMD to work on my thesis. By the time I returned back to the institute, Prof. Mallick had amassed all the necessary data from the experiments and discussed the exact FEM model that was needed to be analysed. Due to the summer break however, I had no means to ply to the university since the university shuttle service was closed.

It was only then I understood that the concept of footpath was completely alien for the people living out of big cities of the USA. I had to walk over the side lawns see Figure 4 for a distance of 2 km one way to make it to the institute. However, understanding my plight, Prof.

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Mallick allowed me to work from home and asked me to consult him personally in case of discussion or clarifications. Hubbard Drive with a commuter friendly footpath The material that was under testing was a variant of Nylon with three different glass fibre orientations. The FEM simulation was performed in a condition similar to experimental testing and the results were mutually compared. The test consisted of static and dynamic loading over the polymer matrix material as shown in the Figure 5.

In the case of static loading, the indentor of In dynamic loading case, the indentor of 6. The force displacement curve, the residual stress and strain curves and the variation of polymer matrix thickness across various regions were studied. Thickness at various regions right The sample results from the numerical simuations are shown in the Figure 6.

Based on various other criteria, e. Results from numerical simulation Sample. The greatest time for a person to learn, explore and travel is in the student life. The more the number of journeys, the more is the inner strength to combat unforeseen and intangible challenges. With a diamond hard mind, one can conquer anything that they aspire to. Being enslaved to the jail-like 1.

Scores only quantify a person to aim at only one answer by repeated practice but a strong mind always opens up parallel and out of the box thinking. I was quite fortunate that I experienced various challenges, societies, technology during my student life at the RWTH Aachen.

Come out of your cocoon and fly high! I sincerely thank IntAc for being a catalyst of my journey on quenching my thirst towards constant learning. Bharat Anantharam, CAME Preparing for a research internship at the University of Michigan I have a motive in my life to amass a diverse range of experiences - be it personal or professional. With diverse experience one can discern the right from the wrong facts.

With this ideology, I stepped ahead to pursue my foreign research internship. Through this blog I would like to share my experience about the process, the hurdles and the way I won over them to satisfy my thirst of constant learning. I first streamlined the universities that were working in my area of interests. Further, I researched about the faculties and the individual professors based on their publications, h-index and availability. Upon finalising on the list of professors, I mailed them expressing my interest.

Although only a few replied, few were retired and shared the contact of actual people who were in chair. Fruitfully, few professors replied mentioning the possible topics, from which I had to separate the ones that I already have worked on, e.

After confirming my participation, I immediately logged into Facebook to look out for my friends and acquaintances that were living in Dearborn. I got in touch with many of them through a single person, Vishnu - my junior in B. Through the Indian community, I became aware about the cost of living in Dearborn and to my surprise, they had already arranged a place for me to stay.

Although I had not received any scholarship at this point, I was very firm in pursuing the offered project. To minimize my risks, I first started hunting for possible funding partners for my programme.

I had approached various sponsorship programmes, e. There are few responsibilities that a senior mentor really has. Registration as a senior mentor: As mentioned above, most of the senior mentors strive to give high quality advices to the freshmen and help them to make their start up in Aachen easier.

Usually, senior mentors are very eager to share their knowledge with the mentees and try to help them, but they are not obliged to e.

What they may do is providing help for the mentees on how to search for private accommodation themselves. Registration as a mentee: Admitted students receive a registration form along with their admission documents Other Student Support Initiatives Furthermore, there are plenty of other institutions and student clubs in Aachen that help international students to get settled and who support international exchange and intercultural communication. In order to support the adjustment process, an experienced RWTH student takes care of an international student by showing him or her the campus, the city and things to be done.

Buddies are socially engaged RWTH student volunteers from all faculties who would like to meet international students and support them in the process of settling into university life in Aachen and adjust to their new surroundings. Buddies support their mentees by offering informal advice on practical issues and by discussing with their mentees the specifics of their degree course.

As experienced students, they act as informal mentors of the newly arrived international students, who are thus also called "mentees". Registration for a Buddy Please see the website: However, part of the buddy programme are also open events, that can be joined without having an individual Buddy!

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Private Tuition in German Students who have a high degree of competence in spoken and written German, act as a tutor to international students and provide them with private tuition in German. You can just sit and talk about different topics, exchange interesting information about your studies or read German newspapers or other interesting texts together. Use this opportunity to meet German students and improve your German. Follow the BeBuddy team on Facebook in order to stay updated.

Its main objective is to meet the needs of international students, trainees and participants of German language courses. Therefore INCAS organizes regular events for the newcomers in Aachen and brings together both international and German students in a pleasant atmosphere.

You can also get in contact with a student club of your homecountry. There are many student clubs from one specific country, e.

The ESG offers are open to everyone! Everyone - regardless of confession, religion and nationality - is invited to participate. Catholic Student Community in Aachen.