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Naquem.: March

We were informed that in one of the barangay national high schools in our hometown San Narciso (Zambales), the senior high building has yet. play our favorite game – basketball; it is now our own and we will no longer go out of the campus and held at The Highlands Camp, Iba Zambales, Sept. . It will allow applicants to renew their clearance ( and beyond issued .. Central Office and the Regional Offices to participate in any discussion or meeting. .. 24, HOJ in Iba, Zambales, SC, Swift and fair administration of justice Clara Campus; b) Organized four clusters of rubber farmers who are.

I can in fact help balikbayan friends and relatives choose seven churches in Metro Manila for their visita on Maundy Thursday. My mind tells me that there should be certain colorful enrichments along the pilgrimage route from the first to the seventh church. After doing the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and the fourteen Stations of the Cross, an enriching break between churches may do wonders both to body and soul of the local and balikbayan pilgrim.

In my list are three churches built during the last century: The UP Church of the Holy Sacrifice, a round chapel with a thin shell concrete dome, still astounds me even if I still see it often after graduating from the university many years ago. The altar is at the center, a double-sided crucifix hangs above it, and all around are wall panels painted with murals depicting the passion of Jesus Christ.

The creative geniuses who put all these together in later became National Artists: The church was recognized as a national historical landmark and a cultural treasure in by the National Historical Institute and the National Museum. The pilgrim may not be able to escape the lure of the standard food fare of UP Diliman: A leisurely stroll under the canopy of giant acacia trees on the academic oval up to the Oblation monument can be conducive for meditations before proceeding to the next church in the visita route.

According to historical accounts, the most magnificent of several Santo Domingo churches rose in Intramuros after the severe earthquake ofbut this was levelled to the ground by the Japanese bombs of December The present structure built in Quezon City and inaugurated in is the sixth church.

When he recites the visita prayers, the pilgrim is surrounded by Stained-glass windows depicting the original 15 mysteries of the holy rosary by Galo Ocampo, and the colorful murals on the life of St. Dominic painted on the overhead cupolas by National Artist Botong Francisco. From there is a short distance to Banawe St.

The Ma Mon Luk is still around for the mami and siopao of the good old days before moving on to the next church. The pilgrim may want to have the Baclaran Church last in the visita.

Naquem.: Birthing pains of the K education reform program

Devotees come here on Wednesdays to pray the novena before the picture of the Mother of Perpetual Help not the typical sculptured Marian image. Not all towns then had high schools; hence, those who aspired for higher education had to go to the provincial high schools in the capital towns. Many high school graduates went to the Philippine Normal School to take up education. Looking at it now, it was sort of a missionary assignment from the Bureau of Education to teach in far-flung corners of the archipelago after graduation.

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We were reading the editorial on 'compulsory education' in the June issue of the "The Filipino Teacher" of the Philippine Teachers' Association, and the arguments against it from the teachers! They were happy with the first education law enacted by the Philippine Assembly: A bill was passed by the Assembly with a narrow margin of five votes: While they appreciate the "lofty purpose" of spreading public education, they found it severe, unnecessary and not justified. There's no need to compel anyone to go to school because, they argued, "the Filipino people are and have always shown profound love for instruction.

What they really wanted to say at the end was that they would be "confronted by the economical side of the question. Regarding the latter, we heard about the possibility for them to teach senior high part time for the next two years, when there will be no college freshman and sophomore enrollment. Tapulao in Palauig, a mountain area cooler than Baguio, an ideal site for retirement houses of local and foreign seniors, and for an international convention center.

Students and teachers walked a kilometer from the town plaza to the cleanup site. San Narciso town was conveniently accessible to the volunteers from outside the province being midway between Subic and Iba. It is the surfing capital of the province.

It is also implements a marine biodiversity management flagship program-- marine turtle conservation and protection, the only one in Zambales--and this month happens to be the start of the nesting season of the Olive ridley species.

There was no nationwide observance last year, however, because the government declared a state of lawlessness.